Airtel’s Cheapest Plan ! For Just Rs 19, See Validity Check Now

 Airtel’s Cheapest Plan ! For Just Rs 19, See Validity

India , Mar 13 ,2021 :

Companies are offering more than one cheaper plan to woo customers. 

Most of the time we see the price and benefit while recharging the phone. 

Many times we do not want much benefit and only the calling is done. In such a situation, if you find a plan that is less than 20 rupees, what will you do. 

Yes, Airtel offers such a cheap plan for its customers, in which the customers get the benefit of free calling at a lower price.

Yes, Airtel also offers a cheap plan like Rs 19 in prepaid recharge list, which customers can recharge for free calling. 

Airtel has placed this plan in the ‘Truly Unlimited’ category, which means that it gets unlimited calling. Talking about the specialty of this plan, it is its free call, because at such a low price, a benefit like Unlimited Call is quite beneficial.

However, the validity of this plan can be lost to customers. The validity of this plan is only 2 days. 

So Airtel customers can talk for free for two days by making a recharge of 19 rupees. 

On the other hand, when talking about internet data, customers are being given 200MB of data in it. There is no free SMS facility in this plan. 

This customer will be very useful for those people who want benefits like free calling with less validity.a

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