Positivity is not just a word!!

 This is my first step towards the people like me, peeps Finding luck in unluckiness.I feel I’m not alone not the only one who gets defeated again and again and again..

Seems I’m depressed with my life,But trust me I’m not.want to know how? It’s Positivity that keeps me going on and on.you must be thinking after getting defeated again and again..how can a person be postive..How come!

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I believe “positivity is within every single human being,it’s just your own will to kill it or to use it as a guide”. In the beginning of my career i killed my positivity and i began to feel demotivated, depressed, defeated all negative d’s..These D’s began to eat me..Fortunately! soon i realised,what am i doing to myself? I started asking myself. Ain’t you capable of doing this job? Are you weak? The positivity within started guiding me..This positivity helped me to change my mindset.. Besides thinking I’m worthless, useless, helpless i started thinking like;This defeated job wasn’t meant for me.. i am capable of something bigger than this..so,There must be something bigger than this for me, something extraordinary, something that will make me the happiest.and…..same happened.

Will conclude this one by this: I believe “Mindset frames you”

Postive mindset makes you. ‘ A sunshine person’.

In the above  one I said positivity is inside you. So,Wake up! Don’t kill your positivity. Must be thinking how? Practice Gratitude. Speak kind words to you..Tell yourself; I am so blessed,count your blessings in a real sense..Tell yourself,I am special, wooh!i’m perfect.Praise yourself; Speak to you like this; I completed this task,was not easy but I did it.This is all you need to do. How you think and what you think has a huge effect on your life. Because I believe“what you speak to you makes you”.

As I said earlier, positivity is not just a word,it shapes you. Makes you a better person; will explain how!

Nowadays,i’ve witnessed that the whole generation is stressed and depressed. Some are depressed by financial crises,by studies,health issues; These are to some extent valid reasons. Besides this, people are suffering from Bodyshamig (will talk about this later), Beauty insecurities, people stuck in social media; in a race of being the best.

What you have to do is this:                                                                                   A depressed person comes to you,tells you all their sufferings; a close family member,a relative, your freind, colleague, anyone! Even the one you don’t know.. what will you do?will let him/her suffer?will just listen?

No doubt listening is a Kind gesture,not everyone has pateince to listen. But….will it help?


The thing that will help is “positivity”

All you need to do is shower your positivity on them.. The positivity inside you awakens the positivity in them. As I said, it’s not just a word,It can do wonders..Can save a life,Can bring a smile on a depressed face. You can do a wonderful deed by just talking to them with utter positivity. So, start now.. Change your mindset,Try to find positivity in everything & Feel the difference..

Well! The drastic word in 2020 is still Positivity..

But Trust me! The positivity explained above will help..

See you in my next blog …

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