Kashmir University 6th Semester chemistry mcqs quick revision

Lattice points have another name which is called
A. lattice sites
B. lattice arrangements
C. lattice circles
D.lattice array
Q2. In crystal lattice ions are arranged in
A. two dimensions
B. four dimensions
C. three dimensions
D.single dimension
Q3. Points which shows position of atoms in a crystal are called
A. lattice points
B. lattice lines
C. lattice circles
D.lattice arrangements
Q4. Crystal lattice is actually
A. array of points
B. lines of points
C. sum of points
D.triangle of points
Q5: Crystal lattice is also known as
A. lattice triangle
B. space lattice
C. lattice line
D. lattice array
Q6. Lead is a metallic crystal having a structure.

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