When People Do Not Listen To Your Advice What To Do Jk Crown


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I want to ask about an important point.You mentioned about sending vibrations and good Actions to other people.That we can send good thoughts.I feel it is fine because if a family member is in some problem, we send them thoughts.I wanted a little more clarity. Suppose I consider my child.Once they reach a certain age, I cannot tell them so many things.Especially once they are married.There can be something which I am unable to tell them out of helplessness.If the whole family is thinking they are right.So can you please tell me the exact technique to use here.How to do it?One thing we need to remember That soul Carries his own Karmic account. We need to hold onto this first.That soul carries his own Karmic account.Whatever Action that soul does in the present He will do it through his Habits .

Having this clarity is extremely important.Otherwise we expect that they immediately obey what we say.We are telling them what is right so they should accept.Our intention is very pure.Because what we feel is right We believe it is right for them, so if they follow our advice everything will be fine.No matter how good our intentions That soul can only do things as per their Karmic account.This clarity so that we should know Where we have power and where we don’t.For example, a few episodes ago we saw When we go to holy places or meet pure souls And we take blessings We need to remember How much is their power and how much is our power.So that our belief system doesn’t go wrong anywhere.Now let’s take parent and child.Every parent holds pure intentions for their children.When a parent has strong attachment 

Where we say that attachment is normal Because of that strong attachment When a parent sees their children doing something which they feel is not right Then we believe that it is normal for the parents to worry That worry might sometimes go on for very long.Today we have clarity on one aspect Our thoughts don’t remain with us but they radiate to the other person.We have seen that and read about that experiment also A thought created in Mumbai was caught by a person sitting in France.In this case our children live in our homes.Our thoughts reach them.So worry and fear of what will happen to my child, or anxiety All these are thoughts.They are our Action.These thoughts can go on constantly If we can see that our child is doing something really wrong.So we are constantly sending him thoughts.

Not just us but other family members are also sending similar energy.Just visualise the scene first.That soul, under the influence of a negative Sanskar Is taking a wrong decision.Taking a wrong decision under the influence of a negative Sanskar They are doing a wrong Action.People around them are sending them vibrations of worry and fear.Their state will be depleted.We have to visualise as if it is a circle and that soul is at the centre .That soul is at the centre .They have a weak Sanskar  .So they are creating a negative Action.In the circle of influence around them There are 4 family members are creating worry, fear, and pain.But soul is getting these vibrations from 4 people throughout the day.What will the result be?Total loss.Whose loss?That child.Why?As it is, he has a negative Sanskar.As it is, his Action was not right.People’s vibrations of fear will further reduce his intellect’s decision making power.Chances of him creating more negative thoughts will increase.If by visiting holy places and meeting pure people Soul gets empowered Then what happens when family members radiate negative vibration to the soul?Soul gets dis-empowered.If vibrations of a sacred place and a pure soul Can elevate our state And bring us success in our Action.So when the family worries Because of the negative vibrations Solar power depletes Chances of that soul doing wrong Action increases.This equation is clear.

So first of all that soul, which means my son or daughter Has brought their own Karmik account with them.They have their own Habits and way of working.It’s clear up to this.After this, if we create worry of here looking at them Getting emotional or discussing with spouse about what the child is up to.Who will teach them or correct them All these things to be avoided.These things which we had called normal, we need to evaluate their consequence.We need to see the consequences of this normal.What is the consequence?Further loss for the family member also.And for that soul in the centre .Loss for the 4 family members were talking about it But maximum loss is for the Soul in the centre .Because he is getting the same negative energy from four people.I understood till here.Now if I don’t want to do all this but send positivity I cannot lie saying My child is doing a wonderful job. So what should I do?You cannot lie.

