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 Polymer chemistry Expected Question 

Short answer
(01)Define polydispersity index?
(01)Define volcanization of Rubber?
(02)What are the characteristic features of Calorants,thermal stabilizer, UV stabilizer?
(04) define spinning?
(05) what are elastomers give three examples?
(06) what are polyelectrolytes give it’s examples?
(07) give the structure of Glyptol?
(08) Define Graft Copolymer?
(09) give the structure of Bakelite?
(10) define cellular polymer?
(11) what are the factors affecting the solubility of polymer?
(11) what is Degree of polymerization?
(12) Define Degree of crystallinity?
(13). Define Functionality Principle?
(14) What are plasticizers give their examples?
(15) What are polymer Adhesives give three examples?
(16) Give three uses of Zeolites ?
Medium type 
(01) Explain the various polymer processing in Detail account?
(02) Explain the characterization of polymer By UV visible spectroscopy?
(02) Define Cationic polymerisation and their Machanism?
(03) explain the characterization of polymer By electron Diffraction Method?
(04) Determine the molecular weight of polymer By osmometry Method?
(05) Determine the molecular mass of polymer By End Group Anysis?
(06) Explain the characterization of polymer By Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy?
Long answer
(01) Discuss the kinetics of Copolymerizatio in terms of poly condensation polymerisation with catalyst and without catalyst?
(02) explain the Chain Growth polymerisation in detailed account?
(03) Determine the Weight average molecular mass of polymer By Light Scattering Method?
(04) Explain the Compex Catalysis system give it’s Machanism 
(05) Explain the Characterization of polymers by Electron Spin Resonance?

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