Happy and Healthy Mind Pro Tips By jk Crown

 Compassion It is our nature.It is our Sanskar .Seeing someone in pain doesn’t make us comfortable.When we come to know someone is ill Or when we hear about a death in someone’s family We get affected.We feel bad.It is our Sanskar .Most of us say – I cannot see anyone in pain.Even to an extent that If we are standing on our balcony And if we see a little bird strangled or trapped some were here It is flapping its wings to free itself.We immediately want to rush and rescue it.To free the bird.We don’t feel good seeing it struggle.Similarly, while we are walking on the street If we come across a wounded dog or cat If it is bleeding We don’t feel comfortable at all.We will look to help it, in any possible way.This is our nature.This is our Sanskar .

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Serving and caring for everyone Helping someone who is in pain Alleviating someone’s grief and giving them happiness This is our human nature, our personality.When this is our personality Then causing someone a lot of pain Inflicting violence and abuse on them And having someone killed How can we use their body to prepare our food?How can we cause pain and violence and death to an animal For our own taste?For our own food?Don’t you think it is not our Sanskar ?This is not what we are comfortable with.It is not our nature at all.Then how did we do it?Just because, when it is served on our plate We have no idea Of the torture and misery it was subjected to.The pain it suffered, the violence meted out.We are consuming it.

Is this my nature?I need to pause and ask myself.That for the sake of my health or the sake of my taste Well I am causing pain, violence, death, torture To a living being.Pause.Ask yourself It’s time to introspect.No matter for how long For how many years We have been eating such food.You are what you eat.As is the food, so will be the mind.Someone’s pain and someone’s death Can we convert it into food, and feed our body and mind?No. Think about it.Whatever you ate yesterday Just emerge it on the screen of your mind for a second. Visualise its journey.It was a living being before coming to your plate.In order to bring it to your plate How was it captured?How was it treated?And then it was tortured.Thereafter, within 5 minutes It was cooked into your food, it entered your body.This is not who we are.It’s time to change.Come back and create Our own natural feelings of care and compassion.It’s time.Let’s experiment with a new diet. Satvik food.Pure food.We can get health through so many things.But along with physical health Giving our mind Happiness, peace Compassion and care Our mind should get these Sanskars. This is also our responsibility.For ourselves And for those souls to whom we are not being right For the next few days Let’s experiment.If you take a pledge today 

That you will give up such food from today.That would be excellent.Even if you cannot pledge today You can at least experiment.So let’s begin today and continue for the next few days Let’s say we will follow it for 25 days.After 25 days, it would be Dussehra .Which means on the day of Dussehra We will give up one of our weaknesses.Because finishing the negativity within us Is what Dussehra teaches us.Why not start doing it from today?So that by the day of Dussehra That negativity, that habit, that lifestyle Would be finished within us.So from today, up to Dussehra A Sattvic Lifestyle.A Vegetarian Lifestyle.Care and compassion.Always remind yourself This is my nature.This is my Sanskar. And when you experiment We are confident that you will do it.Please do share it with us.By 21st October Which means after 21 days Create a short video about your experience And send it to Awakening channel In the video, you can share

 How you followed this pledge, this experiment And how are you feeling about it?Please prepare a 1 minute video And be sure to send it to our email jkcrown147@gmail.com .So that, on Dussehra We will understand all this in further detail.We will explore all its aspects What does Medical Science say?What do Environmentalists say?What do Psychiatrists say?And most important What does our own experience say?Please ensure that you send us your opinion by 30 October.  jkcrown147@gmail.com  On this Email ID.We will share your experiences with everyone.So that your experience Becomes an inspiration for someone else.Because one change Creates a ripple effect For many, many, many more to change.I Pledge For Veg

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  2. Learning and experiencing new things is a great way to challenge our brain…. Going beyond just a daily workout, these ideas will give our mind a real chance to exercise as well as add a whole new dimension to our life…. Exercise at home


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