Education 6th sem previous year paper download university of kashmir


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  • Problems
    • Low accessibility.
    • The curriculum doesn’t meet the developmental needs of children.
    • Lack of qualified and trained teachers.
    • Substandard pedagogy.
    • Currently, most early childhood education is delivered through anganwadis and private-preschools. However, there has been less focus on the educational aspects of early childhood.
  • The policy recommends developing a two-part curriculum for early childhood care and education.
    • Guidelines for up to three-year-old children.
    • Educational framework for three to eight-year-old children.
    • This would be implemented by improving and expanding the Anganwadi system and co-locating anganwadis with primary schools.
  • The Right to Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act):
    • Expanding the ambit of the Act to all children between the ages of three to 18 years, thus including early childhood education and secondary school education.
    • Review recent amendments to the RTE Act on continuous and comprehensive evaluation and the no-detention should be no detention of children till class eight. Instead, schools must ensure that children are achieving age-appropriate learning levels.

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