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Q.1. Recently who has been appointed new Director  General of Gujarat Police?

(1) Ashish Mishra (2) Ashish Bhatia

(3) Anoop Kumar (4) Varun Sridhar

(5) Hardik Shah

Q.2. Recently Hamed Bakayoko has been appointed as the Prime Minister of which country?

(1) Ivory Coast (2) Somalia (3) Belarus

(4) Kenya (5) Tunisia

Q.3. Which district of Chhattisgarh has topped the list of aspirational districts in Overall Delta Ranking 

by government think-tank Niti Aayog for the February-June 2020 period?

(1) Raipur (2) Bilaspur (3) Bijapur

(4) Bastar (5) Raigarh

Q.4. Recently Lee Teng hui has passed away, he was the former President of which country?

(1) Ghana (2) Algeria (3) Mali

(4) Eritrea (5) Taiwan

Q.5. Recently which chess player has finished second in the rapid section of the 53rd Biel International Chess Festival in Switzerland?

(1) Koneru Humpy (2) Baskaran Adhiban

(3) Krishnan Sasikiran (4) P. Harikrishna

(5) Harika Dronavalli

Q.6. Recently Asian Development Bank has signed 200 million dollar financing deal with Reliance for 

power plant for which country?

(1) Bangladesh (2) India (3) Nepal

(4) Sri Lanka (5) Bhutan

Q.7. Recently the Khadi and Village Industries Commission has signed a Memorandum of 

Understanding to supply mustard oil to Indo-Tibetan Border Police, where is Headquarter of 


(1) Mumbai (2) Hyderabad (3) Dehradun

(4) Lucknow (5) New Delhi

Q.8. Recently the 1st five of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France landed at which airbase station of Indian 

Air Force?

(1) Chandigarh AFS (2) Adampur AFS

(3) Ambala AFS (4) Amritsar AFS

(5) Awantipur AFS

Q.9. Recently which private sector bank launched a two-month campaign, ‘Kona Kona Umeed’?

(1) Laxmi Vilas Bank

(2) Karur Vyas Bank

(3) Kotak Mahindra Bank

(4) ICICI Bank

(5) IndusInd Bank

Q.10. Recently the 6th BRICS Environment Ministers’ Meeting was held under the presidency of which country?

(1) Brazil (2) Russia (3) India

(4) China (5) South Africa

Q.11. Recently which state government has launched an innovative virtual cybercrime awareness programme named as ‘E-Raksha Bandhan’?

(1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Uttar Pradesh

(3) Bihar (4) Haryana

(5) Punjab

Q.12. Recently Mohamed Irfaan Ali has been elected as the president which country?

(1) Ivory Coast (2) Malaysia

(3) Afghanistan (4) Maldives

(5) Guyana

Q.13. Recently which country became the first Arab country to open a nuclear power plant?

(1) Saudi Arabia (2) United Arab Emirates

(3) Qatar (4) Bahrain

(5) Kuwait

Q.14. Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar has released a book titled “Siyasat Mein Sadasyata” authored by whom?

(1) Vijay Kumar Choudhary

(2) Amish Tripathi

(3) Sunil Trivedi

(4) Pramod Mehta

(5) Ravi Shastri

Q.15. Recently who has won the Formula One British Grand Prix 2020 held at the Silverstone Circuit, United Kingdom?

(1) Benedikt Howedes (2) Jamie Vardy

(3) Valtteri Bottas (4) Lewis Hamilton

(5) Charles Leclerc

Q.16. Recently Rajya Sabha MP and leader Amar Singh has passed away, he was related to which political party?

(1) Bhartiya Janata Party

(2) Samajwadi Party

(3) Indian National Congress

(4) Bahujan Samaj Party

(5) Aam Aadmi Party

Q.17. Recently Kamal Rani Varun has passed away, she was the Cabinet Minister of which state?

(1) Bihar (2) Rajasthan

(3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Jharkhand

(5) Uttar Pradesh

Q.18. Recently who has taken over the charge as Director General, News Services Division of All India Radio?

(1) Rahul Bajaj (2) Kuldeep Nair

(3) Jaideep Bhatnagar (4) Vaibhav Kumar Reddy

(5) Mahesh Sharma

Q.19. Recently who has taken over as chief of Indian Air Force’s Western Air Command?

(1) VR Chaudhari

(2) Avinash Chandra Mehta

(3) Nitin Kumar Bansal

(4) Sudhir Shukla

(5) Pramod Kumar Mehta

Q.20. Recently “Bharat Air Fibre Services” has been inaugurated by the Union Minister Sanjay Dhotre 

in which state?

(1) Gujarat (2) Andhra Pradesh

(3) Haryana (4) Maharashtra

(5) Madhya Pradesh

Q.21. The prominent Northern Ireland politician and former Nobel Prize winner, John Hume has passed away, he was awarded by Nobel Prize in which field?

(1) Economics (2) Physics (3) Medicine

(4) Peace (5) Chemistry

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