Benifits Of Blessings And Faith From Elders By Jk crown


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We were discussing about Karma.I read somewhere that God is the doer, and it is God who gets everything done.Even a leaf moves only according to your will.Whether I do a right Karma or a wrong one, it is as per your will.By listening to these things everyday;By reading them everyday;And by repeating them often;Our belief system has got reinforced.Let’s see what is the result of this belief system.;Result of this belief system is that I have stopped taking responsibility;For what is happening in my life.Don’t you think it becomes easier? Not taking responsibility is always easy.Blaming an external factor is always easy.It’s not only easy but it’s the simplest thing to do.Nothing can be easier than this.It’s not about blame but it’s a kind of understanding.You do everything, you get everything done as per your will, everything is your creation.You have given this destiny for me.What is the result of this understanding?We didn’t take responsibility towards our life.So the situations that came in our life;We didn’t take the responsibility to face them.And we didn’t take the responsibility to correct them.We just let them unfold the way they wanted.We didn’t take responsibility of creating our destiny.What was its result?That pain and suffering mostly kept increasing in our life.Besides, we also knew internally That we have committed a few mistakes or sins.Someone might have committed small mistakes.Someone might have made blunders.But we can categorise that I have made these mistakes.We have also repented for our mistakes in many ways.We said, by doing so and so, my sins will be washed away.By doing these things my sins will be; pardoned.But whatever we were mostly doing, was physical.;;I have a confusion here.If God is making me do everything, then why should I get my sins washed away?;When I was a non vegetarian in the past, I had once inquired You people butcher so many animals. Don’t you feel you are sinning?
He said – You are a sinner, not me.You are the one buying it and eating.I was shaken by his response.Likewise if God is responsible for everything I do, let him be responsible for my sins.Which means we don’t have complete clarity.;That’s why we take a few beliefs from here, a few from there We are looking for a solution.Today we are torturing our body also.We climb several stairs and walk barefoot for miles.We trouble our body Many people feel that our sins and our suffering will end by doing these things.We feel that our mistakes are getting washed away.The intention might be nice but because of lack of clarity;Who has committed the sin?Who has done the wrong Karma?And who are we subjecting to suffering?There was a saint who developed an issue in the body.His disciples wanted to apply medicines and heal it.He refused treatment saying God has given him the pain, so he has to go through it.I don’t understand.Whenever we attribute a pain or suffering to God;;That it is God’s will;We certainly need to ask ourselves one line;That God whom we call as our parent;About whom we refer as an ocean of love and peace;Why will He subject me to suffering?A few people say that what ever wrong karmas I have committed God is punishing me for them.
So we mixed the do belief systems.One belief system was that as is my karma, so will be my destiny.But the other belief system was;Everything was happening according to God’s will.We connected both of them and said;Everything that I do;God is giving me its consequence.Which means we connected both the belief systems.Just for clarity it seems like;I ask you to steal something And then I punish you for stealing.Then I ask you not to punish me, so you don’t punish.That’s why we are saying;That God is punishing us for our mistakes.And then if we seek forgiveness;Our punishment will be erased.Because God is compassionate. 
