Vulnerability Free Article By Jk Crown

They say “dwell in the places you feel alive in”, but those are the places we are most vulnerable to death, they never mention it.

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The world is temporary, and our abode for just a very short time, but the people we meet and we are born to and related to by any means make this short duration last for a long that we call as lifetime, we feel like this world isn’t actually a place to dwell but it’s those people, whose abode actually are our hearts, they teach us to walk the thorny and the bloomed paths, they tell us of the blessings and desolations of the world, they let us know of our strengths and timidities , they hold our hand to take us to a scene of euphoria, they show up to make our soul drenched with the lifegiving rains of spring and sparkled with the sunshine of summer, they hold our hands in theirs to protect our hands from frost bites if wintery waves and shade our being from the senescent winds of autumn….

In the meantime, they know of the things they teach us about ourselves,….

They , by making us so strong against the odds of the whole world that no blow of the world can uproot us, at the same time get the key to break the locks that’s been holding up our strength, they know of where to and how to hit to get us kneeled, they make us feel loved and vulnerable at the same time, they become our support and apocalypse at the same time. 

A tiny effort from them for us feels like a world is backing us up, and a little thought of slur and remission makes us feel like drowning in the concrete making us frail.Those to give us life become the ones to take it away,

those to show us the light make us acquainted with the darkness, Those to teach us to breathe make us choke to blues,those to lift us up bury us into the dirt,those to give us love make our heart lose all of it .

We may keep our hearts and minds in the delusion and illusion that we never lose the positive side , we may convince ourself thay we live the life they’d given us, but deep inside we are losing it all, we might not let ourselves think of it, but our souls keep on draining with the persistence of those apocalypses.

The invincibility we had, begins to fade, we start losing battles, battles with ourself, battles with the thoughts and the emotions.

The protections our body holds begins loosening, and our skin loses blood.

The beats our hearts held, those which once could make the world go silent, become as feeble as they don’t even exist.

The words our tongue had to utter, those which were not ever being silenced, cease at all.

Our soul finally loses its essence to feel the aroma of life, our soul becomes a prisoner of the body, and the body, just a shackle that awaits to break , just to allow the soul to escape and get lost in the darkness of oblivion,,,

but those are the places we are most vulnerable to death, they never mention it”.

Writter IToo Najmu Saqib


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