Modern Fashion By Boys And Girls In School and Colleges jk crown

YOUNG BOYS and girls are badly after fashion these days. They pay more attention to their clothes and hair rather than to their studies. The spend a lot of their time in front of the dressing table. Girls are a little crazier for fashion than boys. Even some girls try to become ultramodern by changing their feminine appearance and behave like smart boys. They feel free to move anywhere

The modern woman is no longer a mere household lady but enjoys economic and personal independence. Education has enlightened her. She sings, she paints and makes every effort to become self-supporting. The modern girl is not at all interested in religion as the elderly ladies are. She is a movie fan and would like to play a role of a heroine. She is interested in novels and illustrated magazines on fashion. She cannot be taken for granted and she is no more than dumb driven cattle. She claims equality with men and would like to compete with men in every sphere of life. She would like to be a lawyer, a professor, an administrator, so on and so forth.
The modern boy too is crazy for fashion. He has adopted western ways in dress and hair style. Many young boys use hair pins in their long hair. Some of them put on printed shirts like girls and even have a ponytail loop like a girl.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between a boy and a girl at the first look from behind. The modern fashion boy has great interest in copying and behaves like his favourite film star. He has the least interest in studies and even in religion or philosophy. He has very little respect for his parents, elders and teachers. He is a rebel against cultural heritage and morality does not influence him, mainly because he tries to follow European cultural trends. He does not realize that ours is poor country and the struggle for existence in the country is a great challenge before him. He goes on a strike on the slightest pretext
Nevertheless, some ray of hope is still there as some boys + girls are career conscious. They are well reformed and hard workers. They work hard for competitive examinations, secure good jobs as well and command good respect in their society

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YOUNG BOYS and girls are mad after fashion these days. They pay more attention towards their clothes and hairstyle. They don’t pay any attention towards their studies. They spend hours before the dressing table and carry comb in their pockets to the classrooms in their schools and colleges. Girls are crazier after fashion than boys. They polish their faces with different kinds of cosmetics and lipstick, wear tight salwar, high-heel shoes and thus look like Barbie dolls: The boys aren’t far behind in fashion than girls

They also wear fashionable clothes, to look like their favourite actors, or fashion models

College students in Kashmir are very fashionable. They are tailor-made men and women. They put on clothes of latest fashion. A few years ago bell-bottom and loose shalwars were in fashion Then tight trousers and tight shalwars replaced them. Now jeans and baggy trousers caught the fancy of the young people. The young people ape the film industry actors and actresses in matter of fashion. It is interesting for school and college students going to their educational institutes and colleges to be in best outfits And they discuss fashion everywhere, while sitting in canteen they discuss nothing but latest fashion and their favourite film stars. It seems to be that fashion is their God, religion and their shrine It is regrettable that they are indifferent to the finer values of life

Curses of Fashion

FASHION dominates the life of a large number of college/school students With the exception of the poor students, who cannot afford the luxury fashions, almost all students regard it as an essential part of their daly march with fashions and thus appear up-to-date and tra modern. A visit to college/ school of today would indeed be an interesting experience for the who wish to know something about the influence of fashion on the student
community Boys as well as girls spend much of their time at their dressing tables. Both are seen dressed in expensive clothes of the latest trend. Critical remarks are fely made regarding classmates whose clothes do not meet the requirements lashron. Everyone aims at wearing his/her clothes to the best advantage and a producing favourable impression upon his/her class fellows. The teachers are helpless in this matter. A popular trend among college/school boys and girls in to wear what are known as “Skin Tight Jeans which have such a tight fitting that they deny the relief to the legs of wearers. Students have gone crazy abou all this The think that this is life e molecular car is look smart and modern, female students lorde s a l and inborn love for pretty dresses, and dry c e l l or try to show their love in tuition Centre edig tot has also become fashion They go there in tight fitting clothes perfumes are also used bu these stupid girls to excite boys, Evident i fashion students do not take their studies seriously They regard gain! telugu school mere Recreation, exams and class lectures as an evil Inolan attractive as their chief task. It is not only dressing up but also visit that has become a part of the fashion. He or she may forget th formala themis law of economics or theories in political science but print the names and songs of pictures of Bollywood of Shimong students is derived from the craze y at large. There are fashion shops, which design new kinds of clothes shoes sunglasses jewellery and hairstyles etc which all show the impact of the latest Trend .New type of fashion has been adopted by girls called pop they don’t know what the value of hijab is they put on a stick or as a formality boys also has spikes on the hair which completely look like noodles in a frying pan with lot of oil I wish your language are being used by students and they think it is reflected here superiority I pray Allah have mercy upon us and save us from such wrong path

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