How To overcome Emotional Pain By JK crown

Now I have got enough clarity.  I had thought Karma to be something very very huge.And I believed thought is very small and insignificant.Thought is very important.When we realise4 that Karma is a big thing. Because as is the Karma so will be the consequence.So we felt thought is a very insignificant thing.We did not pay attention to thoughts.So we didn’t understand why a particular consequence is coming in our life.Even not being happy always is also a consequence.Not being able to remain healthy is also a consequence of some Karma.Not able to experience harmony in relationships is also a consequence of some Karma.Now we need to check cover Actions We will wonder what Karma had I done to deserve all this?Because of which I am not happy or healthy Or my relationships are not good We will check only some big Actions Generally we say 

 I have never done anything wrong.Because of which I am not happy or healthy or I don’t have beautiful relationships.But we are not able to check I had not created any wrong thoughts And wrong thought doesn’t mean something unfortunate should happen with someone.Wrong thought means any thought which is not pure.Anything which is not clean.Anything which will not create a beautiful feeling here.That is a wrong thought and a wrong Karma.How can you call a waste thought also as a wrong Karma?There is no purity in a waste thought.It is not pure but it cannot be negative.What feeling will a waste thought create?A neutral thought will create a neutral feeling.Waste thought means thinking too much about other people and thinking too much about our past.Like the thoughts I created while watching cricket match. The match was not in my hands.But what were you thinking?Thinking about people, thinking about the past.The information stored in the past Some thoughts were created from there.And while you saw players playing across the TV screen You created more thoughts.So the past and the people about whom we were thinking We thought it was just casual thinking.We thought it was natural thinking.The players were not playing well And I am creating a similar thought That they are not playing well.They are playing so badly. 

We lost one more wicket.We believe I am only thinking of whatever is happening.What wrong did I say? They are playing badly, and I am mentioning the same thing.They are playing badly.But watching them playing badly When we are creating thoughts about it Now what is bad is not just the game.What is bad is not just those people Now even my thoughts are bad.Earlier it was only their game which was bad, which is okay.There can be a time when other people don’t play well.So it was a bad game play there.And then we took out some things from past information in our mind.To suspect that there might be some reason for them to be playing bad.So not just the game, but those people started seeming bad.But by repeatedly thinking of the bad game play and the bad people My karma became bad.It influenced my destiny.It has become a habits or habit.I’ll give you an example and you might perhaps laugh about it.One day I casually switched on the TV. And the cricket match was going on.I did not know details of that cricket match.I got completely involved.It was the same situation and same, bad game play I was irritated and I created so many thoughts like the other day.Much later I realised that it was not a Live match.This is so important.Match was a replay but your karma was created afresh.You created fresh Karma.

You created the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions.You must have repeated the same quality of words once again.It influenced your destiny.Today we need to understand this aspect and its influence.And hold onto it.Let’s start with the TV screen and then we can bring it to our life.When we are watching something across the TV screen.We are watching something across a cinema screen.So it is just a game or just a movie.It’s only at TV serial, a fiction.It’s only a drama.If it influences our state of mind That drama creates a drama here.If they are crying, even we will be crying.If they are fighting, our  thoughts will be fighting.Turbulent energy is getting created.We cannot allow this to happen.Because the TV, movies, and match we watch throughout the day The quality that we watch It won’t remain only external to us.It starts becoming the quality of my mind.Even watching the TV serial If we are watching something that has manipulation Betrayal, cheating, or crying We are creating those emotions here.Those things are not happening in our life.No one has done those things to us.But watching those scenes, we are creating those emotions here.It will have any effect on our body because thought is created.We read the other day

