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For the next 3 months, let’s start taking care of our mind.Just to check Whether it will have any effect on relationships.We need to check, we need to experiment.Because externally we have experimented many ways.And did a lot for people.And yet our relationship is fragile.So now let’s do another experiment.We will do a little bit for ourselves now.And check if it will have any effect on our relationships.So we will start taking care of our mind for 3 months.Which means We will start empowering the soul.Let’s start creating a beautiful relationship with the self.In order to create a loving relationship with ourselves It’s very important to establish a relationship with the Higher Power.Because in order to harmonize relationships with other people It is important to charge the soul battery.If the soul battery has to charge itself That will take a long, long time.Right now this battery is down.If we need to start charging it bit by bit, and take it to full charge That would take very long.But if we want the soul battery to get charged soon The simplest way is to connected to the Power House.Connect it to the Power House.Sometimes we ask whether it is necessary to remember God.Nothing is mandatory anyway.Some people ask if they cannot be spiritual, without God.They say – I don’t believe in God.It’s not about believing in God.It’s about connecting to God.When do we believe in God?We will believe only after we experience God.  

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When do we start believing in a relationship?When we experience that relationship.When we experience that energy in it.Sometimes when we would not have experienced God’s power When we would not have experienced God’s Love When we would not have experienced God’s guidance We will about the relationship to be created with God.So let’s also experiment with a relationship with God.Relationship with the Higher Power.Because when we have a relationship with that Power House Relationship with the Power House is the only one where Where we are not giving, but we are only receiving.We are receiving God’s power and blessings.God’s power, God’s peace God’s bliss God’s  blessings God’s wisdom Need to be received by me, the soul.I need to receive them.Because a Battery does not give energy to a Power House.A Battery gives to another battery. Or a battery takes from another battery.But a battery cannot give to a Power House.A battery takes from a Powerhouse.The Almighty God who is an ocean of peace An ocean of love So if we anytime feel I need love. For how long can I keep giving love? I need love.From where should we take love?From the ocean of love – God.This is another equation to always remember.

If I want anything, because we all want them Because if we did not have any wants, this battery would have been 100% charged.So now to charge it to 100% we need energy.But from whom do we want?It we don’t want it from another discharged battery.The want should be pointed towards the right direction.We are discharged, the other person is also discharged.Yet we say we want from them.Actually we should give it to them.So here the equation is very clear.But when we want something, we need to take from the Power House.So a relationship with God Will make all our other relationships beautiful.Because how does it work?When we connect with God When we fill ourselves with God’s wisdom and powers Then this battery starts getting charged.When this battery starts getting charge Right from day one We don’t need years to experience it Right from day one When this battery starts getting charged The simple equation is Based on how much the battery is charged Correspondingly, our wants from other people will start reducing.Our capacity to give, starts increasing.When our capacity to give, starts increasing We develop acceptance, so our expectations reduce.We develop forgiveness, so hurt reduces.We develop patience, so impatience reduces.We develop love, so anger reduces.All these start changing.

We develop understanding, so misunderstanding reduces.All these start changing.Because the battery here has started getting charged.When the battery started getting charged Relationships start changing.And most important is Our Sanskars of being critical and judgemental Which means we would focus on people’s weakness We would focus on the things people did not do for us They should have be like this, not like that …Our intention was good, that they should change.But energy was of judgement.Now that will also reduce and will be replaced by energy of blessings.We won’t be judgemental but we give blessings.When we say someone should be like that, do like that, speak like that … It’s the energy of rejection.It’s the energy of rejection.Rejection means, the way you are right now According to me, you are not right.So you need to change.It’s for your benefit but you need to change.You are not perfect.This is energy of rejection.We may not be saying it but we are feeling it internally.And the other person receives this energy.So he will not feel nice.For other people to change We need to radiate blessings to them.Blessings are my vibrational energy.

If we want someone to changeWe need to send them blessings.Which means we don’t it tell them they are like this, they are like that …You are a beautiful and pure soul. Because they are a soul.It’s not just a label of relationship.Pure soul This particular habit in you is perfect for you.Which means you need to bless a habit that needs to be changed.Suppose someone is not completing his work properly.Someone comes late.Someone lies.Someone doesn’t keep his things in place.These are small habits.Someone keeps doubting.Someone has a habit of Criticism.These are people’s habits.But if we keep thinking You criticize a lot, you doubt a lotThat makes me sad.If we start thinking this way We get depleted and they get an energy of rejection Now we need to send them blessings.A blessing means Whatever we want to see in reality We need to send that as blessing as You are already so and so The moment we bless them as you are so and so That blessing, that vibration That person will absorb it and start becoming that way.Suppose someone lies frequently.It is a habit or Sanskar of that soul.But what blessing should we send?You are a powerful soul.You always speak the truth.Because honesty is your Sanskar.This should be our thought.We feel this is a lie, because the other person is not honest and they lie.Yes they do tell a lie.How many times? Once a day?5 times a day … 10 times a day?By the way no one lies so many times a day. But still Suppose they lie 10 times a day.Even if someone lies 10 times a day.But he’s speaking the truth for the remaining 1000 times that day.Can we ever find someone who constantly speaks a lie about everything?

