New Normal Life After Covid 19 pandemic Article by JKcrown


Understanding the essence of the word Normal is very important.; If we look at our own lives We use this word so frequently; And we say this is normal. It is normal to feel like this. It is normal to behave like this. It’s normal for the weather to be like this. It’s normal for people to do this. So the word Normal. Why is it so important? Because when we label something as normal We accept it as it is. Because this is normal. We have accepted this. There is no need to change this. Because it is normal. Normal. If we reflect on our lives before the Covid  pandemic. Of what emotions we labelled as normal. Even now we do that. We say stress is normal. Anger is normal. Fear is normal. Worry is normal. Expectations are normal. Comparison and competition are normal. Jealousy is normal. Hurt and sadness are normal. Diseases or illness in the body is normal. Conflicts in relationship are normal. Which means several uncomfortable emotions; Diseases and illnesses; Conflicts in relationship; We called them all as normal. Unable to forget unpleasant past. Unable to forgive someone; We say it is normal. If someone betrays us, our inability to trust them again; Our inability to put a full stop and finish that matter; People say it is normal, and that is how we feel. Upon checking, we realise that we have labelled many uncomfortable emotions as normal. And by calling them as normal; 

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We have accepted them. Stress, worry, fear, pain Anger, irritation, impatience We have called them normal. By calling them normal, we did not change these emotions. So they started increasing day by day, in our lives. And then there came a situation in front of the whole world at the same time. Covid-19 which is a global situation or a global crisis. What did we say even in this situation? We said fear and anxiety are normal. By saying so, we radiated the vibration to everyone That if you are feeling scared; You don’t have to change the emotion, it is normal. In fact, if someone says – I have no fear whatsoever; I have no worry at all; I never get angry; It is then that people ask that person – Aren’t you normal? Don’t you get angry or worried? So the word Normal is very important. So even before the onset of Covid,; we had labelled uncomfortable emotions as normal. Therefore, when this situation has come Majority of us created fear and anxiety. As a result, earlier there was just one crisis outside. But because the definition of normal was not clear in the mind; We increased stress, fear Conflicts in relationships increased; Cases of depression increased. None of them had any connection with Covid. But because of our misunderstanding of what is Normal; All of them got created. So now, the new normal. New normal doesn’t just mean working from home, less travel, or not travel. If we call only this as new normal; If we learn only this much from COVID pandemic; Learning is still incomplete. New normal doesn’t comprise only of these things. New normal means;; The definitions of Normal that reside here here We need to create a new normal for them. And actually the new normal which we will create; It is essentially what is Normal. 

We had been calling uncomfortable emotions as normal and till now. So the new normal will be that; Peace is normal; Patients is normal; Compassion is normal; Cooperation is normal; Forgiveness, letting go Unconditional love and acceptance; This is normal. Stability is normal. Health is normal. Harmony in relationships is normal. We need to start implementing this New Normal. And we should stop calling stress or worry as normal. Because if we call them Normal The next generation will start labelling them as normal. And by repeatedly calling them as normal; Our emotional health is continuously coming down. Even now, we are taking care only of our physical immunity. We are taking care of our Physical health, But we also need to take care of our emotional immunity. Unless our emotional health is good; How can our body function perfectly? So the new normal for good, powerful emotional immunity For perfect emotional health; For emotional fitness; New normal; Only those feelings that are high vibrational. Gratitude is normal. Whereas, complaining is unnatural. It is unhealthy. Healthy emotions are normal.; Unhealthy emotions are not normal. Saying thank you and showing gratitude; Thanking God and thanking everyone in our life; Gratitude for our mind and body; Gratitude even for situations in our life Because situations teach us a lot. Gratitude for the obstacles and difficulties in our lives.; Sometimes people don’t behave right with us Gratitude for them as well. It is because of you that; My power to adjust, power to adapt, power to face emerged. Gratitude to you. So gratitude is normal and complaining is unhealthy. Cooperation is normal. Competition is unhealthy. Although many people believe life is a competition; But competition is unhealthy. Because competition is creating a lot of stress here. Because we are in a race throughout the day. 

