How & why i started, Unexpectedly!

It was almost 6 in evening & i got a mail which was about. Hey! Happy one month writing aniversary. After reading the mail the first thing that came into my mind was; How I started!

Lot of people kept asking me how & why you started writing.

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To be honest! It just happened; that too in a blink. Nothing planned, neither had i done anything like this before. I used to give advices to my people. They kept saying me you’re the best advisor, you should write & I always responded like i feel running out of words.. Can’t write..

How I started! A very good friend of mine suggested me that you should write something, write to kill boredom & I created this website.. Never thought of anything.I just created it & started writing my very first blog. ” positivity”.

After publishing that I got tremendous love & support from everyone.

🌸That was the best Feeling 🌸

Positivity came out to be a never ending topic. Because it’s the only thing that has been cure to all my problems. You can say “My Go to antitoxent“.

I am not a philosopher.

I am not a poetess.

I just write to speak my heart out.. Everything i write is based on my personal experiences. All my blogs till now are all about what & how i feel. How i deal with certain situations.

No!Not writing to impress, i just write to express.

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