They Are Different They Are Not Wrong By Jk crown

 Our relationships are a reason for our happiness Our relationships are a source of respect and trust But sometimes But if we don’t take care But sometimes the same relationships Become a reason for our sadness Sometimes the same relationships Become a cause of our stress Some relationships become a cause of doubt, insult and pain At such times we often Instead of getting closer to each other We gradually start drifting away from each other Superficially everything seems fine But internally the foundation of that relationship Sometimes it starts shaking And when that foundation becomes weak Even a slight difference or misunderstanding can shake that relationship And the pain will be so immense that the mind says I can never forget this incident And the same relationship which once matter the most to us That relationship becomes the reason for our deepest pain And then we wait For the other person to do something So that the relationship gets healed We wait for them to do something and repair that relationship Today we have taken out time to gather here To check our relationships That in our relationships What are the situations that cause The strength in their foundation;It gets depleted at times What do you think are the reasons that create issues in relationships?Just shout it out Ego? How many of you have come across ego in relationships?Almost everyone So one reason is ego. Next?Expectations. So how many of us have expectations from each other?Is it normal to have expectations from each other? ;How many of you feel it is normal?When we have a relationship, its normal to have Expectations is it? Let’s check it So Ego and expectations. Anything else? 

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Emotional attachment?Having attachment is?Attachment is normal. Attachment is essential So one person feels attachment is painful. Another feels it is essential Ego, attachment, expectations. Anything else?Anger. Anything else?Comparison with each other So ego, expectation, attachment, comparison, anger Jealousy? Oh okay Anything else? What comes between two people?Trust Sometimes it is superiority complex, and sometimes inferiority complex Sometimes we feel superior to someone, and inferior to someone else Both are actually ego. We will understand it later. Anything else?Misunderstanding. How many of you experience it?We tell people I just can’t understand you. And they say even I can’t understand you We can see what is happening, but we can’t understand each other’s perspective Kindly be seated, else people behind you are unable to see. Thank you.In this case there were three perspectives – mine, theirs and yours From their perspective, what they were doing was absolutely correct At least clap for them because they are here to serve us Usually whatever the other person is doing will be absolutely correct But there definition of rights do not match with our definition of what is right The only difference is, now you said lovingly that then  We just need to change one word When someone does something which is not right accory were doing the right thing But when the same thing happens at home, you tell them they are wroding to us Something which just doesn’t match with our perspective If we are at one end, they are at the opposite end But if you just remember this line That what they are doing is not right for me But according to them, they are absolutely correct Let’s understand the difference between the t woIf we think those three people are wrong What vibration will radiate to them from us?We don’t say in words, but even if we create a thought in our mind as They are wrong,What energy will they get from us when we think they are wrong?It is of disrespect. That who you are and what you are doing is wrong Disrespect radiates to them from us If one person sends disrespect to the other person that they are wrong Even the other person will send us disrespect, that we are wrong If one person sends the energy that you are wrong Then he receives energy from the other person as – You are wrong And then two people who believe each other is wrong They will decide to sit down and talk, to resolve the issue But internally what are the thinking about each other?

]You are wrong Today let’s just drop this word here They are not wrong. They are?They are different from us But they are right from their perspective Can we say this line even at home when there are differences?This line is not only for today In fact you people gave the answer that they were absolutely right from their perspective If you said they were wrong, or questioned why they stood that way in the front row.Because we were detached observers, so we saw that they were right  What that it was not comfortable for us But the moment we say they are right, or they are different What energy is created for them from us?Can you feel the energy? Just start saying it for 30 seconds That they are wrong. How could they stand like that in the front row? How could they block our view?Then what energy reaches them from us? Of disrespect So let’s just leave out one word today their perspective Because we can see only our perspective In order to understand the other person’s perspective We need to understand the other person And for that, the first point of spiritual knowledge which is important is Every person at home Whether it is parent, husband, child, or siblings Everyone is a soul on a journey Everyone is a soul. Everyone has been on a long journey On this journey, every soul has taken many costumes (different body in each life)In each costume or body, they had a different family Different situations, Different cities Crossing several situations in each lifetime Having created and carried several Sanskars Today they are in our house Look at people around you who live with you Sister, could you please stand up for a minute?Can you tell us your age?It is okay to share What’s your age? 37 Everyone shout out your age. How old are you?All the ages that you mentioned Whose age is it?It it is the age of our body All of us wear two dresses. One is this cloth What is the age of this cloth? Someone could have worn it for the first time That will be one day old. That is the age of the cloth The other is the age of this body which is also a costume we have worn So 30, 50, or 80 is the age of the body The age of this sister’s body is 37 years What is her age? Her body is 37 years old. What is her age?Her body’s age is 37 years Where was she 37 years ago?She was in a different body Perhaps she lived in that body for 100 years And prior to that, she lived in yet another body for 100 years.That way, 200, 500, 1000 or 5000 years. We don’t know since how long she has been on a journey In every body that we take Just look at the journey. In every body, a different family A different city, possibly a different country Different situations in life Several Sanskars recorded on the soul Like a CD which has several songs recorded on it Soul is also like a CD on which several Sanskars are recorded  Those Sanskar are not just of 37 years How old are those Sanskars? Could be thousands of years. We don’t even know The soul is eternal It carries forward several Sanskar from each birth So it is a CD which has several Sanskars recorded One day, 2 CD’s get married You can check that CD on your adjacent seat, if your spouse is sitting next to you We say this is my husband … this is my wife Now change this perspective Soul on a very, very long journey

