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Man-made disasters include: (Answer : D)

a) a) Wars b) b) Terrorism c) c) Industrial hazard d)d) All of the above

2. 2001 Terrorist attack in America is referred as: (Answer : A)

a) (a) 9/11 b) (b) 11/9 c) (c) 10/11 d)(d) 11/01

3. A _ is the form of rapid mass movement of earthy matters. (Answer : C)

a) a. Solification b) b. Creep c) c. debris flow d)d. Lahars

4. A fractal system is one that involves which of the following? (Answer : B)

a) b. similarity in form at a wide range of scales b) c. completely unrelated processes that interact to

produce an event c) d. closely related processes that interact to produce a larger event d)

5. A hazard is a situation where there is (Answer : B)

a) Threat of natural calamity b) Threat to property and lives from calamities c) Threat for

consequences of disaster d)All of the above

6. A hazard: (Answer : D)

a) A) is a potentially damaging physical event, phenomenon, or human activity b) B) may cause the

loss of life or injury, property damage, c) C) may generate social and economic disruption or environmental

degradation. d)D) all of the above

7. A stream with too much bed load will usually have what type of channel pattern? (Answer : C)

a) straight b) meandering c) braided d)dendritic

8. According to U. N. O. there were about ______ disasters per year between 1992 – 2000 in the world?

(Answer : C)

a) a. 100 b) b. 300 c) c. 500 d)d. 800

9. According to World Disasters Report of 2010, during 2000-09, 85% of affected people belonged to the?

(Answer : A)

a) a. Asia Pacific Region b) b. African region c) c. Japan region d)d. Australian region

10. An active volcano Mauna Loa is located in: (Answer : A)

a) a. Hawaii, USA b) b. Brazil c) c. Japan d)d. None of the above

11. An effect that natural disasters can have on people affected by the event is an increased rate of

(Answer : C)

a) homicide b) immigration c) population growth d)all of these

12. An example of Civil war is (Answer : C)

a) A. Kargil war b) B. World war I c) C. Syrian war d)D. None of the above

13. An example of natural disaster is : (Answer : D)

a) Tsunami b) Flood c) Storm d)All of these

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