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Career Options in Sociology
Sociology, as a career, is both impactful and fulfilling. Many of us have aspired to make an impact on society and the career options in sociology bring this opportunity close.
Here are some of the most popular career options in sociology:
1. Social Worker
A career in helping people and improving societies, which pretty much defines a social worker, is the most sought-after job for sociology aspirants. Sociology graduates can use the knowledge of social dynamics to analyse social issues and find ways to help resolve them. Social workers refer issues to appropriate community agencies to ensure the allotment of resources to individuals and families in need.
2. Journalist
For candidates with a flair of writing and a good grasp of observing mass attitude and analyse social issues, journalism is the ideal option. Top news agencies and publications in India are always on the lookout for professionals adept in understanding social circumstances.
3. Administrative Support
Top educational institutions require professionals who can assess individual and mass psychology, understand human behaviour and troubleshoot issues. Sociologists can become a part of the administrative staff at schools, colleges, and universities.
4. Rehabilitation Counsellor
If you are inclined towards helping the youths of their society, this career option is ideal for you. Rehabilitation counsellors use their counselling techniques learned in sociology to guide youths who have been misled into making wrong decisions in life, who have committed a crime and have completed their penitence, and those who have been abused or traumatised by life events.
5. Family Counsellor
Sociologists are adept counsellors, and that’s why their expertise can be utilised in family counselling. Family counsellors use their observation and critical thinking to assess different familial or marital issues and provide guidance in mitigation.
6. Survey Researcher
As the name suggests, survey researchers conduct surveys to make various decisions. These include observing patterns of social and political issues, health and culture, and how consumers are reacting to a particular product or service. They create questionnaires, form focus groups, and get clear answers. Sociologists make use of data collection and statistical analysis techniques to gather evidence and create well-informed reports for public and private organisations.
7. Human Resources (HR) Specialist
A part of being a sociologist includes interacting with a large number of people every day. This is the foundation of being an HR specialist who analyses job roles, decides if a candidate is suitable for a particular job, interviews the candidates to arrive at a decision.
8. Policy Analyst
Sociologists have to study policies in their academic journey. That’s why they are hired as policy analysts to observe social issues and recommend legislators to address these issues. Sociologists can make use of their knowledge and skill to analyse sociological research data to understand if particular legislation has made a positive or negative impact on social issues and population.
9. Media Planner
A media planner’s job entails figuring out a plan to advertise for a product or service for a client. This requires a good grasp of mass psychology, and sociologists are taught exactly that. Top companies require experts to create market surveys, analyse data, and help marketers create advertising campaigns

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