What happens is when someone lies frequently, we say that he always speaks lies.Nobody can lie about everything.But we apply such strong labels.And say they lie about everything.And when they receive this vibration from us Their Sanskar of lying becomes more reinforced.Because we were focusing on their Sanskar of lying.Let’s remember that the soul has the Sanskar of honesty also.Because he is speaking the truth about at least 1,000 things a day.But we are focusing on his Sanskar of lying We are thinking about it, speaking about it, and focusing only on it.So our energy is is targeted at their Sanskar of lying.So there Sanskar of lying will get reinforced.When the soul battery starts getting charged Their behaviour will not disturb us.So we will send them blessings.When we are disturbed Only then we focus on their weakness.But when we are stable Then we focus on their strengths.And when we focus on their strengths Then we create blessings for them.And then that energy reaches them and becomes a blessing.So we have to be very carefu lAbout the thought we are creating for other people.This is very important.The more we engage in meditation and spiritual study And charge this battery Which means we take God’s powers And fill ourselves hereThe more we will not get disturbed by other people’s behaviours.We remain stable.So our mind creates a blessing for them.And when we create blessings We become peaceful and we become a giver in that relationship.

That energy reaches them.They will receive power.And when they are empowered Their battery also starts getting charged.And when their battery starts getting charged Their habit or Sanskar will change.What a big gift in that relationship.We wish that everyone around us Should have beautiful Sanskars .We want their habits to be healthy.We want their ways of working to be perfect.All that is possible when we are perfect here internally.And when we create that perfect energy of blessing for them here.So let’s do a 3-month experiment of charging our battery.How? By creating a loving relationship with God.A very personal relationship with God.It’s not about checking – Do I believe in God.Important is – Do I experience God?Do I experience God’s powers?And if I do experience Its direct proof isIf I am receiving that energy hereNot just sometimes, but throughout the day.All of us experience God’s help and powers.We say there was a problem in my life, but God helped me.

I have complete faith That I sought God’s help and God helped me.And my problem was resolved.Definitely.He is our mother, father, Sad guru, teacher.We have all relationships with Him.He will certainly help us.We are sure to get His powers.But when do we experience God’s powers?When we receive or take His powers.It’s like the Sun.Sun’s light and energy are constant.But how many of us Receive or take Sun’s energy?For how long do we keep our Windows open throughout the day?For how long do we stand outside and absorb Sun’s energy into our body?When we fill that energy in ourselves For the duration we receive energy.If we fill it only sometimes, we receive energy only sometimes.If we do it daily, we receive energy daily.If we do it all the time, we receive energy all the time.So it’s not up to the Sun and it is not dependent on the Sun Because Sun is constantly radiating energy.It depends on us.It depends on how much we are filling ourselves with that energy.Similarly God It’s not that God is helping someone else and not me.It’s not that God is fulfilling someone else’s designers and not mine.God is energy or power.What kind of energy? Source of love Source of wisdom Source of happiness and bliss Source of purity These are all the powers which I the soul need.Just like how Sun provides the energy which my body needs.It’s necessary for my body.Even doctors advise us to spend some time under sunlight.So that certain deficiency are overcome.Which means, take Sunlight and charge your body.If we take sunlight and charge our body The body will remain healthy.Similarly, if we take God’s light Take God’s light and might And charge the soul If we take it and charge the soul, then soul will remain healthy.And when the soul is healthy All our relationships will be healthy.God’s light and might means The first aspect is God’s wisdom.Because God gives us the wisdom How to think, what to think How to think, regardless of what the other person says.How should my Sanskars be?

How should my every Karma be?No matter how the other person behaves How should my karma be?We need this knowledge first.We feel we know everything, so what do we need to learn?Actually we need to learn because today we are not clear.About what is right and what is wrong.We said expectations are natural.We said hurt is natural.We said desires are natural.We said attachment is natural.We called attachment as normal in relationships.So when we call uncomfortable emotions as Natural We actually need spiritual wisdom.There is a need to understand what is right.So God teaches us the right way of thinking Right Sanskars Right karmas He gives us wisdom about all these.So we need to fill ourselves with this spiritual wisdom everyday.Because when it goes inside everyday Because we cannot ship from expectations to acceptance in one day.It’s not going to happen in one day.If youi; expose your body to sunlight at 7:00 a.m. one day The body doesn’t become healthy in just one day.We need to expose it to sunlight daily.And we need to do it for a lifetime.Because body is getting energized by the sunlight.So we have to expose it to sunlight everyday.We cannot ask – For how many days? For how many years?Daily. Because the day we stop doing it  Body will again start getting affected.Because we did not give it the energy e it needs.We sat inside our house, shutting the doors and windows.The same is true with God’s powers.We need to fill ourselves everyday with God’s wisdom.We need to do it everyday

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