Most Expected MCQ’s For JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam

Most Expected MCQ’s For JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam

1)What is the position of the Right to Property in India?

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a) Legal right available to citizens only
b) Legal right available to any person
c) Fundamental Right available to citizens
d) Neither Fundamental Right nor legal right

2) By which constitutional amendment the Panchayati Raj system was given
constitutional status?
a) 73rd C. A
b) 74th C. A.
c) 79th C. A.
d) 80th C. A
Which is the second state in the country to implement Panchayati Raj system?
a) Rajasthan
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamilnadu
d) Karnataka
Fundamental duties are mentioned in which article of the constitution?
a) Article 51
b) Article 51A
c) Article 52
d) Article 53

5) Which schedule of the constitution mentions the official language?

a) Schedule 7
b) Schedule 8
c) Schedule 9
d) Schedule 10
The parliamentary system in the Constitution of India has been taken from the constitution of which country?

a) United Kingdom
b) Germany
c) United States
d) Canada
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