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Last time you were explaining about qualities of the soul.

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The qualities have an effect on our conversations and the environment at home.

And most importantly they affect our feelings.

Even if we just take one line – I am a pure soul.

Just create this thought. How does it feel internally?

Because when we remember about ourselves that I am a pure soul

We can see purity in other people also.

But if we believe – I am an angry soul

How do we feel internally?

And then it reflects in our words, behaviour, Karma, and perspective about others.

They are the second stages.

Just how do we feel inside

If this consciousness switches

From ego to Soul consciousness?

This is very important.

Which are the seven qualities

Purity, power, peace, love

Happiness, knowledge, bliss.

7 qualities. That’s why the soul is referred as  Sato-guni.

These are the soul’s inherent qualities.

Just like the body is made up of five elements.

The moment there is an imbalance in any of the five elements

The body starts experiencing illness.

Whether it is Ayurved, pranic healing or naturopathy

They are also they talk about one of the elements not being in prescribed limits.

And which means

If you just take medicines

The illness will not go away.

The five elements should be brought back to balance..

 Similarly if we eat something randomly

Watched something on television or gossiped

Then we will not experience happiness. We need to balance those 7 qualities.

Unless we have the 7 qualities

The feeling which we are looking for

The feeling we are seeking and asking

We will not be able to experience that.

Now we need to hold onto the 7 qualities

From today we need to check our vocabulary.

That even by mistake, in any situation, we should not look for the 7 qualities externally.

Peace, happiness, power, love

Purity, wisdom, bliss.

They are not to be searched outside.

Looking for them outside was our old Sanskar.

So the mind will go outside looking for them.

We need to do everything that need to be done outside but not look for the 7 qualities there.

It should not be that a king goes around begging.

What happens with that is

We are looking for them outside because we want them.

But they are not outside. They are within us.

So we are not finding them outside, even after an extensive search.

So our anger is increasing because we are not finding what we wanted.

Looking for it outside

Because maybe looking for them outside is easier for us.

We find it a little difficult to create and experience it internally.

Moreover we didn’t even know about it.

But as we start now

It becomes very easy and that experience

That experience transcends the happiness obtained through sense organs.

When the soul keep increasing the seven qualities

All 7 qualities

The soul battery keeps getting charged.

We call that soul as a divine being.

 The seven qualities are emerged in that soul.

When we see such a soul around us

We call them a divine soul.

Because their divinity will reflect on their face.

There will be a visible change on the face.

Face is the index of the mind.

So when the mind changes, face also changes.

We look at some people and say they are a divine soul.

We can see divinity on their face.

This is about being divine.

I the being am divine.

It is our originality.

Even if we don’t take all 7 qualities daily, if we just take this one line

I am a divine being.


On the first day you said it feels so good to just say – Divine being.


So we think, feel, and prepare the character of a divine soul.

Until now we would see divinity in pictures of deities.

We would go to temples and see divinity in the idols there.

We will look for divinity in Saints and Mahatmas.

But divinity is the original quality of every soul.

But the divine feeling which we experience since childhood

For example, watching sunset when we go went on a picnic

Or waking early in the morning and watching sunrise

We experienced a different feeling

We didn’t know what it is called or how to experience that.

We have heard the word divine.

We use the word.

But we are still to experience the word.

What we experience during sunset, sunrise or at a sea shore


When Nature around us is Satvik

Which means there are pure vibrations at that moment even in nature.

During those few moments, the turbulence in our minds

Because situations influence our minds.

So turbulence of our mind stops during those moments.

So during those moments, our originality gets emerged.

Like how one musical note matches another.

 Then we say it was a divine experience.

But if someone is very restless

He can be in tension even while witnessing sunrise or sunset.

He can still be thinking of his problems.

So our environment has that vibration.

But we need to match our vibration with environment’s vibration to experience divinity.

But nature’s vibration

It’s very peaceful and very soothing.

But we still cannot call it divine.

But for me it was closest to it.

It was closest to it.

But I did not understand the meaning of divinity.

The words Devi-Devta (Deities) are derived from the word Divyata which means Divinity.

Devi-Devta are the souls

Who are completely divine.

Soul is perfect and fully charged.

They are called as souls perfect in all 16 arts.

16 degrees complete which means not even a fraction lacking in any virtue.

Like we say it is a truth worth 16-paise, implying it is the complete truth.

Live hundred percent pure gold.

There is no margin for untruth.

So a soul which is complete in all the 16 arts or virtues

Which means they don’t have a single impure thought.

They don’t have a single thought outside of soul consciousness.

Right now that is not a state we have reached.

But there was a time when we were in that state.

Today we call those souls and say

They are Devi-Devta.

We worship them.

We praise them.

We sing songs in praise of their qualities

What are we praising? The divinity in them.

We are able to see divinity in their faces.

As of now we have only their photos and idols.

These are prepared by artists of today’s times.

Will it have their imagination also used?