 They have carried forward several Sanskars Can any 2 CD’s (souls) have the same songs recorded?That’s not possible. They will have different recordings Both look at each other and say – How can you be like this?The other person will say – How can you be like this?They tell each other – I can’t understand how you can be or say like this Then we try that the songs on my CD get copied on their CD So that you start thinking like meThey say – That’s not possible. It is better if you copy my songs on your CD You become like me One has a habit of being extremely organised and clean. Everything should be in place The other feels what is the need to be so perfect at our own home? Between the two, who is right?Today we are labelling everyone as right, sitting here. Which is very good Both are right One person has a habit of reaching on time every where And that just cannot reach anywhere on time One person has a habit of trusting everyone The other has a habit of doubting every single thing One of them has a habit of appreciating everyone The other has the habit of constantly criticizing people It’s just a matter of different Sanskars It’s not wrong Sanskars. It’s about different Sanskars While the two CD’s were trying To understand or change each other’s Sanskars Within an year or two, a 3rd CD came to their house So think of your third CD also (your child)The couple thought it is a blank CD which has come home So they thought they will write songs of how that child should be, on that CD Did any of you get blank CD? None of you When we say this is my child That soul is playing the role of your child But it is a soul who is on a journey Before entering the womb of this mother That’s all lived elsewhere for 100 years, and 100 years before that in another lifetime …So the soul has carried all those Sanskars into this work ars Suppose there are six members living in a house It means different Sanskars of each person, living together If we look at everyone with this perspective That they are a soul. They have brought with them, several different Sanskars Their Sanskars are different from min eWe will not label anyone as wrong So it is possible to have differences of opinion It is possible that each other’s opinions do not match But respect will never get shaken in that relationship 

If we say that we are different but not wrong Every soul has seen several different situations before coming into our life.Someone doesn’t have the Sanskar of trust at all Because some time or the other, in some costume or the other That soul had a deeply trusted someon But that soul experienced lot of pain because of trusting them So what gets recorded on the soul?Trust is equal to pain A few years ago, there was an earthquake in your region Someone left their body in that earthquake Let’s visualise that someone is leaving his body due to an earthquake Someone is leaving his body in a flood Someone is leaving his body in an accident on the road Just before leaving the body, what would be the recording on that soul?Just try to think and visualise There came an earthquake, house collapsed, family was left behind, that soul lost everything That soul left the body, witnessing all this Water is gushing in, house is collapsing, family is getting scattered When a soul leaves the body witnessing such scenesT hat soul will record that water is equal to pain When that’s all takes a new costume, even after the child reaches 4 or 6 years He will feel scared of water. Isn’t it possible? Yes it is His parents will not understand why he is scared of water When his parents friends or siblings cannot understand his fear about water What will they say about his Sanskar of fear?What do we do when we cannot understand someone’s Sanskar?Visualize a child taken to a swimming pool, getting scared, and running away.His friends are swimming but he is scared.

 What will everyone do?They make fun of him Someone might criticize him Even parents might compare him with siblings, saying they are swimmers at school. How can you get scared?Just think. That soul has already carried a Sanskar of pain.And instead of understanding them We ridiculed that Sanskar  Criticised it, condemned it, compared it We kept depleting soul power of that child Family means we need to understand each other’s sanskar s And respect each other’s Sanskars Even if we don’t find that Sanskar right for us When we understand their Sanskar and respect it Only then we can empower them to change that Sanskar But if we criticize them for that Sanskar If we make comparisons If we ridicule them  Their soul power will keep depleting We always need to take care What should we do to each other’s soul power? What is our role?We need to increase itWe should never think, speak, or do anything Because of which the the other person’s soul power reduces Because until soul power increases They cannot change their Sanska rIf someone fears water,; if some gets angry If someone has a habit of criticizing If someone has a Sanskar of fear We lovingly and easily say – 

Don’t get scared We tell people – Don’t worry We are very easily telling them not to worry Because we don’t have the recording of worry But for that person, that Sanskar is very real Just buy our words, their worry cannot end Very easily we ask people not to fear, not to worry, let go and forget If it was so easy to change Sanskars They would have changed themselves. It’s not that they like getting scared or worried But they say – What to do? I cannot change We need power to change our Sanskar So we need to understand each other’s Sanskars.

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