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Viral Video: Deadly King Cobra Follows The Child Into His House Check Vedio

 Viral Video: Deadly King Cobra follows the child into his house, clip not for the faint-hearted.

The instance took place in Vietnam where the child was playing on the ground with his father and grandfather around him.

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■ Just then, king cobra slithered in fast towards the toddler.

Thankfully, the men acted first and took the child away from the snake.

Watch Video Here

The incident took place in Vietnam’s Soc Trang village. A child was playing with his toys on the ground. Around him, his grandfather is standing close to him, while a man is sitting on the chair near the door and is busy on the phone.

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The poisonous snake slithers really fast towards the door. Thankfully, everybody was inside and an accident was averted.

The video description narrated what exactly happened, “There was a 2 meter king cobra slithering into my house when my son was playing his toy in the front yard. The man who was standing is his grandfather. As the grandfather has just recovered from a stroke, he couldn’t react quickly; he saw the snake slithering and he shouted out loud in order to call my husband to rescue the kid. Luckily, everyone is fine!”

The above-shared video went viral not just on YouTube, but on other social media platforms as well. Since shared on July 15, it garnered 96,121 views.

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In the comments section, terrified netizens reacted to the video. “Look at the speed man. Today I strongly believe that one should never underestimate snakes,” one user said.

Another one added, “Wow didn’t expect it to be that fast and agile based on the old man’s reaction when he initially spotted it. Good thing the younger guy was there for both him and the baby!”

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