All About 3rd Sem Evaluation Status (FAQ) 2022 – Check Here

All About 3rd Sem Evaluation Status (FAQ) 2022 – Check Here

Is Evaluation Status & Result same? Why English has showen ‘X’ in Practical Column? What are the Passing Marks?

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Dear Readers, as we already know that Kashmir University has released Evaluation Status For BG 3rd Sem Batch 2016-2020 today.

However, it has been observed that there is heavy load on the website.

The main confusion among students are discussed below:

Are Evaluation Status & Result same?
The answer is may or not be. The instructions by Kashmir University clearly shows that this is not Result. This means the final result may be different from this sometimes. Through evaluation status you have to focus on is there any wrong i,e if it shows you absent despite present or terms like NA, UFM etc.

Why English has shown ‘X’ in Practical Column?
The answer is that English (Batch 2020) has only 2 Credit (30 Marks ). It doesn’t have Any practical that is why it shows ‘X’.

What are the Passing Marks?
Subjects that have credit 4 for theory , this simply mean that the maximum marks is 60 & Minimum ( Passing) Marks is 24. Subjects that have 2 Credit for theory simply mean there is maximum marks 30 & Minimum (Passing) Marks 12. Credit 6 has Maximum 90 marks, Students have to required 36 Marks to pass the subject(s) out of 90

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