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You were explaining about Karma That I kept the table in the wrong place last night.Next morning I stubbed my toe and got hurt.I had kept the table there. So that was supposed to be the stimulus.It was my karma.I faced the consequence and that was the destiny.As a result I got hurt.How I accept it now and learn from it And what I do now is my Present Karma.But this is a small incident.When does this small incident become big?When you kept the table there yesterday And today you got hurt. So you remember it.You had kept it there by mistake, so you got hurt. You remember it.Yesterday you wore a different dress and today your dress is different.But suppose you kept the table there yesterday and You went there after 100 years and then you got hurt Bye then, this dress would have changed. Which means this body would have changed.This physical body taken by the soul would have changed

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.We had kept the table while we were in this costume or body.And by the time we came to the table next time and got injured By then we had changed our body (next life).But when the costume changed The memory of having kept the table here, would have got merged.Between yesterday and today itself Some people will blame and ask who kept the table there Although they actually remember or somebody might remind them.That they themselves had kept it there.But in a gap of 100 years Nobody can remember that I had kept the table here.Can we not think of it as If getting injured is written in my destiny Somebody or the other would have kept the table there.Absolutely not.My destiny is my creation.My destiny is my responsibility.Who kept it there so that I get hurt?If we take this phrase That because it was written in my destiny that I should get hurt That is why someone had kept this table here.Then who had written in your destiny that you had to get hurt?That’s what I am asking. Maybe God wrote it.Why will God want you to get hurt?It could be due to some past Karmic account are Karmic balance.The Karmic account itself was that the table was lying there.

What does past Karmic account mean?It means I had only done some Karma in the past.And I got hurt today because of it.Or I had done a karma because of which that table had to come in my way.It’s mine.If we go the other way around That it was in my destiny to get hurt and therefore the table was kept here Why was it written in my destiny that I should get hurt?My karma.It comes back to my come again isn’t it?If we talk about a bigger thing like an accident The most traumatic experience in my life We set out from Hyderabad to Bombay in a car.There was a stationary truck on the highway.There was a huge luxury bus coming from the other side.Between these two hour car got stuck If we had started even 1 second earlier or 2 seconds later Who sets this timing?For that truck to be parked there and the bus coming in the opposite direction Our car had got punctured few minutes prior to that.We had a cup of tea and got the car ready And then we got into that accident Suppose you write the script of a movie.It will be written in a similar way. You will create all these scenes.

That someone will stop their car to have tea.And then there will be up truck or bus and then accident happens.This is how you write the script isn’t it?Script of our life also is written the same way.Only thing is, this script Is a consequence of karmas created across multiple lifetimes Across multiple costumes (body)This script is a consequence of all that.So we see it as the journey of our life.A journey where situations keep unfolding in front of us.But all the situations that keep coming in front of us It’s based on a long, long list of the karmas we have done It is their consequences.It’s like how they all intermingle and create a complete scene.You will find that in some scene of life You will face a loss like in this scene.And after that loss, you will find that someone will come to help you.So then a beautiful scene gets created.And then something happens in that beautiful scene and you will face a problem.But even the biggest of problems somebody will come to help you.And then that problem seems very small to you.This is like a Jigsaw puzzle.It is a huge Jigsaw puzzle.Whose pieces that fit together And when all the pieces fit together We can see the journey of a lifetime.But those individual pieces of that Jigsaw puzzle Are they all the stimulus?There are consequences of different karmas .