We are always wanting to go ahead of others. We don’t feel good when someone else does better than us. If for any reason, someone gets left behind We feel good that we can now go ahead of them. This is all unnatural. This is not healthy. All of them are low vibrations. Cooperation is normal. Sharing and caring is normal. Anger is unhealthy. Patience is normal. We get angry, we worry. We say worry is normal. Worry cannot be normal. By worrying, we are giving ourselves negative energy. And radiating it to others also. As a parent we even tell our children; I love you. So I worry. Worry is normal. Worry is not normal. Care is normal. Caring for others, taking care of them Fulfilling our responsibilities; Being available when they need us; This is normal. But if we worry – What if this happens? What if they do this? What will he do in life? How will he manage in future? This is not normal. This is unhealthy. We need to change several definitions. And the most important definition is – Till today we have held our situations and other people’s behaviours as Responsible for our state of mind.; We blamed the people and situations for how we were feeling. We said – I am feeling like this because of them. I am sad because of him. I am hurt because of her. So we blamed people and situations for how we were feeling. And the world said this is normal. That’s not normal. So the new normal should be emotional independence. Which means here Our every thought, every word, every behaviour; Only we are responsible for them. Only we are responsible for them. We cannot blame anyone else for them. 

We are creating a self-reliant India. In order to create a self-reliant India We need to first be self-reliant. Self Reliance means; I the soul; I am dependent only on myself for my every thought, word, and behaviour.; I choose my every thought, word, and behaviour. It is my responsibility. I am self reliant. If I blame people and situations; Then I become reliant on situations and people. Being self reliant is the new normal. Self dependent. Self responsible When we become self-dependent When we take responsibility of our every feeling and behaviour Care, compassion, gratitude, peace, love They will automatically become normal, Because this is the nature of the soul. Normal means natural. Natural comes from the word nature. What is the nature of I, the soul? Nature of the soul is peace, love, respect Happiness, power; Wisdom, bliss This is my nature, my religion. The word ‘Swa’ means this is mine. This is my nature, my Sanskar. This is our nature. Therefore they are normal. But when we don’t experience our nature; We start seeking them outside.; So the new normal. Peace, happiness and love are not to be sought outside. They are not to be asked from people. We shouldn’t make them dependent on our achievements. Self-reliance in our every thought, word, and action. They will be according to our normal Habits. Then we are self dependent. And then we will always remain on a high vibrational frequency. This is emotional health. This is high emotional immunity. This is emotional fitness. This is the call of time. This is the need of the hour. We need to learn this from today’s situation. That taking care of our mind; It is our moral responsibility; ;And our priority. Before the onset of Covid-19 

we said we didn’t have time. When we requested people to come to the centre; Learn meditation; Often they would say – I don’t even have time to die. How can I come and learn meditation? It cannot remain the same. This is new normal. Self care and taking care of our mind; Empowering the soul; This is not an option. This is a necessity. This is a Priority. We need to realise its importance. We need to take out time everyday for it. So another new normal -; Every morning, 30 minutes or 1 hour for yourself; Keep it aside to empower your mind. Connect the soul with the Supreme Soul – God Fill it with God’s wisdom; Fill the soul with God’s powers; Energize the soul; And then set out for the day. When you normal is self care. Self does not mean body and external aspects. Self means I, the soul. Self care; To take care and empower the mind; Setting aside 30 minutes or 1 hour every morning is no longer an option. It’s a necessity now. The stronger we make the soul; Our good vibrations radiate into the house; Energy of our house is raised. Our family members receive those vibrations. Their emotional health starts becoming perfect. Their emotional immunity system gets strengthened. Mental health issues like depression or anxiety attacks; We can eradicate them from the society itself. Provided, we take care of our emotional health. What is the basis for emotional health? Our spiritual health. Spirituality is a way of living. Spirituality is our personality. So our personality and our Habits Need to be used in our every Karma; This is our new normal. Because our protection lies in following this.; Not just in the present situation but always. Our protection lies in this. When we take care of our mind and body; When both are absolutely healthy; It becomes very easy to face any situation in life. Crisis can occur only outside.; Internally, we will experience calm and stability. This is the new normal. Please set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour every morning for yourself. Accordingly modify your lifestyle or routine slightly. It takes only a few days to adjust to it. Within a few days it will become our way of living. So perfect emotional health This is the new normal. For us, for our family, for our colleagues, for our team For the world. Thank you so much. 

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