3rd Sem Education Notes Free PDF Download : Jkcrown Kashmir University Notes

3rd Sem Education  Notes Free PDF Download  : Jkcrown Kashmir University Notes

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Q:-What is Philosophy?

A:-The term  ̳Philosophy has been derived from two Greek words- ̳Philos‘ and  ̳Sophia‘.  ̳Philos means love and  ̳Sophia‘ means wisdom. Thus etymologically speaking, philosophy is love of wisdom. Plato accepts this meaning of philosophy. He states, ―He who has a taste for every sort of knowledge and who is a anxious to learn and is never satisfied may be just termed a philosopher.‖

Definitions of Philosophy

1. According to Fichte, ―Philosophy is the science of knowledge‖.

2. According to Kant, ―Philosophy is the science and criticism of cognition‖.

3. In the words of Raymont,― Philosophy is unceasing effort to discern the

general truth that lies behind the particular facts, to discern also the reality that lies behind appearance.‖

4. According to Sellar, ―Philosophy is a persistent attempt to gain insight into the nature of the world ad of ourselves by means of systematic reflection.‖

5. According to Bertrand Russell, ―Philosophy, like all other studies, aims primarily at knowledge.‖

6. According to S.Radhakrishna, ―Philosophy is a logical enquiry into the nature

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