Suppose we consider an artist today

If he draws the picture of Devi-Devta

But that soul who will draw that picture

He does not yet have that Sanskar of divinity.

So he cannot even completely imagine

How that divinity would be like.

Like how I was unable to feel.

So I took sunrise and sunset to be the closest to divinity.

God tells us that the souls who lived in Satyug

Who were the Devi-Devtas

Their pictures which you are drawing today

Those pictures do not match their divinity.

Because you souls don’t even know the level of divinity they had.

But we make pictures which are close to divinity. 

 The more we start experiencing the seven original qualities

We will start going closer to the divinity.

Because that is our aim.

We are going from 0% soul consciousness to 100% soul consciousness.

Which means we are going towards divinity.

Along the way as the soul battery gets charged

Right now we don’t even know what complete divinity is.

But as the battery starts charging even a little

We start experiencing that divine feeling.

Because we have not experience that divine feeling for very long time.

Even if we experience a slight percentage of that feeling.

A we say this is a divine feeling.

Divinity means we need to keep this word in mind.

Divinity refers to a soul who doesn’t have even a single impure thought.

So impurity cannot even come into word or action.

Not a single impure thought.

When even a single thought is not impure

Words and behaviour will be accurate.

So destiny will also be accurate or perfect.

This is the first stage of Rajyog meditation.

If this is the first then what will be the last?

What does Rajyog mean?

It has two meanings.

One is that Rajyog means we rule over the self.

A ruler over myself.

And second meaning of Rajyog is

Connection with the Highest or Supreme Power .

The present stage which we are in

It’s the first stage which is of self realisation.

Contemplation, soul consciousness.

Which means the soul recognises the self

And emerge its originality.

The second stage is

That the soul recognises the Supreme Soul.

And the soul gets connected to the Supreme Soul.

That is Rajyog.

When soul recognises itself and emerges its original qualities.

We can do that and we are doing it now.

But the soul battery is charging very slowly.

But if the soul connects to the Supreme Soul

Which means when battery connects to the power house

Its speed of charging increases drastically.

With such quick charging, divinity of the soul is experienced much quicker.

That is the second stage of Rajyog meditation.

Where the soul connects to the Supreme Soul.

When soul connects to the Supreme Soul

All the powers, love, and wisdom of God

Will start filling the soul.

Now the divinity of the soul starts flowing naturally. 

 This is what we do every morning in meditation.

What we need to do in meditation is

To take a thought

Feel it

Visualise it.

And then when you get up after finishing meditation

Bring it into action.

What is the thought to be brought into action?

Suppose we take a thought – I am divine being.

It is a little difficult to take this thought.

Because I don’t recognise what divinity means.

I can understand peace. Can we take peace?

Sure. I am a peaceful being.

So we take the thought – I am a peaceful being.

And we will sit with this thought for 5 to 7 minutes.

Like how if we have a problem, we sit with a few thoughts.

If the mind is disturbed about something

Something happened at office or someone spoke rudely

We sit and think about it. How much time passes this way?

It goes on for long and we don’t even realise.

We spend 10 or 15 minutes just like that.

So what are we doing internally during those 10 or 15 minutes?

The mind is creating a thought

The intellect visualizes that thought.

We always see it.

We say – He said like that.

We will be able to see it.

The intellect will be able to see it.

That’s why intellect is called the third eye.

Because intellect means visualisation power also.

As we start creating thoughts

He called me up, then he said this, then he said that …

The intellect visualizes it.

When mind is creating a thought

Intellect visualizes that thought.

Gradually we start feeling that thought.

An incident happened few years ago.

We were upset and we had cried that day.

Today we can recall it and cry again.

This is meditation.

Meditation means during those few minutes

You are concentrated on that moment completely.

You created thoughts about that. 

 The mind created thoughts about it.

Intellect visualised it.

And entire experience was re-created as it was created in the past.

It got created so vividly that it brought us tears.

Can we do the same thing with a pure thought also?

Why not?

So in meditation we need to sit for 5 minutes

We take the thought – I am a peaceful being.

The moment we sit for meditation, it is possible that

Some other matter comes on the screen of our mind.

So we need to prepare our mind when we sit for meditation.

What is the purpose of sitting down now?

We have sat down to think about this particular thought.

But even as we sit down and start meditating

It is possible that some other thoughts come.

It happens very often.

Something else comes to mind.

We should not get up at that time.

We should not get disturbed.

And most importantly, we should not come under the influence of that thought and flow with it.

Again we need to change the thought.

Bring the mind back.

Once again the mind might drift elsewhere.

Again put a full stop to that matter and bring back the mind here.

It is like changing the channel of our mind.

There is already a groove – this happened, that happened, he did that, she said this …

Now we are creating a new groove.

I am a peaceful being.

So even if we sit for meditation

The mind will again start going towards the old groove.

We need to carefully and attentively bring it back here.

So initially it will require a little patience.

We should not give up at that time.

Some people almost declare – I cannot meditate. It’s impossible for me.

We can do it. Everyone can meditate.