He will forgive.Owing to lack of clarity we didn’t know how to face it.That’s why confusion kept increasing;Although solution was right in front of us;We can’t see the solution due to confusion.We have the solution; the mind, right in front of us.We have the solution to heal the body, right in front of us.;We have the solution to heal relationships,; right in front of us.;We have solution to problems in our business, right in front of us.;But we are so confused;That we have to correct the situation;But instead of doing it ourselves, we go here and there Someone asks us to do something, to perform some ritual …;Go to this place, everything will be fine …Go to that person, you will get a solution …;Go to that person and he will settle all your Karmic accounts We did everything because we didn’t have clarity.Problem was here and solution was here.But we went everywhere else.;We said we will find solution there.We need to go. We need to visit holy places.If there is a pure soul, we need to meet them.But have the clarity of why we are meeting them.Clarity of why we should go to that holy place.Someone told us to go to a particular place and pray. Your prayer will be answered.We went there.Is there any place in the world;
Where everyone who went there;And everything that people prayed for, in that place Was it all granted?No.It’s always a question of possibilities.Someone gets their desire fulfilled. It doesn’t happen for someone else.If one candidate prays for the other two lose in elections, and the other prays to win Both of them might go there to pray at the same time.That place is a sacred place The vibrations there are very pure.So if we need pure vibrations;If we want to enhance our purity;We say we want to go there.Because I the soul like the energy of that place.If I am under any stress;If I am unable to calm my mind If I have fear and anxiety about something;About any issue in my life;We will want to go to certain places.We will want to meet certain people.What happens with that?The purity of vibration of that person or that place Will calm down our mind.The moment our mind becomes peaceful;Our clarity to face our issue will increase.After doing all that we come back and face that problem.I have heard since my childhood;When asked to eat something, people say they have prayed to a certain Deity So they will not eat non vegetarian food or take alcohol.Many people were successful in giving up a particular food or drinking habits.Yes. Because there we have taken a vow.I went to a temple.
My own internal purity and divinity touched me.So I decided not to eat anything that is tamasik. But I need to keep my will power constant.So there we take a vow.Show that our decision;Gets stamped.And if at any time we create any thoughts;We will remember our vow.Clarity. But if we say;That person got me rid of my addiction;That implies confusion. Because in that case, sometimes we give up the addiction and sometimes we don’t.And the day we could not give up;We say – I went there and prayed. But it was of no use.So who did we hold responsible for success and failure?Today we need to remember one thing;Such places have very high energy.How was that high energy created?Because millions of people;Have visited that place with very pure intention.That place vibrates with purity.Just visualise millions of people visiting a place.Thousands of them visiting daily.It’s not a small thing.Collective consciousness is a very big thing.Collective consciousness can create miracles.So if there is a place which lakhs of people visit everyday.All those people believe that by visiting that place And praying for something, that wish gets fulfilled.;That place vibrates with that belief at the highest frequency.Because it is the predominant thought of everyone who has gone there.Everyone went there with that thought.That’s the top vibration spread across the entire place.So vibration of that place over a period of time;And such places are not just a few days, months, or years old.They could be decades or centuries-old.So how would their vibrations be?If we enter into this vibration;Automatically the soul will feel its own purity.It is bound to happen.
It’s not possible that someone goes there and doesn’t feel a thing.Because you are entering a place which is full of that perfume.You are bound to get that perfume.When we enter such a high energy place;Being in that high energy;And emerging power own high energy;Becomes extremely natural.It happens automatically.Power of that place’s vibration on our vibration.Our purity will get emerged.In this state of purity, any good thought we create Whatever thought we put into the subconscious mind It’s bound to turn into a reality.;But we need clarity about why we are going there.We are going there to feel the energy of that place;Increase our own energy and come back.Not that we will go there and pray for something. And that Prayer will be answered.Both are completely different things.There can be a change in our thinking after visiting such places.There will be a change in thinking. That is what we are saying.And we get a taste of how we should be.So I need to be like this even at home.It is a simple thing.That if I go to a doctor, he will cure my illness.;Which is not true. The doctor will tell me ways to heal myself.Take this medicines, follow this diet;Sleep at this time, walk for this duration;This is a doctor’s role.Without going to a doctor I cannot know all these.So I need to go to a doctor.But if I say that if I go to the doctor;I will be fine,;Then if we don’t recover, whom will we blame?
