University of Kashmir : 3rd Semester Notes PDF of Sociology Download Here

University of Kashmir : 3rd Semester Notes PDF of Sociology Download Link Below

Q: -What do you mean by Indian Society?
A: -India is a land of diversities and contrasts. In order to Understand the nature of Indian society it is necessary to understand the multi-cultural and pluralistic characteristics of its inhabitants. The multiplicity is reflected in its language, religion, caste, race, ethnicity, climatic conditions, geographical features,
historical legacies, dress and food habits etc.

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Q: – Explain the Linguistic Diversity?
A: -The high degree of large diversity found in India is due to the existence of diverse population groups. The greatest variety in
languages can be found in the one of the biggest democracies in the world. Most of these languages are distinct and have their own
distinct form of writing and speech. The dictionary defines Diversity‘, as variety or different. Languages are defined as a
system of arbitrary vocal symbols used for human communication.

Q: -Write a short note on Religious Diversity?
A: -Religion is a major concern of man. Religion is universal, permanent, pervasive and perennial interests of man. The institution
of religion is universal. It is found in all the societies, past and present. Religious beliefs and practices are, however, far from being
uniform. Religious dogmas have influenced and conditioned economic endeavors, political movements, properly dealings, and
educational tasks. The major religions in India are following

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