Kashmir University 4th Semester Geology Guess Paper

In this post we will provide u Guess u UG 4th Semester Geology Guess Paper

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Geology guess!


3M Questions

1.Define the following terms; Coordination no, ionisation potential, atomic substitution.

2. State phase rule.

3. Define geothermal gradient.

4.Discuss gravity anomaly briefly.

5.Explain geoidic structure of earth.

6. What are seismic waves &it’s types

7.Define induced seismicity.

8.Name some major belts of earthquake.

9.Explain focul mechanism.

10. Difference between hydrology and geohydrology.


5M Questions

1.Gold Schmidt classification of elements.

2.Define geochronology. Discuss relative & absolute dating techniques.

3.What is gravitational field. Discuss its variabilities

4. Explain seismic wave reflection & refraction.

5. Discuss tectonic & volcanic earthquakes

6. Define aquifer & it’s types.

7. Define hydrological cycle & dicuss it’s components.

8.State seismic gap theory.


8M Questions

1. What is isostasy. Gives different perspectives of airy & pratty.

2.Explore Earth’s interior with geophysical & geochemical techniques.

3.Explain elastic rebound theory with example.

4.Define hydrology & explain properties of rock.

5. Explain major, trace, REEs, Lil,Hfse .



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