The 12th student wrote in the answer sheet, Sir ! Please pass or else the marriage will break, I am also your daughter

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 The 12th student wrote in the answer sheet, Sir ! Please pass or else the marriage will break, I am also your daughter

Bihar, March 21 , 2021 :

In Bihar, the amazing answers given in exams and exams remain in the discussion every time. 

In such a situation, 12th class papers were checked at four centers of Nawada. The teachers were also surprised to see the answers written by the students during checking. 

Many students have mentioned that they are unable to study due to corona. At the same time, many have appealed to pass themselves citing corona infection and disease.

Students have appealed in different ways to pass. Students have written questions instead of answers. 

Apart from this, in several copies, students requested to contact them by writing their mobile number. At the same time, a student has made a very strange appeal

The student has appealed to pass through his prospect sheet citing the break up of the marriage.

If you have a daughter then you will definitely understand
The student has requested that I am married on May 26, if I fail, I do not know what will happen. 

The student has appealed that it be passed. She has not been able to write the paper properly due to fever. 

The student has further written that Sir Beti will consider you and give good numbers, salutes you. As you have a daughter, so are we. 

We come from very poor family. If you have a daughter, you will definitely understand. Checker is upset after reading such answer sheet of students.

Big decision of education department
Earlier, Bihar Education Department had taken an important decision for the children of the state. 

According to this decision, in the session 2020-21, children from first to eighth class will be promoted to the next class without any examination. 

On this, the Education Department has also issued a resolution on Tuesday. 

All schools in the state were closed from March 13, 2020 due to the Corona transition, after which the schools opened with conditions for children from Class 6th to 8th from February 8, 2021 and from 1st to 5th from March 1, 2021. They went.

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