GUIDELINES FOR THE STUDENTS BG 1st Semester Regular 2020 Online Open Book Examination November 2020 Government Degree College Anantnag

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1. Eligibility:
The students of BG 1st Semester (Batch 2020) with a valid Admit Card
downloaded from the Kashmir University Website having allotted
Examination Centre Govt. Degree Collage Anantnag.
The student should be registered in Google Classes of the respective
subjects indicated in his/her Admit Card.
Since Google classroom will serve as an alternative to examination hall as
such any student who is not registered in Google Classrooms cannot be
examined. Therefore, it is in the interest of students to get registered
before commencement of the examination. List of Google Classrooms along
with their codes shall be notified separately along with the Date Sheet and
shall be available on the following link:
Note: The students failing to appear in examination as per the
scheduled Date Sheet will be treated as absent and need to appear in
backlog examination as per guidelines of the Kashmir University 

2. Mode of Examination:
The examination will be an Open Book Examination and shall be held in
online mode on Google Classroom platform. Students have to appear in
examination with enrolled subjects through the registered Google
Question papers shall be posted in the respective Google Classrooms at
11:00 AM as per the schedule mentioned in the notified date sheet.
Students are required to write answers in their own handwriting with ball
point pen in black ink on plain A4 size papers not exceeding 5 pages.
Each page of the answer script should be properly numbered as
(Page_NO /Total_Pages) eg. 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4.
Page Number in the format specified above along with the students
Examination RolNo should be mentioned at bottom of each page. The
students are also required to write their information legibly at top of the front/first page as Name, Class/Semester, Subject, Subject-Code,
Examination Roll No., Date and Signature.
Students have to scan pages of the answer script in sequential order and
convert them into a PDF file. The PDF file should be renamed as the
students Examination RollNo. and mail to the E-Mail address mentioned
on the question paper.
Mobile se pdf file kaise banaye:
Answer scripts should be mailed by or before 4:00PM on the day of
examination. Mailed answer scripts within the stipulated time shall only
be entertained. 

3. Pattern of Question Paper:
The question paper will be distributed in three sections. Each section will
have equal marks distribution and all questions are compulsory.
Section A: shall consist of 04 (four) very short answer type questions and
the students are required to write the answer in 20 to 30 words.
Section B: shall consist of 02 (two) short answer type questions and the
students are required to write the answer in 100 to 200 words.
Section C: shall consist of 01 (one) long answer type questions and the
students are required to write the answer in 500 to 600 words.
Note: The students shall write answers with their own hand and try to
restrict to 04 to 05 A4 Size Paper pages only.

 4. Examination Schedule :
Examination is scheduled to be held in first week of November. Tentatively
the examination may start w.e.f. 5th November 2020.
Note: Examination of Fresh Private and Backlog (2016-19) will be
held separately after the Regular Examinations. The schedule shall be
notified on the college website. after 7th

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