Kashmir Files’ Download Links Will Empty Your Bank Account: Rs 30 Lakh Robbed By Scamsters

Kashmir Files’ Download Links

Kashmir Files’ Download Link  Cybercriminals are exploiting the popularity of the ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie to loot people on social media

Fraud In The Guise Of Free Movie

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They have been found circulating fake links of the movie on social media and WhatsApp to defraud the people who click on them.

They claim that the link gives the target free access to the movie.

When the target clicks any of these dubious links, the cons hack their phones and rob their bank accounts linked to their mobile numbers.

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Rs 30 Lakh Already Gone

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Ranvijay Singh said that frauds amounting to Rs 30 lakh have been reported under the pretext of getting ‘The Kashmir Files’ for free.

He added that three people approached police from just one police station in the last 24 hours with similar complaints of cyber fraud, in which they ended up losing a combined Rs 30 lakh.

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Modus Operandi

The DCP also said that the fraudsters may send malware to phone users in the guise of sharing the movie link.

In some cases, the victim doesn’t realise that their device has been hacked from a remote location.

But they get alerted when they learn that their bank accounts have been emptied.

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General Advice

The police have advised people to avoid clicking on links sent by unknown people online.

If friends or acquaintances share files or videos, it is advisable to check with them if they have watched or seen the file before opening it yourself.

Contact the cyber helpline 1930 (formerly 155260) immediately if you suspect an online fraud has occurred.

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