Bodyshamig! You are not alone.

 Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a topic that I’m sure most of the people can relate to very well. Frankly speaking! To discuss this thing, is very difficult. Because I’ve myself been a victim of this.

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So! Bodyshamig. What is it!

Taunting, criticising a person on his/her looks. which include; shaming Him/her on height, weight, structure,facial features, color & what not!

I know how it feels, when people comment you on your looks, it includes everything. Mocking you on your height by saying; hey! You must put on heels because you’re too short or you must not wear heels, You’re too tall. On structure; *you are fat, try controlling your diet or oh! you’re so skinny, don’t you eat anything? [Me and this sentence are never separated from each other,It has been with me since childhood]. Criticising on your facial features; Your nose is flat, If it were sharp, how nice you would look [yeah! But it’s not! And it’s not in my control]. On colour; you should use this DIY, That face cream, it’s very effective, your shade is too dull.

Not only girls! Even boys are facing this thing.

Boys criticized for their height; you are short, boys only look good when they are tall..or you are too tall, seems your intellect will be in your knees. You’re fat, you’re Rawboned, * you need to get in shape, YOU HAVE TO GET IN SHAPE!

ugh! Stop it! But unfortunately, You can’t Stop people by using these kind of unkind sentences. You can’t help it! It’s human nature. We Humans master in discovering faults in everything and everyone..

So! What you need to do is“Acceptance”

“Accept yourself,with all your flaws & all your imperfections”. This is the only solution. Tell yourself! I’ve been created like this, i look perfect as i am. “I am imperfectly perfect”. The moment you’ll start accepting yourself you’ll notice changes. People won’t stop, you have to face it again & again. They will taunt you again but this time you are happy with what you are. This Acceptance will guard you, will protect your mental health.  It’s only you who can help you”

By starred sentences above I’m not saying to Stop exercising nor am i stopping from doing anything healthy. But the thing is, In my opinion, if you want to do exercises or you want to get into something healthy ; Do it willingly not forcefully. Because I believe nothing will work without acceptance. “Acceptance is the key”.

So, start accepting you, I’ll suggest Start today, trust me it feels great.

See you in the next one.

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