College Memories and 3 years in College Academic Journey jk crown

Well! First day of College! I still remember it very vividly and perfectly. In fact it feels as if it was just yesterday. Every student after his high school dreams of becoming a free bird and eagerly waits to get admission in a prestigious college for degree course. With this hope I also entered the gates of the prestigious “Govt. Boys Degree College Anantnag”. Many of our elders in our family have studied there.

They used to speak great about this college. Waking up 9 AM was a norm but for the first day I woke up at 6 AM and I tell you it was not casy. I took my shower, put on my clothes and reached to college. As soon as I stepped in the college ground, I knew this was it. I was so excited in meeting new people. College felt like a liberation for me. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t knew how I should behave order to fitin.

 Our teachers welcomed all of us and gave us some valuable advices. One advice which I clearly remember was “our system may have lots of problems, in spite of that you have to live, so don’t try to find fault with the system. Do your duty of learning and reach top positions.” Months passed by making friends, hanging out, taking new lectures, staying up late nights, and trying to finish syllabus at last minute was routine. I didn’t love any subject more than English Literature. I felt them boring always, having to listen to them for three long years was a real pain in Stomach.

The three years of my college have been amazing. I love that feeling, it is a part of my life that I cannot explain to anyone. I remember meeting new friends for lunch and hanging out around campus when I should have been in classes. I remember College lawns and stands on ground where I used to sit. I remember participating in college functions.

I was lucky to be taught by some best teachers in college and it will be unfair to write about college without mentioning them. Prof Dilruba Rasool, HOD English, is an amazing personality, dynamic, helpful and She used to be there for us all the time whenever we needed any help in studies or any other related matter. full of wisdom. She taught us in first and 2 year. I still remember every word she taught us.

I remember Prof Showkat Ali, young and dynamic teacher, a friend, his knowledge and deep insight of literature. One can spend days with his teaching of literature, life and Philosophy. I remember Prof.

Barkaat Sir for his valuable advices to do something innovative. He did things which no one else used to do in college, pushing students towards book reading culture and motivating them to library and reading room. Iam thankful to all other teachers for enlightening us in various fields.

College days have been amazing. It was a time for growth. It is a time when students can truly become reasonable individuals. It made me more independent and worthy of taking responsibilities. I always relied on my parents for support but at college I learned to come up on my own and push myself harder concerned begin a career College new interests from this varied experience. have helped me become more mature and grow in character. Now I have a fairly accurate idea what to do in my life. Yet, I am also aware that I may change my mind several times before I I almost began the college journey as a scared rat out in open desert, but I made the best out of stand trudged forward becoming a willful tiger. College life was always demanding and unexpected but I had my fair share of fun and that’s what matters most. I find myself a dreamer and realizing how much I loved that time as I look back. I realize that how much made my college experience a wonderful one. Thank you everyone for love, memories and friendship. I am going to miss it. I am so much thankful to everyone for love memories and friendship

Whenever an opportunity invites us, we should be told things clearly and openly. I am a person of that attitude. I am very thankful to the Almighty Allah who gave me a chance to enter, read and learn and preach the lessons taught by my teachers here in this institution. There is no doubt that the college is really a source of knowledge and awareness because my teachers here, have taught me the lessons of morality along with the academic lessons in a dedicated manner.

It was 8 of March 2013 when I entered into the heaven on the earth, the gate of hope and the institution of knowledge and enlightenment. Thanks to Allah, for he provided me a chance to enter into this prestigious college where the pearl shines on the foil of darkness and where the mysteries find their resolution. I experienced a bit of its everlasting authenticity when on first day of my college, I made a full round of it.

Wow… its huge infrastructure, its beautiful gardens, its large play field, well maintained labs, library, reading room and its incomparable Botanical garden captivated me.

The college attracted me so powerfully that I was not able to understand what I was feeling. I was shocked and became speechless like a paralyzed person at that time. For a moment, I felt that I was like a small piece of iron and this magnet of knowledge had strongly attracted me towards itself. At that time, I felt and realized that something was in the college that was trying to hold me and I felt strong relationship with the higher institution ab initio.

Without knowing that, who was inviting me and without investigating what was the relationship between me and this institution, completed my admission process and got off soon.
In these three years I came to observe and became an experienced person of zest and enthusiasm.

completely disagree with those people who mention often that college period is a period of futility and it is a futile exercise. Dear readers it is 100% wrong because it is a college which separates mature adult from boys. I found my college period indeed a golden period in my life as in these three years I learned the morality, socio-religious education, self-confidence and self-control, zest & self-respect. The teachers of my college gave me the lessons on this point every day that “All men and women are alike in nature but by education become different personalities” and in this regard I feel that they have become successful. The college taught me what is the role of student in over-all development? And I want to classify the misconception of those students who often make remarks about the futile nature of college. Dear students, it is the college which gave the concept to eminent scientists to propose important theories and laws, it is college education which helps in building analytical and reasoning skills, it is college education which provides chance of working in a team and thus develops the concept of team spirit. The college years bestow us friendship that we cherish for entire lifetime, it is college that helps an individual to develop his or her confidence in themselves and grow as good and responsible human beings.

I can’t mention all the inevitable blessings of college life because they are uncountable.

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