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Guess Paper 5th SemPolitical Science (Western Political Thought)
1. Short Answer Type Questions:
a. Define Political Thought?
b. Define Liberty?
c. Define Citizenship?
d. What Is City-State?
e. What Is Leviathan?
f. What Is Meant By Bourgeoisie?
g. What Is Leisure According To Aristotle?
h. What Is Sovereignty?
*2. Medium Answer Type Questions?*
a. What Is Natural Inequality According To Rousseau?
b. What Is The Concept of “Other Regarding Actions”?
c. Discuss Karl Marx Theory Of Surplus Value?
d. Discuss Mill’s Reflections On Democracy?
e. Discuss John Locke’s Justification Of The Right To Poverty?
f. Discuss Major Questions Of Modern Western Political Thought?
g. Discuss Major Theme Of Ancient Western Political Thought?
h. Discuss Citizenship According To Aristotle?
i. Discuss Views Of Hobbes On Sovereignty?
*3.Long Answer Type Questions?*
a. Explain Major Themes Of Modern And Ancient Western Political Thought?
b. Discuss Aristotle’s Concept Of Citizenship?
c. J.S Mill’s Concept of Liberty?
d. Theory of State?
e. Concept Of Inequality?
f. Hobbes, Political Science?

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