The brain cannot distinguish between real and imaginary.Similarly brain cannot distinguish between your real life experience and a movie experience.For it, everything is an experience.That’s why when we watch something, it will impact our body also, not just the mind.So we have to learn, we have to practice Watching it being detached.I have never been able to detach and watch TV since childhood.That’s why I gave up watching Hindi movies.There is a lot of crying and sad emotions which would affect me since childhood.Now we have to take hold of this.That for entertainment Everything that we are watching Everything you are Reading and listening While watching and reading If we get so involved with it That the emotion doesn’t just remain across the screen But that a motion start getting created on the screen of my mind Then that is becoming my karma.Because now it’s not about there. It’s about here.Now it’s not about that movie. It’s about this movie.Now it’s not about those emotions. It’s about these emotions.The brain cannot differentiate Whether experience manipulation in life, or I just watched it in a TV serial.For it, manipulation is manipulation.Cheating is cheating.Betrayal is betrayal, crying is crying.Brain doesn’t know where it’s actually happening.Which means recording on the soul does not know Whether I am crying because somebody cheated me Or whether I’m crying because somebody cheated somebody else in that movie.The recording of crying is created anyway.Soul is affected which means state of mind is affected.Body is affected.Along with manipulation, hurt is also recorded in the soul recording.

That is why media plays such a powerful role on our lives.Because media doesn’t remain external but becomes a part of our life.That’s why whatever is shown on media Within a short span of time it starts happening all the more, in the society.Whether it is news, entertainment, or sports We have to practice this.A detached viewer.If we cannot become detached when viewing the TV screen How will we get detached from real life’s scenes?If someone tells me that my staff who quit 3 or 4 months ago Had made certain comments about me hat staff member has already quit Still my mind goes on and on, affecting everything.Because of media Or we can say that because of our entanglement with media Our negative habitss have become stronger.That’s why we say that with technology – which means everything we are watching, listening, and reading One generation ago we had none of this.We didn’t have any of this.We have seen a generation which did not have TV.No computers and no mobile phones.Which means for them to be watching, reading, and listening And then getting entangled, they had none of these.Suppose we are watching a movie. The information that goes in will do its work.One is that while watching the movie We created those emotions as well.Consider one movie where somebody is crying for the reason emotional scene.Somebody will watch it and start crying along.Somebody else will watch the same scene and laugh at how dramatic it is.

He will it make fun of the artists for crying over such a silly reason.A third person will just watch the movie as a detached observer.Movie is the same.But while watching that movie The thoughts and emotions we create here Because that is my karma.Like you mentioned that day While you watched a cricket match for 1 hour You created a lot of negative and waste thoughts.It is not necessary that everyone else also watched that match, reacted the same way.That’s not necessary. Different people create different Karma.Same cricket match.We will not refer to them as only thoughts.We will say different people created different Karma.Not different people created different thoughts.Someone else who watched the same cricket match for 1 hour He will just watch it peacefully, and then move on to his next task.He watched it as a detached observer He did not let the information thereTo create an emotion here.One is the influence of information which does affect.But the other is to absorb the emotion as well.If we are watching a movie where there is a crying scene That information will also have an effect on our thoughts.He did this, so she cried …

Which is the influence of information.But one is that we were crying while watching the movie scene.Both are different, isn’t it?If we were crying while watching the movie And if we get thoughts of violence as wel lWhich means we also created a violent scene parallelly Which means there is not just an influence That emotion itself has got created.When we watch so many scenes, movies, and dramas We create several karmas. Even while watching news, we are creating karmas .Someone did something in their country.This scene is in the TV, incident has happened in that country.But here how many thoughts we created how many recordings we create?We created so much energy and vibrated it.It’s all getting recorded.Let’s watch everything.But what should we do while watching?Attention the movie is there.It is only a movie. It’s only a story.Let’s not allow the mind to get so entangled.Otherwise what happens Is that the control we have over our mind It is reducing because of media.If we lose control over mind here, then what about real life situations?How is it possible to control our mind there, then?We will try 10 times more there.That’s why we are saying that, ever since we have 24/7 media 24 hours internet 24/7 television So many radio channels, so many news papers It means a flooding.There is a search no problem with information flooding.But if we get drowned in the flooding If we did not detach or withdraw The mind started losing control over itself And we said crying is natural because the movie is emotional.This became our vocabulary.If crying is natural when a movie scene is emotional Then when there is an emotional scene in our life?If two people are doing something unpleasant, we will cry there.While all this is happening, if there is an unpleasant situation in our life Creating right Karma becomes very difficult.Because what is the habits we had created

