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I wanted a clarification.When we say everything is a choice My thoughts, my relationships, my career – if everything is my choice But there is generally a certain environment at home since childhood.Similarly environment at village for example.We do certain things out of respect for love for elders But you mention that it is my choice.When elders give us an advice Often they can even force us.Saying you have to do this.We can even see the repercussions, that if we do not obey them There can be severe repercussions.They go to the extent of saying they will commit suicide.So they place the repercussion also in front of us.It’s fine. We place all those options in front of us.As you mentioned, out of respect to elders Or out of love towards someone Or we feel nice seeing someone happy when we obey them.Or it can be a family tradition to obey people.It is all fine.And it means that when I the soul take a decision That I need to do this Karma I need to tell myself all these things.Everything is getting recorded here.So what is the recording here?You asked me to do something.Now I have so many options.If I respect you and I want to do it for you You find it right to be done, and I trust you That if you are asking me to do it, it must be right.So I will do it.Another option is – I fear you To that if I don’t obey you There will be repercussions. So I will do it.There can be so many choices.Out of respect, out of love Out of fear, out of trust We will do it for any of these reasons.But we need to say to ourselves I respect this person Therefore I am listening to him and accepting what he says.
Now I choose to do this.I fear this person I can’t afford to make him angry.Because I cannot handle its repercussion.So I choose to do this.I live in this village.It’s my duty to follow the traditions of this village.If I want to continue living here.If I choose not to follow the traditions of this village I will have to face several repercussions.But if I choose to follow, so and so will be the repercussion.This choice has this repercussion.That choice has that repercussion.I choose to do this.This is my family tradition.She is the eldest in the family.The entire family obeys her.And it’s a rule in our house That we absolutely need to obey her.Now she has asked me to do this.Place that matter in front of you.If I follow her words So and so will be the repercussion.Suppose that elderly person told me You should not go to work. Women don’t take up jobs in our family.This can be the direction of elders in some family.Suppose I am extremely well educated.Suppose I have an excellent job offer at this time.So I have a job offer which I feel like taking.I want to do it.But traditions at home and elders’ direction says Women do not take up jobs in our family.Now I sit back.And I keep all the choices in front of me.If I take up this job I will feel extremely good.I feel like taking it up.I see myself doing very well in this.I visualise my life to be very exciting, with this job.But everybody at home will be angry with me.The elders who have given me so much in my life Because of whose upbringing,
 I am who I am today.If they are angry or upset with me If they are not happy I will not feel nice.Can you see the choices?Now if I choose to take up the job Repercussion will be strained relationships.What will I get? Excellent job and promising career.If I choose not to take up the job What will I get? Acceptance from the family.But I will lose my exciting career.Keep all these options in front of you.And then, either option we take Even if we choose to listen to the family If we did whatever family asked us to do At that time we need to tell ourselves Disciplines in the family Advice of elders And good relationships in this family They are my choice.And for that, I am choosing not to take up this job.Decision making.But if we don’t spend this kind of time Of looking at options and choices Of thinking of repercussions If we don’t do that What will we record here?I was so keen on taking up that job.But my family did not let me work.Out of helplessness I had to obey them.This got recorded.Recording is very important.Because at every step of life, such a soul Whatever decision they take They will say – I had no other choice, I had to do it.Today they will say they had to obey the family.Tomorrow they will say they had to obey the husband.The next day they will say that to obey their children.The soul will live the life of “Poor me”This is very important because it is a victim feeling.Soul power of such people keeps depleting.They are still doing what was expected.If the family asked them not to work.And I decided to not work.I did the same Karma of not going to work
.But while not going for work, what did I record here?One recording can be – my family is more important. So I choose not to work.This recording will make me the soul, powerful.It was my choice that family is very important to me.But another recording could be – I had to obey them out of helplessness.I was so keen on working.Because of them I cannot work.This became our recording.The Karma remains same in both cases.That we didn’t take up the job.But what is the recording we created internally?One recording option was – I chose this. I will be very happy.Another recording option was – I had to do this out of helplessness. I will never be happy.If we are so concerned about elders and love them If we want to follow family traditions Why can’t we be happy?Because we don’t take the decision after contemplating.We need to contemplate, look at the options.After doing all that, set your priorities.My family is more important rather than work.For someone else it can be the other way around.For another person, family is more important.I prioritise family first and movies next.I say – No movies now. I need to be with children, since it’s there holidays.Different people make different choices.Important dates to remember they are all getting recorded.Make sure every recording is right and healthy for the soul.That energy radiates to the body, so it should be healthy for the body.That energy radiates to other people, so it should be healthy for them.If I choose not to work And for the rest of my life if I remain unhappy in that house because I couldn’t work.If at every step I start saying I was so keen about my work. I would have reached great heights in my career by now.Because of these people I am sitting here.Because of listening to them, I am confined to this house.