So what should I do?I need a proper technique or proper method.Two ways of communication.Saying it orally.Speaking and writing are fine but I want to know at the thought level.It means just like we saw in the last episode We are witnessing a scene where somebody is doing a mistake.If we can rectify it, let’s do it immediately.Let’s help them.Similarly here we can see That the soul at the centre Is doing something which we feel is wrong.So we feel we should tell them immediately, and they will change.This is our expectation.But now we are saying it is not working in this case.In fact, the more number of times we tell them The more clashes there will be in our energies.Because that soul is very strong in his belief system.And our belief system is not in harmony with his belief.So it can lead to clashes, fights, and arguments.The child complains that he is not allowed to live by his belief, and that he is nagged.This energy depletes even the other family members.Which means helping that soul physically We tried and it is not getting us the right result.So we stop doing it.Which means absolutely stop doing it, from the roots.If you are feeling that speaking to them is not creating good results Be very sure but you should not say it to them again.Let me not say it to them. Why?I don’t want to do any Action which is not creating the right results.So I am not saying it or writing it to them.Also, in their absence 

I should not talk about it to other family members.Very important point that behind their back Talking about them to my other family members I don’t want to do any of that.Because this Action is not creating the right result.And when 4 people talk about a person in his absence He is doing this … He is doing that … I explain so much … Still he doesn’t listen.This is not good energy.My close friend’s father For the last 20 years, he complains about his son every morning 15 years ago my son did this 18 years ago he did that … 12 years ago there was another lost because of him …After my death he will lose even my property …He is no good … I don’t know what to do with him …It happened for 20 years. Until now his son has not been successful in his business.If we look at this case The father will say I was only saying whatever I saw.I am seeing that is failing, so I am just stating facts.I can see that whatever he ventures into, he is not successful.So I am just stating it.When I saw it happening for two times or four times, I felt he can’t be successful.So the father will justify that he is only saying whatever is happening.But when will that go into a cycle?He was only speaking whatever was happening.But whatever he was speaking, it kept happening.It’s not that his son failed only because of what he spoke.We have to remember this also.Because it’s not that somebody’s blessings can make a person successful.But because of your blessing, my mind was empowered.And then I got success.Here it was the opposite.The father kept speaking negative.If he is saying in words, he must have also created so many thoughts.He kept thinking and speaking negative. Those vibrations kept reaching the son.His son’s inner power kept depleting.So he kept experiencing failure.So many failures that his father started to talk all the more. It went into a cycle.This is the anticlockwise cycle, we had talked about.Now if we want to break the cycle The parent needs to do something, more than the child.What should he do?Let’s go back to the soul in the centre .Four members of the family around him.That soul is not taking right decisions because of his negative or weak Habits .Role of the family is to not create worry, anxiety, or fear.Which means they shouldn’t send any such energy to the soul at the centre. Because of which his power will get further depleted.Secondly they should not even discuss among themselves about his weakness.

It seems like a small matter but it’s very heavy.Because when they mutually discuss It will be of fear.They are also our vibrations.Those vibrations are reaching that child.And those vibrations have filled that house.Next when the child enters home into that vibration in the evening She will receive all those vibrations.It will affect his state of mind.Neither was our Action were right.Nor will the child be able to do right Action next.Because we did not ready at the right energy.So what is the right energy?Soul in the centre and we are 4 family members around him.We are not able to stop him.We are not able to tell him because he is not listening to us.The reason could be one of his past Karmic accounts.We have to remember this.So consequence of his past Action has come in front of him.He is taking a wrong decision.What is our role and what is our power?I was only trying one thing.Because I have already tried to sit down and explain to him calmly.It did not work.So now I just give him blessings Let whatever is right and best for him happen with him.Which means The four of us are standing in a circle and he is at the centre .We as family member should send him so much pure and divine energy We need to remember God and send God’s powers to that soul.What happens with that?His past Karmic account will not be settled.Its consequence is bound to come in front of him.It will certainly come.But all our energy will become blessings for him.Witch that child who is at the centre of the circle He will receive these blessings His state will become powerful.When he is empowered He will easily face the situation that has come in his life.He will overcome that situation and even the confusion he is going through.Because that soul at the centre has fear and anxiety.It is like there is fire at the centre of the circle.And we were adding fuel to fire.We were intensifying that fire with our negativity That soul at the centre was already worried And the souls around him become more worried looking at him.So adding fire to fire.Which means we are not trying to put off the fire. We are magnifying it.Our intention is to put off the fire.But our customer is that of adding fuel to fire.So now we are clear with the equation.We want the soul at the centre A consequence of his past Action has come as a challenge in his life.We want him to be peaceful.

