NEET 2022 : Biology 40 Days Crash Course

NEET 40 Days Crash Course 2022 Edition – Download PDF. To crack NEET exam with a good percentile, you need to practice a good amount of questions with the latest pattern and syllabus. But, practicing mock tests play an important role in your exam preparation. So as per the demand of the students, we have uploaded the Biology Crash Course NEET for 40 days. In which

• Quick theory covering all imp. numbers/formulas

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• Objective questions covering exam questions

• 8 Unit Tests and 3 Full Length Mock Tests

Day-1-The Living World Click Here
Day-2-Plant Kingdom Click Here
Day-3-Animal Kingdom Click Here
Day-4-Unit Test 1 Click Here
Day-5-Morphology of Flowering Plants Click Here
Day-6-Anatomy of Flowering Plants Click Here
Day-7-Structural Organisation in Animals Click Here
Day-8-Unit Test 2 Click Here
Day-9-Cell-The Unit of Life Click Here
Day-10-Biomolecules and Enzymes Click Here
Day-11-Cell Cycle and Cell Division Click Here
Day-12-Unit Test 3 Click Here
Day-13-Transport in Plants Click Here
Day-14-Mineral Nutrition Click Here
Day-15-Photosynthesis Click Here
Day-16-Respiration in Plants Click Here
Day-17-Plant Growth and Development Click Here
Day-18-Unit Test 4 Click Here
Day-19-Digestion and Absorption Click Here
Day-20-Breathing and Exchange of Gases Click Here
Day-21-Body Fluids and Circulation Click Here
Day-22-Excretory Products and Their Elimination Click Here
Day-23-Movement and Locomotion Click Here
Day-24-Neural Control and Chemical Coordination Click Here
Day-25-Unit Test 5 Click Here
Day-26-Reproduction in Plants Click Here
Day-27-Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health Click Here
Day-28-Unit Test 6 Click Here
Day-29-Genetics Click Here
Day-30-Molecules Basis of Inheritance Click Here
Day-31-Evolution Click Here
Day-32-Unit Test 7 Click Here
Day-33-Biology and Human Welfare Click Here
Day-34-Biotechnology Principles and its Applications Click Here
Day-35-Organisms and Ecosystem Click Here
Day-36-Biodiversity It’s Conservation and Environmental Issues Click Here
Day-37-Unit Test 8 Click Here
Day-38-Mock Test 1 Click Here
Day-39-Mock Test 2 Click Here
Day-40-Mock Test 3 Click Here
Neet (National) Solved Paper-2019 Click Here
NEET Solved Paper-2020 Click Here
NEET Solved Paper-2021 Click Here

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