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When everything seems to go against you remember that the airplane takes off against the wind not with it – Henry Ford
As this quote is saying that” Airplane takes off against the wind not with it”, we must try to relate this with our life too. There is no success no peacewithout struggle, we don’t have any destination without any kind of struggle. We all have our own struggles but there are some things that differentiate them with each other. Whenever we talk about struggle what comes in our mind?  Well there come a plenty of things like children suffering from poverty and hunger on roads, people facing financial problems, etc. But what actually struggle is? Well, for me it is the restlessness of mind that doesn’t let it to set peace inside it . Restlessness due to poverty, lack of education, mental issues, inferiority complex, etc. There are many reasons but the fact is that struggle is a period of life or simply that time when a person is not able to live their life as they wanted to live it or dreamt of it. Struggle is a battle that we have to fight alone it’s a night that becomes more dark as the time passes, but we must not forget that every dark night witnesses a bright morning. Even though it’s a harder fight but one should not give up over their circumstances. Staying alive itself is a harder struggle for some people. They don’t have a single person to think about them and sometimes they are traumatised but that doesn’t mean that they shouldgive up . Those who fall must get up not for themselves but for their loved ones, who love them unconditionally without expecting anything back. We have to live for others it’s often said “live for yourself” but sometimes we have to do it for someone else. Once we know that we are the reason for someone’s smile we cannot ever think of running away. There are times when we feel low or tired of everything and it feels like we are no longer strong that we used to be but remember that God sends his strongest soldiers for toughest battles and count yourself one of them. Never get tired of your problems. These problems in turn bestow us with a good experience so that we could observe things more clearly. We should be our own motivator who is never tiered of motivating. Not everyone in this world is going to give you same love and respect that you had given them and don’t let those people stay in your life no matter how important they are, they will only decrease your love for yourself. Fill yourself with positivity and surround yourself with positive people so that negative remains out of your life.. 
Article By Muntaha ( Student) 

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