We blame the doctor.We will go to a different doctor.We get; information about recovery from a doctor Information about medicines to take;Information about the process of healing.Unless we don’t implement whatever the doctor suggests If I go to the best doctor but I don’t have the medicines that he has prescribed;How will I heal?We need this clarity.So remembering God or visiting sacred places;Meeting pure souls;It’s beautiful.But we go to such souls and say I am facing this problem. Please resolve it.And sometimes the other soul tells us From today you will not face this problem.The other soul has purity within.Their pure vibration can work on us.It works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t. But if we learn to heal ourselves;Then the success rate is going to be 100%.Because we have created that.We have become our own doctors.We have gone and learnt it from somewhere else. It’s fine.We have taken the tower from somewhere else and emerged our own power. It is fine.But what is the equation?Suppose you are that pure soul and you are living in that holy place.And about you, people said if you go there and ask for something, it will be granted.You suppose I come there with this belief system;First of all, belief system works very strongly.Faith can do miracles.It is a very valuable aspect.If faith can do miracles and you have faith;That your work will get done if you go there Your energy itself will change.It is like a placebo medicine.It will do its work.Because we have 100% faith.
That the medicine works.The other day, a doctor told me;He said – Last night I was going on rounds to see my patients before returning home.;One of the patients said she had severe chest pain.She said she was unable to sleep or even breathe comfortably.The doctor said – The nurse was standing there I told the nurse to administer a particular medicine to that patient.She can sleep well and she will not face breathlessness.All this happened in front of that patient.Next morning when the doctor went to the hospital, that lady said – Thank you so much.I was fine and I slept very well last night.Even the doctor felt good that everything went well.But when he went out of the ward, the sister told him Doctor, I did not get that medicine at night.The pharmacy didn’t have that medicine.Maybe she administered Vitamin C.Mind plays a very, very big role.But if we combine both clarity and faith Imagine the miracles we can create.Not just intention, but let’s combine both Gyan (wisdom) and intention.Then we will always be successful.We get it in the right manner.But if it is only about our intention, the day we don’t get success; ;Someone can say there was a lack in our intention.Which means who was doing the task? Our intention.If that place was actually doing my work;Then what difference would it make whether my intention was enough or lacking?The day my intention was 100%, I said my work got done.But there is an element of doubt in my intentions, because sometimes we have doubts.When I take a medicine, if I have 100% faith that it will work;This will work;Then even if it was not a medicine but only a toffee;Even then my body starts giving results.
But if I take an actual medicine But I had doubts about that medicine’s effectiveness;Then that medicine will not work.If we have faith, Placebo can heal us But if we don’t have faith, even an actual medicine cannot Heal.So the mind is playing such a huge role.Today Medical Science and doctors say The same medicine, the same treatment;Gives different results on different people.Similarly the same sacred place The same pure soul;Will give different results on different people.Because all the power is not external.Because all the effect is not coming from that medicine.;All the power is not from the doctor.Likewise all the power is not coming from that place or that divine soul.They play a small role, while all the remaining power is here.That is why different people experience different results.Now if I know the power of the place;If I know the power of the person;But if I don’t know my own power;Then how will I create results?;If I know the power then I can create results.If I know that this doctor is good and this medicine is effective;And if my mind is also positive;Then healing is bound to happen.This is about physical healing but what about mental healing?It’s about emotional healing. Suppose we go to a sacred place;And we believe that by going there, our problems will get resolved.But our mind is in doubt and stress about the success to overcome that problem.We went there and we even felt the purity of that place.We met a very pure soul there.But chances of experiencing success after we come back home is less.But if we combine both of them But if we are positive and have 100% faith about crossing that situation We even took blessings from elders;Elders will always give us blessings.Even at home you give blessings to your children.If your children heading out for an important work;They come to you seeking blessings.You can pray and bless them.But you don’t have the power to make their work 100% successful.Suppose they are headed for a meeting.