?That is why people ask how many hours of TV watch in a day.Too much of TV watching Which means consuming too much of media Starts finishing our mind’s creativity.Creativity means Creativity in the way I will think.Creativity in the way I will respond.I have started responding According to the information I have filled.And according to the way I had responded while watching that scene.When they cried I had also tried while watching a movie scene.Before that also, if I experienced it in real life, I would have responded likewise.It’s not necessary that first I watched TV It’s not about watching it before.It’s not about first on TV and then in real life.Everyday we are watching a lot isn’t it?Because of which, controlling power of the mind over itself Suppose my habits is of crying.Where did the habits come from?Since childhood.Which means I got it from past birth or family or elsewhere.Now I might get so many scenes in life, where I cry.Because I have the habits that whenever there is an unpleasant situation, I cry.Again there is a situation and I cry.I have created the habits.So each time that habits is getting reinforced.Now I don’t cry only when there are challenges in life.Even when there are emotional scenes in a movie, I start crying.Scenes of life, scenes of a movie, story in a book.Even when somebody else is hurt, we start crying.So the groove became stronger.How can we say it’s not affecting us?Suppose in one month experience 5 situations in my life where I cried.One month – which means 30 days and 5 situations.So how many times did my habits of crying get activated?5 times.But in the entire month if I watched 20 movies or TV scenes where I cried.Then it became 25 times.How strong did that habits become now?Soul power depleted drastically.You mention that even if we listen about pain in somebody else’s life Even then we start crying because our habits of crying has gone into a loop.But suppose I have cried 5 times in this month But now if I meditate and pay attention And increase soul power Next month, 5 will come down to 3.The subsequent month, three will come down to just once.But if I practice meditation Empower the sou Besides, if I watch 20 emotional TV serials and movies in a month In real life experience instead of 5, I cry only 3 times.But what about the 25 emotional scenes which I watch on the screen?It gets added.Then how will my habits of crying change?It will not change, but instead it will get reinforced.That is why media has a powerful influence.We have to understand its huge influence on our habits and our Actions .Even on our destiny.Now even if I listen to sad songs I will cry.I read Books with emotional scenes, and I cry again.What happens to the habits of crying?Even when we are casually sitting and recalling a past memory, we start crying.Because that habits has gone into a loop.

