Islamic Studies 1st Sem Notes free pdf Download Kashmir University BY JK CROWN

Islamic Studies 1st Sem Notes free pdf Download Kashmir University.

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Unit I: Jahiliyahh ‘Arabia 
1. Religious Beliefs and Practices
Arabia had been the birth-place of several Prophets of Allah ( ) in the past 
times. Ancient Arabia had been the cradle of many a civilized and flourishing people to 
whom Allah (-
) had sent His Prophets ( ). But all of them were either destroyed 
because of their evil ways or became strangers in their own homeland, or were forced to 
seek new homes. The Prophets of Allah ( ) born in the lands far away had sometimes 
to seek refuge in Arabia from the cruel kings of their lands. Prophet Ibrahim ( ) had 
migrated to Makkah and Prophet Musa ( ) had to flee to Madain. Followers of other 

religions, too, had to seek shelter in Arabia. The Jews, when persecuted by the Romans, 
had settled in Yemen and Yathrib while several Christian sects harassed by the Byzantine  Emperors had migrated to Najran.  There were different beliefs of the people of Jahiliyah Arabia as far as the concept  of Creator was concerned. Some acknowledge neither the Creator nor reward and  punishment. Some were convinced of the existence of the Creator but not of reward and  punishment and the day of judgement. However there were also people though few who 
had a belief in one God but they did not know the way of worshipping Him. There were  people who worshipped stars as well, but their number was less. As the majority of the  people of Jahiliyah Arabia were pagans i.e. idol worshippers.

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