If you look at one piece singularly We will not understand why it happened with me.But if we understand the the background of that piece, because this is the effect.We don’t know the cause.When that table was lying there, we understood.But instead of a table if it was a person standing Which means yesterday I had an unpleasant interaction with the soul in a particular costume.It was not the right Karma that I did.Suppose a lot of time passes and my costume or body has changed.We come into the tomorrow.That soul stood in front of me.Last time it was the table but this time it is that soul.Suppose we don’t even do anything now But we are bound to get hurt by that soul.Why? Because it is an effect of my last time’s cause.Now when I get hurt by that soul Similar to the table instance, we have options.We blame, scold someone, cry, scream at people Or we speak lovingly to the self and heal our internal hurt.Just withdraw from that scene emotionally and move on.And the next time we don’t get entangled with that soul.Which means next time we will not keep the table in our way.In that accident what is it that we placed?In case of the accident, the souls whom we are referring a stimulus 

There was a bus and a stationary truck.Which means we have a Karmic account with those souls also.First of all, expensive cars like the one we had, don’t develop tyre punctures.It was supposed to happen.It has to happen with me.Situations will align themselves to make it happen for me.It has to happen.At this moment, the Karmic give and take which I have with these souls It was only for this duration. Let’s say 60 years.After 60 years I need to take leave from these souls And go to a different set of souls This is predestined.I can call this an accident or past Karmic account.But whoever left their body in the present.It was his daily prayer That his children should be taken care by his brother in Mumbai after he leaves the body.So has that come true?Or it can be an accident?Intuition means knowledge about what is about to happen.Sometimes how is it that we can already sense what is yet to happen?It has not yet happened.It can happen in such a big thing or even in small instances of life.That whatever is yet to happen We will sometimes know about it beforehand. Why?Because whatever is yet to happen It is already decided.That vibration is already there and we have it recorded. It is about to happen.So if the line is clear If our intuition power is high We will know before hand something which is about to happen.If I knew it would happen, I would not have force him to come You don’t have clarity about the entire scene.You will just get an intuitive thought.You just get one thought from nowhere.And when we get a thought about anything unpleasant about to happen, we brush it aside.We don’t like that thought and we brush it aside.But it was actually a signal.

Even then you could not have stopped things from happening.Even if you know the thought you can’t stop that thing from happening.I had forced him to come and sit in my vehicle that day.That soul had a Karmic account of that nature with you also.Did I kill him?Not at all. Absolutely not.He had a Karmic account with you which means You become an instrument at that moment To take him to that spot perhaps. It has nothing to do with your role in his accident We are a bundle of a lot of things – the past and the present.And we are intermingled with a lot of other energies.Our Karmic account is not just ours alone.When it’s just me and the table, Karmic account is only mine.That I kept the table and next day I got hurt.That’s okay and it is simple to understand.But my Karmic account is not only with objects.My Karmic account is with several souls throughout the day.What transaction I had with which soul Now that soul is an instrument for what purpose in my life?It depends on the transaction we had previously.It’s all intermingled.God teaches us a beautiful line Karmic account is extremely complex.You cannot always pinpoint and say I got hurt because I kept this table here.That example is only to understand this is the Karma and this is its destiny.But our Karmic account throughout the day It’s like a network.Which are whole intermingling of energies.Like how a spider web appears. Extremely intricate.Spider is at the centre. Similarly the soul I am at the centre And I have intricate connections with several other souls.There is a criss-cross of energy exchange with all of them.Throughout the day we exchange so much energy with even just one soul.Every soul who is in our close periphery Close family, friends, acquaintances Relatives,  neighbours, colleagues Sometimes you will even meet a stranger Who just comes to you, helps you, and leaves.

Soon after that accident there was a stranger who took us home and served food Bringing us tiffin, doctors; and helping us get back to Mumbai My nephew (son of my brother who died in that accident) was injured.But he by chance met a plastic surgeon there.But the vocabulary isThat we were travelling by car that day See how we understand it and how it becomes a part of our vocabulary.We were travelling by car and truck came in the opposite direction.There was a bus also coming from the opposite direction.We had a Karmic account with drivers of those two vehicles also.And what happened is The Karmic account of one of the souls in the car was to leave the body at that moment.Another soul got severely injured.But that soul’s Karmic account was that right at that moment He was to meet someone who will solve this problem by addressing his injuries And then there was another soul with whom there was a Karmic account that He came there and helped everyone involved in the accident Took care of everyone and took them home.It is like I the soul at the centre, having Karma connections with others souls.That energy exchange.This is life.Nothing happens by chance. How can we call something as by chance?So who decided that chance also?A plastic surgeon at Sholapur. 

