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1. In the Hill roads, if several alternate alignments are surveyed which fulfill the geometric standards, then the preferred alignment is the one which has resisting length as

 (A) Maximum 
(B) Minimum
 (C) Very near to average resisting length of all the alignments
 (D) Zero 

 2. What is the relation between Consumptive Irrigation Requirement (CIR), Net Irrigation Requirement (NIR), Field Irrigation Requirement (FIR) and Gross Irrigation Requirement (GIR)? 


 3. The ratio of volumetric strain with compressive stress is defined as

 (A) Fluid energy 
(B) Force 
(C) Compressibility
 (D) Pressure 

 4. The rate of BOD exerted at any time is

 (A) Directly proportional to BOD satisfied
 (B) Directly proportional to BOD remaining
 (C) Inversely proportional to BOD satisfied
(D) Inversely proportional to BOD remaining

  5. Tensile strength of steel used in rails should NOT be less than 
(A) 850 Mpa
 (B) 700 Mpa
 (C) 500 Mpa 
(D) 450 Mpa 

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