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1500+ Sure Questions   Which of the following Vedas deals with magic spells and witchcraft?

(a) Rigveda

(b) Samaveda

(c) Yajurveda

(d) Atharvaveda

Ans: (d)

2. The later Vedic Age means the age of the compilation of

(a) Samhitas

(b) Brahmanas

(c) Aranyakas

(d) All the above

Ans: (d)

3. The Vedic religion along with its Later (Vedic) developments is actually known as

(a) Hinduism

(b) Brahmanism

(c) Bhagavatism

(d) Vedic Dharma

Ans: (b)

4. The Vedic Aryans first settled in the region of

(a) Central India

(b) Gangetic Doab

(c) Saptasindhu

(d) Kashmir and Punjab

Ans: (c)

5. Which of the following contains the famous Gayatrimantra?

(a) Rigveda

(b) Samaveda

(c) Kathopanishad

(d) Aitareya Brahmana

Ans: (a)

6. The famous Gayatrimantra is addressed to

(a) Indra

(b) Varuna

(c) Pashupati

(d) Savita

Ans: (d)

7. Two highest ,gods in the Vedic religion were

(a) Agni and Savitri

(b) Vishnu and Mitra

(c) Indra and Varuna

(d) Surya and Pushan

Ans: (c)

8. Division of the Vedic society into four classes is clearly mentioned in the

(a) Yajurveda

(b) Purusa-sukta of Rigveda

(c) Upanishads

(d) Shatapatha Brahmana

Ans: (b)

9. This Vedic God was ‘a breaker of the forts’ and also a ‘war god’

(a) Indra

(b) Yama

(c) Marut

(d) Varuna

Ans: (a)

10. The Harappan or Indus Valley Civilisation flourished during the ____ age.

(a) Megalithic

(b) Paleolithic

(c) Neolithic

(d) Chalcolithic

Ans: (d)

11. The first metal to be extensively used by the people in India was

(a) Bronze

(b) Copper

(c) Iron

(d) Tin

Ans: (b)

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