Life , an outer perception

Life, what’s life?

Science says , breathing and beating of heart,religion says , following the ordinance,philosophy says , living your dreams,psychology says , mastering the introspection,and everyone else believes it to be how the life is shown to him…But when we actually reflect to what we should see beyond whatever is shown to us,we perhaps find the true answer to this question, and the answer itself is veiled behind this hunt ,behind the curtains of what our eyes see but we don’t comply with,behind the bars of difficulties that we see coming but always try to dodge them by one way or the other,behind the closed doors which actually crave to be opened but always left locked by us outta cowardice to combat reality,under the dusted books satiated with the treasures to be ascertained, but left to atrophy outta our heedless bent to ponder over them,below the scarce humus hiding gems underneath, but left to bury outta qualm of dirt to tinge our hands,….
The way we feed ourselves is the way we grow.We sow thorns in our soil and expect to reap flowers , denying the fact that only seeds grow crops,and so we end up wailing, finding our soil barren ….The destination we reach is the path we’ve chosen.But we take the path of a round trip and end up with zerodisplacement, finding ourselves always at the same distance from our destinations as we were.The feats we achieve are the outcomes of the hard work and the determination to achieve the goals. But we jump into the pools of pleasure and expect to traverse the tides of ocean in the stagnant water that stinks on standing for a while, and ultimately end up caught in the aura of squander…Someone has rightly said, “All that we are is the result of what we’d thought”, but by that thought we don’t mean only drowning our mind in that thought just watching things and doing nothing ,  the thought actually intends to the courage to pursue that thought, the strength to endure the atrocity of what that thought brings, the nerve to stand against the odds that try to dethrone us, and finally be deserving to taste its fruit….
Life becomes more meaningful when we act rather than only think,when we shatter the chains of negativities by clinging to turn our thoughts into the well raised waves of the ocean,when we translate the language of our soul into the well guided path for us,and leave the footmarks on the hearts of people and mostly our own self….We often hear people say “We get life only once so live it as it deserves to belived” , but we don’t realise this fact as much as we hear it,…We think that the sum total of the time we get in this world is life , but that’s only lifespan,then what’s life actually?Life actually is each and every moment passing, each and every beat of heart , each and every tick of clock.The lifespan of people isn’t divine, nor is this world, but life can be divine if we choose for it to be.Life is all about realising the worth of every moment you get and to realise your own worth….
Life can be as simple as the alphabet or as complex as the integral of the most mingled function in mathematics, it’s all upto how we take it as a question, Life can be as beautiful as the galaxied sky, or as dreadful as the traps of demons, it’s all upto how we capture ourselves in it,Life can be as vast as a cosmos or as narrow as a black hole, it’s all upto how we sail in it,…Life is all about how we perceive it
Life is all about how we perceive it...

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