Kashmir University 6th Semester Botany Guess Papers

Kashmir University 6th Semester Botany Guess Papers

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Botany guess paper prepared by Dr Nasir
1 modified mendelian ratio 2:3 : lethal genetics
2 incomplete inheritance 9:7
3 multiple allelism pelietropy with example

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4 polygenic inheritance vs monogenic
5 linkage comple and incomplete
6 numerical changes in chromosomes euplodry and aneuplody
7 strectural changes deletions and duplications inversions and translocations

8: concept and conservation of germplasm
9 origin and domestication of rice
10 plant genetic Resources
11 plant introduction and acclimytzation
12 polypoidy and it’s role in crop improvement
13 inbreeding depression and hepriosis basis and genetic Applications
13 concept of plant mutations their role in crop improvement

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