Big Update Regarding CBSE Board Check Here

CBSE Board Exam, NCF 2023 Draft: Indian education system is in discussion. NCF has presented a new draft of the education system. In this, many changes are proposed in the entire education system. Now a big change is expected in the CBSE board exams as well.

(CBSE Board Exam, NCF 2023 Draft). Last week, the Ministry of Education presented the NCF 2023 draft. In this, many recommendations and suggestions were given to improve the education system. Before implementing this draft, suggestions have also been sought from stakeholders like students, parents, teachers and scholars (Education Model).

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Big changes are going to happen in the Indian education system in the coming few years. Now more focus will be given on skill based and practical education. The education model will be made in such a way that children do not consider studies as a burden and not only study diligently, but they will also be prepared for the future. Along with this, the format of the board exam will also be changed.

How will the board result be made?

The NCF 2023 draft proposes to recommend modular exams instead of year-end exams. Board exams have also been talked about twice a year. The final score of the students in class 10th and 12th will be based on their overall performance in 2 years. This may include at least four board exam sessions starting from class 9th and 11th.

How many exams will have to be given?

As per the NCF draft, the secondary stage is divided into 4 grades (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th). In this stage one can select any 16 choice based courses from 8 curriculum areas. These will be covered in 4 semesters. Each choice based course will be covered in 1 semester. Students will have to give a total of 16-16 papers in this group of 8-8. It is proposed to keep the parts of 11th-12th together.

List of subjects from 9th to 12th

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