Tips To Love And Value Yourself By Jk Crown


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We feel hurt in relationships.If someone does something Which was not according to my wish So I created an emotional wound here.And I said you hurt me.How many of you have a name on mind Of someone who hurt you?Have a name? You hurt me … he hurt me …; she hurt me …Now let’s check who hurt us.This sister is walking out of the hall right now.Actually I am feeling very bad about it.Because I had expected that Nobody will get up or walk out during the program.You have to visualise. This is life.This is life.I expect that no one should get up.Please let her go.She will need to go out because she has a reason for it.But I created a thought She disrespected me.She insulted me.Only she had insulted and now he also insulted me. He also got up and walked out.This is how we record our thoughts here. Don’t we?And then we say she also insulted, he also insulted And one day we will conclude – Everyone insults me.People are only doing what they feel is right.They have reason for what they are doing.But because we don’t think there Karma is right We recorded on our mind as She insulted me.She is not going out in order to insult me.She is going out for her own reason.But looking at their Karma what do we record here?It’s very, very,; very, important.People only do what they feel is right.They do everything only according to their Sanskars .Looking at them, what we record here is completely our choice.Why is it so important to take care of what I record?
Suppose I look at them and record a thought She insulted me.So the song is recorded on the CD here.When I went to the next programe Somebody just moved from their position Then my song was already recorded.So once again I created a thought She is insulting me.So that song got reinforced.I went to the third programe .Nobody got up but someone just turned their face elsewhere.I said – She turned her face. She insulted me.It becomes my Sanskar of creating this thought.I went to the 4th programe. Someone just look that me a little differently.I said – Is this any way to look at me? They insulted me.This is how we record over here.After repeatedly doing this One day I the soul left the body.Changed the costume (body)The hall, people, and programe are all over.But my recording did not change.I took another costume And then as a 2 year old child, I say – Mummy insulted me.That mummy will wonder where her child learned this language from.The child had got the song recorded on the CD from previous lifetime.We have to be so careful.So careful of what we are recording here.Now, the person who hurt us What had they done?They did something They said something Which we felt was not right.They did not say anything to hurt us.They just said what they felt was right.But after they said what they had to say The thoughts we created internally Let’s take a simple example.You prepared an excellent dish for breakfast in the morning.You put in a lot of efforts since 6:00 a.m. in preparing it Your husband sat at the dining table He has a phone in one hand and few papers in the other.He just ate without speaking a word of appreciation.No acknowledgement of your efforts.You are sitting across him and watching him intently.He asks you what the matter is.You ask him how it is.He asks you – how is what?You ask – How is breakfast?He says it is tasty.You proudly repeat that it tastes good.Immediately he says – It is tasty, but not as good as how mummy prepares.Is he right?He just said that one line and left for office.
Now; your inner dialogue begins.I woke up at 6 a.m. after finishing my night duty.I prepared such a good breakfast for him.And he likes what his mummy makes?There is no value for me in the house.No matter how hard I work, I get to listen only to such statements.There is no use doing anything for him.This mind starts talking.How many lines did he say? Just one.How many lines did we say after that? So many.And then the mind feels so heavy.To feel light, let me call up someone.Because otherwise I do not feel better.I have hurt since childhood that when you feel heavy in your mind, speak to someone.So I called up my mummy, my sister, and my friend.Do you know what happened this morning? My husband said this …; He said that..They reply – These days people are like that. There is no value for hard work.It just goes on and on …While all this conversation was going on What happened to the pain inside?It kept increasing continuously.Just be a detached observer and answer.Who created the hurt?And instead of healing the wound We meet people, open the band aid and rub on the wound.We keep thinking and talking about the past.And then this happened and then that happened …What happens to the wound? It intensifies.People can say something unpleasant to us.People can cheat us.People can physically beat us.But nobody can create hurt us here internally.Because no one can enter inside our minds.They can only do everything here, outside.Someone can beat me physically.They can’t hurt me emotionally.But looking at their behaviour 
The thoughts we create For however long we think that way And speak about the incident That will deepen our emotional wound.When the husband said his mummy makes tastier break fast If we just created one thought Although you like her preparation moreI had put in my best in preparing it today.After that the mind would have kept quiet. Finished.Full stop.But We need to teach our mind to speak that way.That is what Rajyog is for. Rajyog meditation is meant to teach us; this.To teach the mind to speak lovingly.So whose name should come when we say you hurt me?Who hurt me? (I myself)You can look at them and say you cheated me.You lied to me.You betrayed me.But I created the hurt.The moment we say – I created the hurt Whom does the power come to? To me.That I created hurt and I will heal myself.But when we tell someone you hurt me When they come home in the evening We sit in front of them quietly waiting for their apology.And they don’t even remember what happened in the morning.We wait for them to say sorry.They will ask us – What happened? Is your mood off today?And we ask them – That means you don’t even know why my mood is off?We create all the more hurt that they just don’t care for us.This is how we abuse our mind.We abuse our mind.And then we stand in front of them seeking a sorry.Because we feel They hurt us. So their apology will heal us.
