Sixth Semester Notes (Sociology) kashmir university download pdf


Meaning and Scope:
Sciences are broadly divided into natural (physical) sciences and social sciences. Social
sciences include various disciplines dealing with human life, human behaviour and
institutions. e.g. Anthropology, History, Economics, Education, Commerce, Demography
etc,. Social sciences are not exact science like physical sciences. It deals with human beings.
Human nature and mans environment are so complex, that it is more difficult to comprehend
and predict human behaviour than the physical phenomena. It is difficult see the underlying
uniformities in the diversity of complex human behaviour.
Social science research
Social science research is a systematic method of exploring, analyzing and conceptualizing
human life in order to extend, correct or verify knowledge of human behaviour and social
life. Social research seeks to find explanations to unexplained phenomena, to clarify the
doubtful and correct the misconceived fact of social life. It involves the application of
scientific method for understanding and analyzing of social life in order to correct and verify
the existing knowledge as a system. The main idea behind social research is to discover new
inter relations, new knowledge, new facts and also to verify old ones. Human behaviour may
be involved by certain values and laws. The main purpose of social research is to discover
those laws which can be proper guidelines for studying human contact and behaviour.
According to P.V. Young, we may define social research as “the systematic method of
discovering new facts and verifying old facts. Their sequences inter relationship, causal
explanations and the natural laws govern them”. From the above definition we can identify
the following

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