Each time we cried, what Karma did we create?What happens to my destiny?Last month if I cried 25 times, next month I will cry 40 times.And then we wonder why we are not happy.Why we are not healthy.This is the influence of media on our lives today.Therefore what we need to watch How long to watch And most important – in what state of mind to watch.Let that scene remain there on the screen.Don’t create that scene here in the mind.Let’s not get entangled into that energy.Because if we cannot do it with TV It will be difficult to do it in life.Because we will not have the practiceEven here we are creating a habits of detachment isn’t it? habits of detachment means Something was happening there across the screen, but I was stable.They were crying but I was stable.Because I have the knowledge that it’s only a movie.Similarly when it comes to real life Throughout the day we meet many people and we witness their behaviours. They are not doing anything to us but we witnessing their behaviours .One person’s behaviour with another.Somebody’s particular habits. Right now it has still not come into my Karmic account.It is there outside.Earlier there was scene on TV, and now there is a seen around me in life.While I am watching it If I pass judgements I start creating different emotions.Each of them will become my karma.Karma is very dangerous.That’s why we are unable to sort out our destiny today.Because we are not even able to keep attention to where our Karmas are getting created.It’s not dangerous but it’s about awareness.People say I saw someone who is very poor. I couldn’t stop crying.We feel this is compassion.Compassion means caring.Compassion means pure and positive energy.Compassion doesn’t mean hurt and pain.Finding a solution to some problem is also compassion.Finding a solution is fine.But I saw somebody ill and I started crying.I saw him hospitalized and I started crying.If I am not crying but if I am criticizing?Even that’s included. Because you have created negative emotion.So even while we witness other people’s scenes We should not get entangled with other people’s energy throughout the day.Our energy will get depleted.We have not said anything but only created thoughts. Yet we are so weak.And we are looking at a level where we are thinking about somebody else. Not about our life.We will look at our reaction about our life situations later.But right now the thoughts we are creating when we look at other people’s life Even they are our Karmas because we have created them.That’s why detachment is the most important tool.To be able to lead a happy and healthy life.Detachment means the scene is happening there, so let it remain there.Let’s not created a connected emotion here in the mind.In Kalyug it is all the more important now.And even Kalyug is is intensifying day by day.So we will see scenes that have Pain, cheating, terror … We will witness several scenes.The habitss which are visible around us will be of different qualities.Right now they are not a part of our life. We are not talking about our life.We are only talking about what is visible around us.How is someone behaving … What is someone else doing …The way someone is speaking …The way someone is behaving …Just what is visible around us.As look at each of those scenesIf similar emotions start getting created her seIf we don’t learn how to witness a scene as a detached observer How can the soul remain powerful?The question is, how to be a detached observer?Suppose you see that someone is making a mistake.First, if you can do something for them, do it immediately.Do it immediately if you can do something about it.If you can’t do anything about it Then there is one very big thing that we all can do.That we keep sending them positive vibrations.This is the second option.But we are using the third option.We say we cannot do anything in that And we are not able to send positive thoughts because Because the emotion of their scene Becomes our emotion here.And what thoughts do we start creating?Either we criticize, we create hurt, or we start crying.So when we created all this How can we send them positive energy? 

Our state of mind so depleted.That is why a person who is detached He can send blessings to other people.Only with detachment we can send blessings.Which means we can send right energy to the other person.In Kalyug there are negative scenes happening around us.If looking at those scenes, we souls start creating negativity What will happen to vibrations of our planet?Negative was happening.100 more people created negativity.So the cumulative negativity will increase.One place had caught fire.We set our mind also on fire.Because we could not put off the fire in that place.It is like forest fire which engulfs all trees one after the other.This is why Kalyug is aggravated.Only because we don’t learn detachment.That is why detachment is most important.Otherwise other people’s Karma will not remain just their Karma.Suppose someone is cheating a person.You are witnessing it.It is his Karma.It is the Karma of the one who is cheating and the one who is getting cheated.It’s happening.If you can help and stop it from happening, immediately do that good Karma.If you can’t do anything about it, send a good thought.Dear soul, what are you doing?Send him God’s power.How to send a good vibration, thought, or blessing?Whatever you are witnessing Connect to God, take His powers, and keep radiating it to them.Dear soul, be careful.Awaken your power. Don’t do this Karma.Just send messages and your messages are going to reach.You are a pure soul.Cheating is not your habits .Keep sending such messages.While you send such messages, you are the first one to be protected.Secondly we sent it to them So one is that if we can physically save someone, let’s do it.But if we cannot physically do anything You cannot interfere everywhere.Everything is not in our control.Then we can protect them with our vibrations.That’s the second level.By doing it we get protected.We sent our vibration to them.We didn’t create the emotion of their scene here.So what did we create at that moment?Suppose someone was cheating the other person And you sent him this pure vibration.So what Karma did you create?A good and pure Karma.But if you look at them and keep grumbling in our mind What world is it … Look what he’s doing … How will he turn out in future …Then what Karma did we create?Bad Karma.Simple.It’s so easy now that as we watch every scene Attention on the quality of Karma we are creating My karma creates my destiny.I wish to discuss it in further detail in the next episode. Thank you so much.

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