They come to you and say – It is very important meeting.It could mean a very big thing for me You will tell them – God is with you.Everything will be perfectly fine.It will be a beautiful experience.Now your children took that vibration.;They heard those empowering, powerful words.And most important is your conviction that it will be a success.Your child absorbed this vibration.What happened to his state of mind?;Elevated.Absolutely. It will be a success.;I have got blessings. He has also mentioned that I will be successful.Your son did this much.But with just this much, will he be 100% successful in that meeting?No. Who has to do the rest?Your child is to attend that meeting.He has taken an elevated State of Mind To That meeting.He needs to sustain that state of mind throughout that meeting.His every thought, word, and action throughout that meeting needs to be accurate.When all his Karmas will be perfect;His meeting will be successful.What was your role?What did you do before sending him to the meeting?You boosted his state of mind.He was in doubt and fear about how it would go.But you boosted his inner power and stabilized his mind.But just that much cannot guarantee success of the work.We have to remember this.Now his meeting will go very well.He gets the result he desired.She will come back to you and say – You had prayed and blessed me I was successful because of your blessings.This is where belief system is created.Which means your child ignored his role.
He completely ignored his role.Instead he said that he was successful because of your blessings.What should the line have been?Because of your blessings my state of mind was elevated.And the accurate Karmas I did in that state of mind ensured my success.This is the right line.So now we can see how these beliefs are formed.So gradually what does the belief system become?They were successful this time.So they will come to you before every meeting in future, for blessings.Taking blessings is beautiful.But the belief system behind it becomes -;I will be successful because of their blessings.Even if there are away they will take blessings over phone.But what is the belief system?We need to take blessings. We need to do it every day and many times a day.We need to take blessings.We need to know the line correctly otherwise we have kept our on role out of the equation.This is where it is lack of self responsibility.They are empowering you and you are depleting your own power.Beautiful. This is it.Suppose I am that saint and you come to me.I am blessing you, empowering you, and showing you, your power.But you feel everything happened because of me and you have no power.Another thing happens often.We start feeling that we didn’t do anything but our success was completely due to blessings.Often the other person also endorses such statements.Suppose I come in tell you that I was successful due to your blessings.If you just smile and accept;That your blessings ensured my success;Then my soul power depletes even further.I will put full responsibility on you And Zero responsibility on myself.Dependency is so bad.It’s a deep dependency.Most important is that we don’t take self responsibility.All meetings will not end on a successful note in general.There can be several successes. There can be a couple of failures.Whom do we blame for failures now?
If success is because of you;Then failure is also because of you.I have no responsibility in it.This is where belief system gets created.And we hold on to these belief systems for a lifetime They pass down across generations The belief system spreads to the entire society.His blessings makes us successful. Visiting this place makes us successful.Meeting this person gets our work done.Those places and those people;They will also endorse it.By coming here your desires will be fulfilled.Which means you have no power, role, or responsibility.We meet so many people;Who have been watching Awakening for a long time.They have taken the wisdom given by God;And created miracles in their life.Someone is cured from depression, someone was on the verge of divorce is leading a happy life now.I met a boy who said he was contemplating suicide.
But he changed his mind after watching this programme .After repeatedly watching, he is fine now.So they are creating miracles.Now we have complete clarity;About who is creating miracles.People are creating miracles.We take God’s wisdom, internalize it;Make efforts;And create miracles.My own hard work and effort.When we meet people, the first line that they say Because of you my life is good.And I say – Stop right here.Cut this line out.Our belief system has become so deep.We always like to point at others They immediately say – Sister, because of you my problem is resolved.I tell them – You resolved your problem.Again they say – No sister, it was because of you.It’s very important for the vocabulary to be correct.If vocabulary is in correct it means belief system is incorrect.It’s your effort. You took the Gyan and you worked on it.You implemented it and you got results.Not everybody is doing the same.Somebody is getting results somebody else isn’t getting.Someone is getting more, someone else is getting less.
If it was about a place or a person you could do it;Everyone would have got equal results.So what is today’s homework?Today’s homework is that we need to take blessings.We need to visit sacred places.But go there with clarity;We are going to visit that place or that person to feel their pure energy;And then to strengthen my own purity;I need to bring back my purity into my field of karmas;And do accurate Karma;Then the results will be as desired.Knowledge, power, purity These are the tools;Like how we take medicines, tonics, and injections from a doctor What should we take from sacred place?Knowledge, power, purity God’s companionship and love;We come back with all that and work on them.And then we need to create miracles in our life.We will create this miracles.

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