Each of these thoughts will make the soul unhappy.Make the body ill.And we will not radiate good vibrations to those people who matter to us.If I create a thought – I am sacrificing for them.What energy will this thought send to them?That because of you, I am having to make such a huge sacrifice in life.But it is false. I have a friend who is an NRI.I asked him whether it troubles him to be away from family for six months He said – What can I do? I had to go because of my family.It’s very hard. I feel lonely. I am very sad.But I am sacrificing for my family.This is the line. This line will not allow me to be happy.Also this line does not say that it was his choice.That’s why I cannot be happy.If it was my choice, I would be happy.Good point.This is the line.If it is my choice, I take responsibility and I will be happy.I have chosen it. I want to do it.So even if someone asks why are you doing it, I will say – I like it.See the energy.People often ask me why I wear this shirt, I tell them I like it.This is the energy when it’s our choice.Even for a phone we say – I like this model. I am happy with it.I like it. I chose it. I am happy.It makes a huge difference.Just one line makes a huge difference here.This is beautiful.Recording it correctly is very important.If the same soul will sayI am staying away from family for 6 months because By staying away for 6 months I am physically away from them But mentally I am connected to them and Technology helps us connect all the time.But I can do a lot in this 6 months.I can create a lot of things for them and so I am choosing to do this.Energy will change.If we are into blame game we will not say – I like it. So there is no happiness behind that.We have to see how many times we do this.Because by doing so many things on the pretext of helplessness We are creating several recordings of blame.That’s why blaming comes so naturally to us today.
Why did you do this? Because of them.Why is it like this? Because of them.Because we have got habituated, that whatever we are doing or thinking Is because of someone else.We believe it’s not my choice.The more we go back to that line saying it is My choice … My choice … My choice I will be happy doing it.Choice gives us responsibility, freedom, and happiness.And this is the truth.A few minutes ago you said – That man was lying.If you go and tell him that he is lying that he is sacrificing for his family He will argue that it is the truth.But why do we feel it is a lie?Because we know that the soul is choosing to do this.And yet they say they are doing it out of helplessness.Since we are detached, we can see that they are choosing to do it.The knowledge of Karma which you are sharing Earlier we used to believe strange things like If I am married to this person, she will bring home luck.So my business will improve.If a daughter is born, she will bring blessings of Sri Lakshmi Devi home.My mother died because my daughter-in-law didn’t bring good luck.It’s very hard to even imagine the kind of thoughts we create.Every soul carries their karmas and consequences.
There is one business, one balance sheet.It is going on.Because of your balance sheet, my balance sheet cannot have profit or loss.Because you came home, there cannot be a Death at home Someone is born into a family and someone in that house leaves the body.Soon after daughter in law came home, someone left the body at home. And we blame her.The daughter-in-laws balance sheet it is only about her.The soul who left the body, their balance sheet is only about them.But just because the timing was same, what we did is We blamed the daughter in law.The moment some soul had to leave their body Their Karmic account with their body and with that family Accordingly they had to leave the body at that time.If two days before that death, if a newly-wed daughter in law comes home If we say because of her, that other soul left the body? Not true.It’s a belief system.How would it have been created?There was a wedding in a family. A few days later, someone there left the body.Somebody would have just said a line You know that is why Karma is so important Like we saw that day that, someone sent one Whats App message It reached lakhs of people and created so many karmas. Similarly someone here would have said one line What would they have said?That girl came home after wedding, and immediately there was a death,And it happens gradually over a period of time. Not instantly because of one line.When such a message passes from one person to another Two people, four people, and then six people said the same thing Meaning of the line changed.It spread to 4 houses.So 4 families started saying it It became a generalized statement.In a few days it became a belief of the society.And then the message started spreading further. We also started saying it.She came, so this happened at home.That child was born, and this incident happened,Nobody pauses to check.We heard from somewhere Now let’s pause and check – she came home and he left the body .What is the logic?There is no connection at all.When astrologers come and check They say – A daughter is born in your house.
 Now your business will bring you to more profit.Here also it is about helplessness and owing to faith I trust my father He asked me to marry this person, I obeyed him.I trust my Pandit. He asked me to do something for success and I did.When we believe all these things and do karmas They take you to a very different paths from Karmic account.Everything is science so we need to understand them correctly.And then use them correctly.This is important.It is science. It’s giving us a message.Take it and understand it.And apply it in equations of your life.Horoscope of a child is written on the day that child is born.You give the time of birth and the Pandit  Ji will prepare the horoscope.What does the document say?How did the horoscope get done the moment a baby is born?How can the Pandit Ji predict what will happen in the child’s life? The sequence of events?How is a Horoscope prepared?On the basis of what?On the basis of the Sanskars which that soul has brought.At that same moment, it’s not just one child born in the whole world.When you are saying stars are in that position at that moment At that moment it’s it’s not just one baby born in the world.Stars at that moment are the same for all babies born at that moment.Will horoscope of all those babies be identical?No.Then, what is a horoscope based on?Check. Study. Understand.What is the meaning of these predictions?A soul has brought its past balance sheet.Because we have seen that recordings are always happening on this CD.Thoughts, feelings, and Sanskars are recorded.Every Karma we do is recorded. There are recordings after recordings.Suddenly the time came for me the soul to leave this body.Which means CD (soul) comes out of this CD player (player)And it got inserted into a different CD player.Only the CD player (body) has changed.CD (soul) has not changed.So there are no changes in recordings.So all the recordings which I the soul have carried from here My birth in the next costume will begin from the same set of recordings.Which means although two souls are born at the same moment Both of their recordings will be completely different.