This is how it is. Earlier you said it was your new car which got punctured due to a small nail.It was bound to happen.20 years ago Solapur was a small town. You don’t expect to meet a plastic surgeon there, but you met him.We look at life’s scenes and raise question marks.Such a huge tyre punctured by a small nail. How was it possible?It was a small place and you found a plastic surgeon. How was it possible?It was bound to happen.Because my Karmic account was that I was only to get slightly injured.But I faced emotional wounds of trauma after that accident.That was your Karmic account.One person was to get physically wounded.Another had to leave the body.Yet another had to get emotional wounds.Others didn’t even have a scratch.Stimulus was the same for everyone.Can we see how Karmic accounts work?One scene. One stimulus.But all the souls involved in that stimulus Each one had a different Karmic give and take to it.My brother and his two children got wounded.There were 13 members in that vehicle.One staff member died and my brother died.My brother’s to children got injured. No one else suffered any injury.His wife, his other children, my wife, my children – none of us were injured.You got emotionally wounded.It was a deep emotional wound.

The entire script was made according to our Karmic patterns.There cannot be a question mark about why it happened.And there cannot be a line that it happened by chance.We need to pay attention to our vocabulary.Because our vocabulary reflects our belief system.Not only reflecting but it becomes a confirmation as well.Even if it’s not there it starts again.It can become a new belief system.If we say this happened by chance Then we say the second line, that it was my bad luck.Who wrote bad luck in our destiny?Who is the decision maker?Someone experiences bad luck, someone else good luck.Who writes bad luck in one situation for us and good luck in another?We have to be aware that no one else is writing it.13 people travelling together. So we don’t know who had what Karma and what consequence.We can say this was not a very good Karmic account That one was a good karmic account.That is okay.But if we call them bad luck or good luck Then we forget it is a consequence of my Karmic patterns.Why did you have to go through so much emotional trauma?

That became a reason.You were bound to go through that trauma for a long time.That is your Karmic account.If I had not gone through that trauma, I would not have got into spirituality.So that is a good Karmic account connected to that.That’s why I said it will not be a singular Karma.One Karma will be connected to another, and together they will all be intermingled.That cobweb is so interconnected But we only need to remember Why did this happen to me?It was because of my Karmic patterns.What should I do now?That will be my present Karma.And my present Karma will write my subsequent Karmic patterns.If we remember this Travelling on this journey and taking decisions become easier.Not keeping the table there once again I can take the decision now.But when I don’t even know why I met with an accident When I don’t know the reason for me going through the emotional trauma o way that is God or someone else responsible for that accident Again, our vocabulary?If someone is slapping me let them at least tell me why there doing it.But who slapped you?Time, luck, Karma The table did not have to hurt you and then inform you that you had kept it there.There I got hurt and so I got to know.It’s the same thing here.But what had I done for that accident to happen?How will I improve if I do not know?I the soul had done some Karma because of which I had to go through the emotional suffering.I don’t know what that karma was.We don’t need to improve because you cannot improve that Karma.You cannot improve that Karma.Then how will I know how to keep the table in its place?

