How Make Forgiveness Easy


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When I had just started earning Every morning I used to to make a programme .About how to earn today, what should I do, how should I prepare.That was easy.But today how do I earn good Karma?It seems a little difficult.We don’t need to earn good Karma. We need to do good Karma.But it’s also an earning.With good Karma, we earn many things.What is the chart that we need to prepare?How to do good Karma.I had prepared a chart of what I should not do.Even if you tell your mind what you should not do You have not told your mind about what you should do.You tell a child what he should not do.Don’t do this but do that.Just focus more on what is to be done.Which means, focus on those Sanskars .Focus on those Sanskars which you need, to do the right Karma.So the wrong Sanskars will automatically get used sparingly.Gradually they will stop getting used.Even if we use them sometime, we can immediately notice.And then again they will get dissolved. They will not get used often.Then they will become once in a while.In the present the list of positive Sanskars are being used once in a while.Right now original Sanskars are being used once in a while.And acquired Sanskar seem natural.With a little effort and a little attention Within a short time original will become natural.And acquired will become once in a while.Original is becoming natural once in a while in meditation.In meditation we are bound to use natural Sanskar .

Sometimes even during meditation there are other thoughts.It’s okay. We always have to remember Nothing can go straightaway from 0 to 100 From 0 it can only go to 1, 2, 3, 4 … In steps and then reach 100.We think we sit in meditation And we will create only pure thoughts.And we will constantly remember God.That we will not remember anyone else That we will not remember any other situation or task That’s not going to happen.We should not even aim like that, otherwise we get demotivated.This is the reason many people say they cannot meditate.What is the aim they start with?Their aim will be that we will sit for 30 minutes in meditation.And for those 30 minutes we will create only and only pure thoughts.We will get connected to God.I the soul will experience bliss.They sit with this aim.If they sit with the aim that for 30 minutesI will experience blissBut in reality what happened?For 5 minutes I experienced bliss.For the remaining 25 minutes, there were negative, waste, or ordinary thoughts.Whereas the aim was for 30 minutes.And we got a result of only 5 minutes.That’s when we say I cannot meditate.And then we give it up.We give up because we experience bliss only for 5 minutes on the first day, 5 on the second day.And only for 3 minutes on the third day.Perhaps we could not experience bliss at all on the fourth day.30 minutes was spent just like that, with thoughts from here and there.

On the 5th day we said I cannot do this.Let me go back and work. Who can sit like this for 30 minutes?As it is I took out 30 minutes despite my time crunch And didn’t get any result.The aim was not correct.We didn’t have the clarity of what we are about to experience.I the soul should be aware That I the soul create 60,000 to 70,000 negative and waste thoughts in a day.Ordinary and useless thoughts.I started feeling that I am standing in a party And at least 10 waiters come to serve me many things while I am talking to someone. I just refuse.And then I pick up only that one item that I like.I just picked one out of the whole spread.But we expect that everyone who comes in that line That all of them will bring only those items which we like It can’t happen initially.I have a choice there but where is the spread here in the mind?But you say we should choose.On the screen of your mind there are thoughts of different qualities.And then we consciously create a pure thought It might stay for 30 seconds. Immediately another thought is created.And it’s perfectly fine.It’s absolutely natural.Something was going on the particular way for so many years.Can you give me an example of a pure thought?I am a divine being`- this is a pure thought.I am a pure soul, I am a divine  am God’s child.God who is the ocean of purity His powers of purity are filling me.Pure thought.I am the child of the Supreme Soul.

I am a powerful soul.We create this thought.In between we get a thought – What will happen today in that meeting?What will happen today when I meet them?Those thoughts will come because that groove is so deep.Which churn on such thoughts throughout the day.We have to see the kind of thoughts we create in 24 hours.And then we suddenly come out of it and sit for meditation.That now I will meditate for 30 minutes.It’s not possible that immediately we start creating pure thoughts for 30 minutes.But even if we can do it for 2 minutes, it’s success.If we can do it for 5 minutes, it is a lot of success.While learning cycling in childhood, even if I could balance for 2 minutes I was excited that I could balance for that long.After few minutes again I lose balance.But it on the first day when you started riding Either if you fell down or lost balance If you said I cannot ride a bicycle Then you would not ride it for a lifetime.And if you don’t ride a bicycle Then you will not ride a scooter tomorrow or a car day after tomorrow.Just because you felt on the first day when you started riding bicycle.So when you create a chart that you need to do good Karma  today Let’s not even call it good Karma. Let’s call it pure karma.I need to create pure Karmas today.The highest quality, the purest.We are creating it consciously.So why just good? Why not divine?Why not pure Karma, where there is not even a trace of mixturity .What can be classified as good Karma?Maybe yesterday I was scolding people.Today I told the same thing in a subdued voice. Good Karma.