We want his intellect to take the right decision.And we want him to do the right Action in this situation.This is our intention.As per our intention we need to send the corresponding, right energy.You mentioned that you are doing this.Praying that God give him the power to take right decisions.We do this consciously sometimes for 2 minutes or maybe for 5 minutes during meditation.But if we don’t pay attention, then for rest of the day We once again create thoughts of worry and anxiety.Which means for 5 minutes we extinguished that fire.But during the day we increased that fire.So now we are unable to see results of this experiment.That we sent a message but why has he not received it?Why has our message not influenced that soul?It happens because we are sending him 2 messages.When our mind is in a good state, we consciously create right thoughts for them.Let him take the right decision, let God give him that power, let his problems get resolved.This happens.But next time if we see them do something wrong We again go towards panic.Pure thoughts will be very few.And then we put labels that he will never improve.

He will spoil everything.We are creating a Action.It’s a Kama which affects not only us, but even that soul.This Action is writing the destiny of our entire family.This habit of creating wrong thoughts and labels for him Whether they notice it or not Other children at home will further learn it The habit gets transferred to them and they start doing it with their children.So it goes a long way.So it transfers from seed to seed to seed …We sowed just one seed.We sowed the seed of one Action It gave rise to a tree.That’s tree bore fruits.Those fruits had several seeds.And from each of those seeds, many more trees grew.This is why Karmic accounts can be very complicated.When children do the right things, I have hard parents say – He has taken on me.But when he is on the other path Their other thoughts also reach him.One thing we always need to remember This soul is our child But the soul is on his journey We have no idea what Actions he has done in the past.We have no knowledge of the Karmic accounts which he is carrying with him.So what is our role?Our role is that we should always do the right Action And send him pure vibrations.If a consequence of his past Karmic account has come in front of him God tells us Even I cannot interfere in anyone’s Karmic account.Which means even a parent cannot interfere.This is detachment.A parent can care, send blessings, and support the child.The parent can radiate love to a child.But a parent cannot interfere in the Karmic account of his child.

Suppose I start walking this way.There is a huge stone in this path.Which means there is a huge obstacle in my life, in the form of a stone.I start walking.You are sitting here and you tell me Don’t work that way.Don’t do this, you’ll hurt yourself.Can’t you see such a huge stone in front of you?And I say – Where is the stone? There is a swing and I need to play with it.Again you insist that it is a stone and I will get hurt.But I am not hearing anything.Instead I will turn back and say You cannot stand anything good in my life. You always have something to criticize.Which means I cut you off from saying anything further.Now I start walking.Sitting here, you can clearly see.That it it is a Karmic account that has come in my life.There is a stone so you tried to stop me.You tried to pull me away from that path.You tried to explain it to me.Nothing worked.Now what will you do?Sitting here, now you can either worry for me.Or you can use your power We have the power to influence a soul.We don’t have the power to remove that stone.What is the power to influence the soul?We need to send extremely powerful thoughts to them.All of us have experienced That we send thoughts and the other person catches them.All of us have experienced it.Keep sending such powerful thoughts from here You the soul will fall.You are unable to see the stone.Because you are seeing it through your Sanskar .If I say that you will fall, it is negative.Tell the soul – Don’t walk there.Tell the soul not to walk there.Whatever you want to say orally The other person will not listen.But if you speak from here They cannot escape, they will have to hear.We can block words.I can tell you – Please stop telling me such things.I will say I don’t want to hear.But I can’t stop here if you keep sending me vibrations. So you keep sending them.Send everything that you wanted to say, as vibrations.Send it with empowering energy.Don’t send it with an energy of criticism, hurt or worry.Suppose they are going towards that stone as you said.And they can only see that swing.What if I am actually seeing a swing as a stone?We just need to do our checking.If he is wrong, even I may be wrong.Suppose he will get diamonds if he falls. But I am stopping him.If we are sure that there is a stone, then you send that message to stop him.He is seeing it as a swing and I am seeing it as a stone.Which means we are not sure isn’t it?Often we are sure.Somethings are clearly visible.But in some other things we are not sure.

