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01. Tawhid as Basis of Civilization
Tawhid is the basis of the religion Islam and It is most precisely expressed in the
formula: “LaaIlaahaIllalah” (There is no God but Allah worthy of worship) which
states that there is only one true God and that He alone deserves to be worshipped.
This simple formula forms the dividing line between Imaan (true belief in God ) and
kufr (disbelief), according to the tenets of Islam. Because of this principle of Tawhid,
the Islamic belief in God is considered to be unitarian and Islam is counted among
the world’s monotheistic religions along with judaism and christianity. Yet,
according to the Islamic unitarian concept (Tawhid), christianity is classified as
polytheism and Judaism a subtle form of idolatry.
Thus, the concept of Tawhid is quite profound and needs further clarification even
among Muslims. This point is vividly illustrated by the fact that some Muslims like
IbnArabi understood Tawhid to mean that Allah is all and all is Allah; that there is
only one existence which is Allah. Yet, such beliefs are classified by mainstream of
the scholars of Islam as paintheism and, as such kufr. Other Muslims such as the
Mutazilites felt that Tawhid consisted of stripping Allah of all His attributes and
asserting that He is present everywhere and in everything. Yet, these ideas were
also rejected by mainstream of the scholars of Islam and considered heretical.
Infact, almost all of the various heretical sects which broke off from the main body
of Islam, from the prophet’s time (saas ) till today, all began their divergence from
the point of Tawhid. All of those who worked for the destruction of Islam as well as
Muslims have tried to neutralise the Principle of Tawhid, bucause it respresents the
very essence of the divine message of Islam brought by all the prophets (may Peace
and blessings of Allah upon them). 

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