JKBOSE Class 11th Guess Paper Download Free Pdf JK Crown

 Very important textual questions

1. Why did Pyotr’s friend ask for a stag party? 

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2. Why did kondrashkin allow pyotr to come to 

his house and meet Anastasia ? 

3. Who was Rafferty ?

4. Discuss the title of the story ”star Ducks”? 

5. What does ‘vacant and pensive mood’ 


6. What does the ‘inward eye’ mean?

7. why does the narrator compare the 

atmosphere of the shop to that of a church? 

8. What were the reasons that led to the death 

of the younger of the Gessler brothers?

9. what according to the writer is crucial to the 

success of democracy? 

10. Why did the traveler knock at the door? 

11. Explain the phrase ‘perplexed and still’ ? 

12. Who was Appa mam? 

13. Who were Appa mam’s disciples?

14. How is the loss of biodiversity linked to the 

survival of the common people of that area? 

15. What is biopiracy?

16. what kind of freedom does Tagore envisage 

for his country? 

17. Who gave the diamond to Robert sandy? 

18. why did Harry Gold persuade Robert sandy 

to take the diamond to auction? 

19. Who did the police think had committed 

the crime?

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