We tell small children not to touch a lighted Diya. Else they will burn their finger.In that case it is visible.So in certain cases we are very sure.We are certain and everybody can see that there is an obstacle.There is a pit and he is about to fall into it.It is visible.So some things are visible.In some cases there will be a difference of opinion.You will think it should be this way, he will think it should be the other way.You will think he should do this. He will think he should do something else.Suppose our Karmic accounts are different.Accordingly suppose he has to fall into it and get some lesson from there.Why should I stop him then?It is possible that because of his past Karmic account, he encounters a pit.We can see that the pit is in front of him.We need to face it.This is destiny and this is Action.As we saw a few episodes ago The table is lying here and we got hurt.Getting hurt now is our destiny.But at that moment if we get knowledge from someone Or if we actually think of God at that moment And if we take right thoughts and right vibrations Then despite the table being in front of us We will notice it and we will not get hurt.Which means that Karmic account would come in my destiny.But in the present, God’s power will save me.My foot will barely touch the table and I will stop.So we can influence other people.We cannot influence the table. You cannot remove the pit from there.But my question is, how do I know whether that pit is there for his benefit or harm?We don’t know.If we know that the pit is there for sure First let’s prevent the child from falling into it.Yes, if we are certain about the pit.Yes. Very clear.If there is just a difference of opinion Child wants to pursue one career but parent wants him to do something else.This will be a difference of opinion.We can always give him a blessing that he should flourish in whatever he chooses.This is very important.If you are certain then send him a blessing or vibration That God’s power should give him the power to discern Let him take the right decision.Let him be protected from doing any wrong Action.Let him do an accurate Action.And if possible, while we are sending this thoughts, don’t visualise him as your child.Look at him as a soul.You know why? Because we are going beyond ego And hitting directly at the soul.Soul to soul communication is very powerful.Father to Son communication will not be that powerful.Because attachment comes into the picture.Ego and hurt will come into the picture.Soul to soul communication will not have them.So our vibration will reach them better.

Even after sending all this Yet, because of his Karmic account If the child’s present Action cannot save him Then the child is bound to get hurt by that stone.At that moment what is our role?Don’t tell him that he didn’t listen to you.We should not say so and not even create such thoughts.I had warned you several times. If you don’t listen to elders, this will be the consequence.This is also a vibration.Most important is to heal the soul with love and support.This is our role.We cannot move away every obstacle that comes in our children’s path.One thing I like the most in this episode Whether you are family, friend, or relative Whether it is a loved one or anyone who comes to you Don’t discourage them for their failures.Empower them further.Why is it important to do that?Because that stone was just a consequence of past Karmic account.It had to come. The table will be there.But but in the present when I get hurt It is my present Action If I get healed at that moment I will get saved from getting hurt again.But if at that moment everyone scolds me If  they disrespect or criticize me Then as it is I had created a negative Action Next time also it will be negative.Wound upon wound upon wound …My chances of doing wrong Action will increase.And as you said, that son and kept failing in business The father kept scolding him Failures kept increasing.This is how fast becomes the present.And present becomes the future.Change the cycle.It was going anticlockwise.Cut it and rotate it in clockwise direction.Destiny will change.Love me the most when I least deserve it.Very true.

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