Someone might need very little time.

Someone else might need a little longer.

But all of us can meditate.

Provided we sit with that concentration.

 That I have to meditate.

I am a peaceful being. Now visualise this.

Visualise this character of a peaceful being.

We created the thought that I am a peaceful being.

We looked at the soul here at the centre of the forehead

A beautiful shining star or a point of light.

I am a peaceful being.

Let’s feel the vibration of peace

Is radiating from here and spreading in all directions.

The energy we create here will vibrate everywhere.

It radiates in all directions.

I am a peaceful being.

This thought is getting created here and radiating to my entire body.

Every thought has an effect on every cell of the body.

I had tried taking the same thought of peace.

After that I would not feel like speaking much even if something happened..

Even if I spoke, it would be very softly.

I would not feel like raising my voice.

I started feeling very peaceful.

But it lasted only for a little while.

Yes, it will last only for some time.

Because the other groove is present since several lifetimes (very strong)

And this new groove has been created only since 5 minutes.

Even these 5 minutes had a huge effect on you.

It had a huge impact.

You started speaking softly.

You would not feel like speaking for sometime.

What is the meaning?

It means the soul is not feeling the need for pleasures derived through sense organs.

The soul is just happy internally.

I didn’t feel like reading the newspaper.

I would not even like loud noises.

I wanted to remain in that state for a longer period.

You want to remain in that experience for a longer time.

We can certainly do it.

Today we meditated for 5 minutes.

Tomorrow we will do it for 10 minutes.

After that

We will meditate in the morning

And then do it for one or two minutes after every hour.

Do it well in the morning because we have time then.

And then after every hour, we will create the thoughts for one or two minutes.

Suppose we are travelling by car.

Maybe there is a traffic jam or we are stuck.

That is if we are driving.

If we are not driving then we can do it for much longer.

Even if we are driving

If we are stuck at a traffic signal

We have 30 seconds or we have 1 minute.

What a beautiful way of spending that little time.

Otherwise we keep grumbling and blaming the vehicles in front of us, or blaming the government. 

In that consciousness, soul power depletes.

Instead if we make good use of that 1 minute.

And create a pure thought, soul power increases.

Just 1 minute.

We call it just a minute meditation.

Which means after every 59 minutes, pause for 1 minute.

To charge the soul battery.

Just like how people carry phone chargers with them today.

Even in public spaces, phone charges are available.

Whether it is a shopping mall, airport or restaurant, chargers are installed.

So if people get even 10 minutes, they connect their phone to the charger.

Because the phone is getting used more and more, throughout the day.

Each time they are not able to charge the phone for one hour.

We don’t even have so much time because we want to use the phone.

So they charge it in installments of 5 minutes or 10 minutes in between, throughout the day.

But even with charging for those 5 minutes for 10 minutes

The phone remains charged throughout the day.

Instead, if we charged our phone only once in the morning

And used extensively during the day

The charge will not last till night.

Which means we meditated in the morning

And then during the day if we don’t take one or two minutes to recharge the soul

Once again we will get influenced by situations.

So for 1 minute after every 59 minutes

It’s a very powerful tool.

If we just set an alarm on phone, we can get a reminder after every hour.

You can have some soft music play.

Even if we are travelling somewhere, just one minute it is all it takes.

I am a peaceful being. I am a pure being.

Suppose we are about to meet someone.

Maybe a meeting, an appointment with someone for visiting a doctor

Don’t enter from one scene into the next in a chaotic state.

Today we are going from scene to scene in a chaotic state of mind.

If you are going to doctor

I am a pure being going to meet another pure soul.

This vibration of purity

Will touch that soul.

And the vibration they create for us

How silent their emotional state will be?

They will diagnose accurately.

Because the vibration of stress in them will get silenced. 

 Will it happen because of my vibration?

We will send those vibrations and even after reaching there, will create that thought.

Instead of saying – I have been waiting for so long

I don’t know for how long he seeing the patient who is inside.

The doctor is in stress already

He is attending to one patient after another. He is getting late. Its chaotic.

We go in and we are also in a chaotic state.

One mind in a chaotic state is healing another mind in a chaotic state.

And how about a pure being meeting another pure being?

If you are going for a meeting or to meet a client

If you are going for the sake of a project

If you’re going to make a presentation

If you’re going to give an exam

There are so many things to do in a day.

And we just rush into each and every scene.

We prepare everything externally for the scenes. But we don’t prepare our mind.

We don’t have the soul seated in its originality, when we go into scenes.

So if we take out this one minute after every one hour

Before we enter into the scene

Make sure the soul is setting in its seat

And in the right consciousness, and then go into every scene.

Then the flavour of the scene and experience of the scene

And also the recording we make here

It will be completely different.

Just need to do this for one day and see the difference.

Do it for one minute after every one hour.

And when we go from scene to scene, or before any interaction.

Just pause for 1 minute

Create this pure vibration and then enter into the scene.

We will certainly do it, Sister. Thank you so much.

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