Both of their Sanskars will be completely different.So the influence of planets on both of them will be completely different.What do planets influence?They influence our Sanskars. They say – Take care because you have this Sanskar .Because of the planetary influence what can happen to this Sanskar ?It will never all the more, so take care.But how did we perceive the whole thing?This will happen, then that will happen, next this will happen …Now we need to understand The horoscope was prepared on the basis of the day the child was born.This is science.On what basis? Sanskars which the baby has carried.But after coming into this costume What karmas that baby will perform Nobody knows as of now.They predict that the child will do so and so.On what basis do they predict that the child will do so and so?Based on the recordings that they can see as of today.Which means If a child is born in your house That child has brought 100 songs on the CD.Predictions are a science which can tell us things based on those 100 songs.So they will say this song will play at this age … he will do this at that age …It is science.But science cannot tell us This soul will record a new song at so and so age.New thoughts which I will create.New recording that I can make.They cannot predict all this at that time.How will they know what thoughts I will create tomorrow?Underline this.Most importantly, on this journey of life I the soul have power That I can change any Sanskar at any time, no matter how strong it is.
I can stop using that Sanska rAnd a Sanskar which I just did not have with me I can create that Sanskar .With that, my horoscope itself will change.We know that our palm lines keep changing.Depending on the choices that we are making now.Past certainly has an influence.That’s why horoscopes are prepared. It’s fine. It’s science.When we create new lines in the mind, Palm lines change.The recordings here create a result here on the palm.In fact the recordings here create a result here on the face also.So there are some people who can read the face.Some people can read the palm.It’s all science.It’s all science but we need to take it correctly.And no matter what past recordings I carry Most importantly, I need to hold onto the fact that the present is powerful.The present is powerful.No matter what is written in the horoscope That is based on my past recording.I the soul have the power to create a new recording.I understand all that but a few things continue to be doubtful.For example certain family traditions Certain beliefs in villages Certain rules of the family They exist in some communities That if you get married to someone outside of this community, you are outcast.That’s okay. That’s what we are saying, that we choose.Everybody doesn’t have the strength to choose.We can choose to follow the family traditions.That is also a choice we have.What if I want to marry someone outside of the community?We need to know repercussions of both choices.Because there will be repercussions in both cases.If you say – I don’t have the strength to do it.You said – I want to do, but I don’t have the strength to do it.If a girl wants to marry outside her community but she has no money, job or support.She just needs to tell herselfI don’t have so and so resources. So I choose to marry as per my family’s decision.If I had so and so resources, I would choose another option.I am creating my choice. I the soul am the masterIf we live a life feeling like victims Entire life will go in blaming.Blaming implies that soul power reduces.Self responsibility implies that soul power increases.I the soul will be happy with my choices.
I the soul will be ready to face consequences of my choices.Otherwise facing consequences of our Karma It will become very difficult.Because while making a choice also our power is low Since we said I have no choice, I am having to do it.So soul power reduced.Next when the consequence came in front of usWe didn’t have the power to face itWe created wrong karmasas we became sad and upset We gave up.So once again soul power reduced.What happens to this vicious cycle when soul power keeps reducing?Blame, unhappy.Blame, unhappy Blame, unhappy …It went into a cycle.I used to be in a lot of pain initially when I was struggling to establish myself as an actor in Mumbai.I had so much pain but I had no one to blame.I always said – My choice.This line is so important.Whom could I complain? And where could I go?Because I had argued and fought at home to come here. I was adamant.When a soul has nothing and no one to blame Which means, when the soul will completely understand I didn’t have a single reason although everyone asked me not to go.Actually I the soul have no one to blame.In your case you understood it externally.That I chose this career so I can’t blame anybody.I the soul can’t blame anybody.I choose my thoughts.Everything.When we internalize that I the soul cannot blame anyone Our way of living changes.There is no margin for excuses.Then I take responsibility and I will be happy.And then I will get success.And most important, soul power keeps increasing.Going into a cycle of blame and unhappiness Our soul power reduces.So whatever decision we take Even when we obey our family and take a decision My choice doesn’t mean I should not listen to elders at home.Advice by elders have love and blessings for us.It comes with their years of experience.
They have a lot of things, based on which they are advising.When we obey their words for all those reasons We need to choose it after saying to ourselves -I the soul will always be happy then.I remembered one of my family members who wrote to me Your experience and knowledge are so good So I am so happy with whatever you chose for me.But I replied I had made more mistakes than you had made.It’s not that I am more intelligent than you are.I had made more mistakes.It’s about more experience of life.The more experience we have We give advice on that basis.Children at home need to think about that advice and understand it And then accept that advice And then say – Now this is my choice.They shouldn’t say – I am doing what they asked me to do.I am not doing what they asked me to do.I took their words, understood them, accepted them And then I am doing it.I the soul choose to do this.

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