That is not pure Karma but that is only good Karma.It is good in reference to my bad.Let me do a pure karma where there is no mixturity. Nothing impure is created inside at all.Because the aim we set, is where the soul will reach.This all will achieve it Our aim should be high because we have all the knowledge and all the tools now.We have even learnt how to take God’s power.So why should we not do it now?We have the knowledge.We saw last time That a ball we throw will come back towards us.So we will just do one thing today.All the balls that are coming towards you today Look at all of them Which means every thing The way your staff behaves The way your family interacts with you The situations that unfold Even a stranger on the road.Does it mean even our neigh bours are here because of our own Karma?Otherwise a ball cannot come towards usThe ball goes like this and comes back like this.Now look at everyone That means we need to forgive everyone.We were supposed to forgive everyone, and not just selectively.I would always think this person is more guilty, that person has made a smaller mistake …This person is pardonable but that person is not pardonable. 

We use such words in English.This person cannot be pardoned.Actually it’s not about forgiving everyone.It’s about sending the right in early to everyone now.You mean it is a result of my own Karma.So in a way, with this understanding, we dissolve the issue and close it.This dissolving and closing is called settling of Karmic accounts.You settled it.Don’t we say that we had differences with someone. And then we sat down to discuss. Issue was resolved.It is like how a couple apply for divorce and go to the court The Counselor talks to them and suggests to them to settle matters.Why stretch things and make them complicated?Let’s take this word and do this one homework today.All the balls that are coming towards me today All of the means literally every single ball.We are practicing this since several years, so in our vocabulary Because it has gone into our thought process There is not even 1% doubt in our belief system.There is not even 0.1% doubt in the law of Karma.Throughout the day we see it working.So by studying spiritual wisdom over the years Belief system has become so strong It comes in our vocabulary like Suppose I am travelling somewhere and I get stuck in traffic What will I say when I call up home?Today it was my Karmik account that I got stuck in traffic.That level of responsibility because it has got ingrained.That everything happening to me Every single thing Suppose I say that I will meet you at 5 p.m. but I reach at 6:30 p.m.Your work got disturbed because you had to wait for so long.This is my Karmic account.Can I say that I was late because of your Karmic account?You don’t need to say but I need to understand it.This is where we need to apply it with everything that is happening.For you, coming late is a Karma For me it is a Karmic account.If one hour of my time had to get wasted today If I had to wait for youIt is my Karmic account.What if I do a mistake and tell you that it was your Karmic account?That is why I made a mistake?One of my friend’s son said something to him and after that he was so shocked that he became nearly paralyzed.But the son said that his father was paralyzed due to his own Karmic account.The son did not take blame on himself.

This is an example of wrong usage of knowledge.God teaches us that every point of wisdom needs to be understood correctly.In the right way.Unless the process is correct, we will not experience success.And if the process is accurate, success is certain.It’s not possible that we don’t get success.But the method should be accurate.If I do a wrong Karma with you right now Instead of being aware that it is my wrong Karma If I say It I was your Karmic account and hence I did this to you I used that point of knowledge in a wrong way Misused and abused. Everything can be misused and abused.Knowledge can be misused.Spiritual wisdom can be misused.Power can be misused.Energy can be misused.Power of peace, power of position We say someone misused their position If we misuse a point of spiritual wisdom, who is at a loss?I, the soul We can say anything we want.That’s an who did a wrong Karma with his father He can tell his father that it was your own Karma because of which you are paralyzed.But just by his saying, what is the use?The law doesn’t stop working.But isn’t it a fact?It is a fact.But it needs to be understood by the person with whom it has happened.But the one inflicting that Karma – what fact should he understand?That as will be my present Karma So will be my destiny tomorrow.There are two things at work isn’t it?He created a new imprint here.

And changed his destiny.He created an unlucky destiny for himself.One is the person doing the Karma.And the second is the person with whom it is happening.The one who is doing the Karma is sending the ball.The one on whom the Karma is inflicted, is receiving the ball.The person sending that ball is creating a Karma.But the one receiving the ball is facing his destiny.Karma theory disturbs me at this point.If I had done wrong Karma in my previous birth and I am facing the consequence today Why should you be punished for that?I am not being punished for that.You mentioned that the one doing the Karma In this case the son said it must be his father’s past Karmic account I am not being punished for it.We will not call it bad Karma but he is doing justice.Let’s take it with a simple example.Yesterday I behaved rudely with you.This was my yesterday’s Karma.Today you came in front of me.The consequence of my yesterday’s Karma – we are only looking at more visible things to understand equation.Consequence of my yesterday’s Karma will be that Today your behaviour with me will be unpleasant.These are visible consequences.Because I was wrong to you yesterday, you will be wrong with me today.So it is in my Karmic account That yesterday I had sent out a black ball.So today in my destiny it is present That today I will receive a black ball from you.It’s my destiny.This time, it will be you will send a black ball.But if I stop it?You have a choice.