See, what does it mean to improve our Karma?It means here I created a wrong thought, a wrong feeling, or a wrong Sanskar Because of which I was in pain.Something became the stimulus.In that same accident Whoever left his body, his wife was also present.She didn’t go through so much trauma.It was because so much pain was not a part of that person’s Karmic account.So my karma’s consequenceI had done such a Karma in the past Maybe long back or maybe recently. We don’t know.But I had done that, because of which, in my Karmic balance sheet The result of consequence of that transaction Whether it was for a few days or a few months Emotional suffering was written.Between that incident happened and the suffering began You said you got into Gyan after that.When did you get into Gyan? Two days later or two weeks later?Two months later or an year later?After 3 years.And your suffering lasted for 3 years.And then you got its medicine through Gyan .But you can’t say I had a choice there.No. I had all wrong choices then because I had to suffer.I did not have wrong choices but I made wrong choices.Whatever comes from outside towards me, is destiny.And the choice we make from them is our Karma We have to remember this.When I created that Karma, I must have done some mistake I am facing the consequence today and that’s fine.And subsequently its result was good. 

That is also fine.When we are suffering emotionally When we are sad and rethinking the same incident repeatedly Even today you might feel sad over some issue.Suppose you face a small challenge today.It’s on the mind and we are suffering.Leave the earlier incident and let’s look at today.There was a small stimulus today.And we are suffering emotionally which means we are very pained inside.When you are sad internally Do you think you have a choice to change that?If something is happening today I have a choice.To keep brooding, and maybe calling up people and crying If I do that then I am wrong because I have a choice.So today you have a choice.Likewise if we actually look at it The soul will always have a choice.Even coming out of pain and the number of waste thoughts being created Number of negative thoughts created They are also a choice.In the same situation You created grief for a very long duration.But there were other people with you who were also close relatives 

They didn’t create so much grief.Why would that be so?Because the soul gets into a loop.Other people have not forced my brother to get into the vehicle.Mine was guilt.Guilt, blaming myself, hurt …Cycle repeated for 3 years.It was very intense.At any point of time if you had stopped that loop even once The other day we had understood that we have to stop it consciously.And even if you had created this thought just once That the accident did not happen because of me.Why am I getting this thought? And we don’t it Gyan for this.Why did I believe that the accident happened because of me?My intention was so beautiful, of taking everyone along. Wasn’t your intention beautiful?Did you tell yourself that your intention was beautiful?If you had changed your thought of guilt Because you were in more grief due to your guilt.One is the grief of losing someone.But second is holding our self responsible for losing them.It was about 60-40. I was not always feeling 100% guilty.But even if you consider 60-4060 is guilt and 40 is pain.But guilt is also pain.Guilt is also a different form of pain.We lost someone because they moved forward on their journey We are in that pain.That was my pain. The remaining 60% was my guilt.Which means 60 + 40 which is 100% pain.Which means the cycle went into a loop.If we had created even one thought And I’m sure somebody would have told you Why are you taking the blame on yourself? You were not wrong at all.Why are you taking this like this?Your intention was so good.If we had at least taken that information and changed our thought Our cycle would have stopped there.d forward And because of past karmas It was a loop of guilt So the loop of creating guilt was very strong within you.You might create a lot of guilt even in small situations.When soul creates more guilt even in simple situations When there is such a big tragedy unfolding in front of that soul Then that loop of guilt will become very strong.Paying attention is okay But repeatedly holding ourselves responsible for whatever happened If we take care of it at least now Otherwise when the soul goes into the next birth The Sanskar of guilt would be very prominent.Of course we can now change ourselves.

Not the habit.I’ll not make the mistake again.Even the Sanskar of creating guilt needs to change.Otherwise it will unfold in this way later on.Awareness can replace guilt.There will be challenges in life.Suppose you are sitting here and I pass by.If my Karmic account is to slip and fall here.And if you create a guilt of why you kept the chair here.Or I might create guilt that I invited you to come and sit here.Perhaps my mood will be negligible.But what will the Sanskar of guilt do to the wound?It will magnify that wound exponentially.So first we need to change that Sanskar of guilt.This is how Sanskar, Karma, past Karmic account Everything at entangled and makes us suffer.Otherwise if the same situation had come and you did not have the Sanskar of guilt.Then your pain and suffering would have been much lesser.This is why we need to pay attention on our Sanskars and karmas.I will think about all these points.Thank you so much.Om Shanti. Thank you.

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