Comparison a Trigger to Envy!

 Hey everyone! It’s been a while, haven’t written anything. Wasn’t able to find a good topic. Finally! got it.

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The first question which comes in our mind when we get compared to anyone is; why only me?? Well! I always ask me this. why only me?when will it stop? When is the last??

Sometimes I wonder on what silly things I have been compared to!

Getting compared creates a jealousy which is a negative emotion & no matter how hard you try not to get jelous still won’t help.It’s human nature, but you can try to control it. Try to master it; like if you will take it in a way that you are getting compared to anyone,just think; No doubt I’m doing enough, but if I’ll grasp the quality to which I’m getting compared, it will make me more powerful.

The point is don’t look at who you are getting compared to, rather see what goodness of him/her compares you to him/her. Focus on that, not on the person. This will help you from getting jealous and likewise will help to improve in a positive way. It needs practice.

This is my solution. It Protects mental health, prevents negativity & helps to build-up the qualities.

I hope it will help you too..

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