There is no justification then. Karmic account got cancelled.The theory that you should get the ball back has failed.You mentioned that it is like Earth’s magnetic field. It has to fall.If that if a child jumps from his balcony, he will fall down and not fly like a superman.Then the black ball not reaching you The moment when I sent you a black ball?I created a thought, feeling, and a Karma.And then I sent the ball. So a recording is created here.That recording has already become a part of the soul Which means I have already got the consequences of my karma.But why did you do it?That’s for later. We have to have a starting point first.You did it yesterday because I had done something earlier.But we can’t keep going back so far. Let’s just consider two transactions.Then it goes back to two transactions before that … two more transactions before that …So let’s take two.First let’s be clear with those two.We are saying that every Karma will have a consequence.First of all, the consequence has happened the moment I send a ball Because a recording is created here.We have already seen that Karma is first internal And then we create Karma externally.That what I did to you I didn’t speak the right way or behave the right way with you So it has all got recorded already.So the biggest consequence is that the groove is already created.What I speak to you and whatever its consequences will be – that is relatively smaller.What does that groove do?That groove will make me repeat that same action in future because it goes into a loop.I created hatred.My groove is created Even if you do it with one person, recording is done.The song is recorded on the CD.Once the song is recorded on a CD It will just lie there. I won’t use it again.That song will certainly play again.It’s only a matter of time, when the stimulus arrives.

Once I create the Sanskar of hatred And hold on to it here Small things can at as stimulus.Sometimes I decide to just have a glass of milk at night, I am not hungry.But when I look at the food prepared, I feel hungry.That comes as a stimulus Anything can be a stimulus.That is recorded. Next time the stimulus comes, it starts playing.If Sanskar of hatred is not recorded on a soul at all That song isn’t present at all.Now let the stimulus come.No matter how many stimulus come That soul doesn’t have the song recorded at all.So how can they play them?They can play other songs like creating hurt.They can create hurt.But they cannot create hatred over anything.Because they don’t have that Sanskar. The biggest consequence of any Karma is That our Karma gets recorded here.And that recording can get played anytime once again.Even if it is not played in this costume again, it will play in the next costume.So the first consequence of any Karma is It has created a groove.Now I have become vulnerable.Like we say when we eat some things and suffer an illness Once we get that illness I am vulnerable.That I might fall ill once again.Now I need to be more careful.Earlier I didn’t have to take so much care.Which means it is so risky to have a recording created even once.Now I become vulnerable.Last time I behaved wrong with you So what was my first consequence?A groove got created here.What effect will that have on my destiny?That the groove can get activated anytime So it will bring a consequence sometime in my life.Hatred about this person that person Someone is not right to me, and I hate them.And the black ball which I sent to you That will come back to me in the form of your behaviour. But before you send it to me Wisdom and knowledg Understanding that sending this black ball is not right for me.This is your realisation .

So that day you do not send me the black ball.There was a Karmic account.But you changed your Karma What did you do to that Karmic account?Settled.So you do not have that Liberty To say – a you sent me a black ball and so I also sent you a black ball.Regardless of how many black balls I have sent you You still have a choice of whether you will send me a black ball or not.Suppose you send me a black ball today Then chances of me sending you and other black ball increases.So there will be there will be a continuous exchange of black balls between us.It is like a bank transaction where I take loan, I repay it, and I close the account.You don’t owe me anything and I don’t know anything now.Now when you start sending me a black ballYou are getting certain thoughts And you don’t know Whether you are sending me a fresh black ball Or whether you are returning a black ball which I had sent to you.You don’t know.So for you it is new.And there is a risk factor here.It could be this or that, so I have a choice.But either ways Whether you are sending me a fresh black ball Or whether you are returning a black ball which I had sent to you Either way you are sending me a black ball.And when you send that That recording will get created on your CD.And if I don’t send black ball, then good Karma will be recorded.There will be a recording of forgiveness compassion and wisdom on your CD.In future this recording will give you so much corporation in different situations.I get self confidence, happiness and a lot more.You will get so much and so your destiny will change.I gained so much from just one good Karma.When I refrain from sending just one black ball I get a feeling of self control and happiness.I win over my negativity So I get a feeling of victory.I go One Step Closer to my goal. And there is never ending happiness.This is not just a feeling, but even this song is getting recorded.

This is also a song. It’s only the negatives which get recorded.Such a beautiful song got recorded on your CD.So whenever the next stimulus comes, this beautiful song will play again.This is it. Karma creates destiny.So we should not get into analysis of whether they first sent me a black ball, or I am sending to them afresh.Or whether I am only sending the return of their black ball.We don’t know and we don’t need to know.We just need to work on ourselves. Why waste time in these things?Now you are answering all this.Attention because what is the first consequence of my karma?The recording that happens here.If that day you created anger or hatred or scolded me, thereby sending a black ball It also created a groove in your mind. So that song will play again in future.But if you created forgiveness that day It also created a groove in your mind. So that song will play again in future.This Karmic account is anyways settled See the consequence of every Karma This Karmic account is anyways settled Soul power increased And this groove will help you to settle other Karmic accounts also in future.That is why karmas can be very tricky.It’s very deep because one Karma can have multiple consequences.Not just one consequence.We spoke about so many good recordings. If we don’t take care, many negative recording get created.So we shouldn’t be so excited about just one good Karma.With one bad Karma, so many more get accumulated.Never mind. Focus is on the good ones.Focus on that. Attention on that.We are doing it with awareness.We don’t need to prepare a chart for it in the morning.About what good Karmas I should do throughout the day today.I just need to do good karmas all the time. So where is the need for a chart for that

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