Kashmir University 3rd Semester General English Guess

Kashmir University 3rd Semester General English Guess

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Note : this guess is for Regular Batch Students . We Will Upload Sepretete Guess Paper for Backlog Students

Guess paper general English regular batch 2020
1 draw a character sketch of any three of them
1 mrs anne Pearson 2 George Person 3 Donis Pearson 4 Mrs Fitzgeard
2 what picture of Mrs Pearson emerge in the opening of the play of mothers day
3 what was the Fitzgerald advice to mrs Pearson
4 How was Annie Pearson response for her fate
5 How is George Person treated at the club
6 Discuss the Theme of the play mother Day
7 How does Mrs Fitzgeard put dons Cyril and George in their places
Unit 11 Memoir
1 what is the theme of the story of my life by Helen Keller
2 what is the problems faced by the Helen Keller in the story of my life
3 Draw a character sketch of Helen Keller
4 who was mildard Keller
5 What are the four main incidents in the story story of my life
6 what is Helen Kellers family background
7 How was Hellen Keller born and what physical illness did she have
8 what is Helens attitude about the poor in the story of my life

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