Throughout the day we stand like this in front of people.Asking them to say sorry.Often they get so tired and say sorry, for the sake of saying it.They say – Get back to normal conversations and prepare dinner. I am sorry.Which means we are standing like this.In Kalyug we stand like this (seeking) and in Satyug we stand like this (giving).Satyug is where dieties stand like this.By the time we reach Kalyug we stand like this, seeking.We should never stand in front of anyone like this seeking, in terms of our intellect.Asking them to do something so that I feel good.My feelings are my choice.It is not dependent on anyone’s behaviour. So who hurt me? I.Who will say sorry to me?Tonight say sorry to yourself before sleeping.Sorry that I troubled you for so many years.We have abused our mind many times.And finalize one thing today.Even if the whole world does not speak lovingly to you
Even if only you speak lovingly to yourself You will be happy for a lifetime.But the opposite is also true.Even if the whole world speaks lovingly to you.But if you don’t speak lovingly to yourself Then even if somebody speak to you lovingly You will look at them suspiciously, wondering why they are nice to you and what they want from you.This is because we are not speaking nicely to ourselves.Happiness and peace depend only on how I think and talk to myself.It’s not dependent on anything or anyone outside.
I am a powerful soul. Aren’t we powerful?So tonight forgive yourself before sleeping.And the people whom you have held on, in your mind Release them today.This is liberation.We keep saying we want liberation.This is liberation. Release people. Just release and let them go.Because by holding onto the past What happens to my energy circle?It keeps getting darker.So tonight before you sleep The small emotional stains that we had been holding onto Because by Monday we need to dry-clean our circle. We need to make it white and take it back.Release the past.Check one thing.Mind does not feel light by discussing issues with other people.And the mind feels light only if we speak about the solution.But if we keep discussing the problem itself The mind won’t feel lighter. Instead, it feels heavier than before.Because, now negativity is not just with me I have placed it on your soul/ mind also.Relationship becomes more and more complicated, with that.So nobody is wrong.Everyone is right from their perspective.By blessing them, what do we do to their wrong Sanskar ?We will change them.Instead of having expectations, we will accept them.We will not try to understand them, but we will accept them.
Nobody can hurt me.And one last thing.Even if there is a difference of opinion These days there is a new culture.People stop talking to each other.Even with family, at home.We feel that by not talking, internally we get healed.And everyone has set a time factor for themselves.One person doesn’t talk for an hour.For some people, it’s fixed that they will not talk for one day.For few others, the time frame is that they will not speak for 3 days.It becomes a culture.Differences arose. It’s over.How long needed to return to normal?Fill in the blank. I will come back to normal in _ _ _ ? What’s the answer?When there is a difference of opinion over any matter Sometimes it leads to an argument.Battery gets discharged.How much does it discharge? A little bit.But if we go into a period of silence, battery gets heavily discharged, that too very fast.Because we create very heavily negative thoughts for each other.It will directly affect all the family members at home.Make it a culture at your home that Make it also a culture at your workplace that Differences are there and they will always be there.Sometimes there will be serious arguments.Make it a culture that you will return back to normal immediately.So that will limit the harm to a minimum.It should not be that we don’t talk to each other for an entire day.But internal we are constantly talking only to them through thoughts.Heavy negative energy.Instead of saying – I don’t want to have food Start saying – Let’s have a meal together.
Whatever culture you create at home Your children’s future will be based on that.So be very, very careful.The silence after a conflict moves people far away from each other.Because we send too many negative vibrations to each other.So I will be normal in?In fill in the blank.What do you want to do in 5 minutes, sister?Why do you need 5 minutes?Something that can be done in 5 minutes It can be done in one second itself.It’s only a decision to come back to normal.Time is not at all a factor there.

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