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 Since childhood we have heard – As is the food, so will be the mind.You are mentioning about avoiding TV at night, creating right thoughts in the morning.How true is it and what about the influence on food?As is the food, so will be the mind; As is the water, so will be the words.We have heard these 2 lines since childhood.But where did we pay more attention to?We paid more attention to nutrients in food, which is also very important.Purity in water, which is also very important.Besides, we also need to pay attention To the vibrations in food and water.Because the line is not -; As is the food, so will be the body.The line is -; As is the food, so will be the mind.As is the water, so will be the words.We were taught That food first affects our mind, before nourishing our body.Which means what is the vibration of the food and water we consume?

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In the present situation What would be the energy present in the water, in our city or country?Fear and worry, because these two are vibrating in the air.The vegetables and fruits we bring home, and even the groceries Everything we bring home, somewhere has an energy of fear.Because when it is all coming through different channels and different people All their energies are trapped in these items.We take care of physical protection By cleaning all vegetables and fruits that are brought home.We are taking extra care.There is a difference between extra care and fear. That’s a lot of fear.Those who are selling it and buying it are both in fear.Similarly, like how we are physically washing and cleaning with them It is equally important to clean and change their vibrations.Most of us are taking a Satvik diet right now.Many of us have created this lifestyle habit in this situation.We should avoid non-vegetarian food. Why?Because as is the food, so will be the mind.Non-vegetarian food already has the energies of fear and anxiety.Because what was the energy of that animal in the slaughterhouse?What were its emotions?Fear, sorrow, hatred, anger Helplessness, violence and then death.

That is the vibration it has.Right now we are trying to finish our fear.We need to come out of the fear present in our surroundings.So we cannot afford to have food which has vibrations of fear and anxiety.That’s not safe for us at all.Let’s experiment at this time.For the next few months, a Satvik diet.Vegetarian diet.When we follow it for a few months And when we see practical results It becomes very easy to continue that way.Let’s stick to a strict vegetarian diet at this time.Another aspect which a majority of us are practicing We are eating homemade food.This is also a new habit we are creating.Even kids are eating homemade food.This is a blessing in disguise.Very true. In fact children are helping with cooking food at home.Children are taking interest in learning and cooking food.So their bonding with parents is improving.What we can do in our kitchen is To let songs of high energy words keep playing in the kitchen.Songs of God’s remembrance Play them in your kitchen.How is Prasad or langar prepared in temples or gurdwaras ?

Wherever it is prepared Songs of God’s remembrance are played there in that place.So all those high energy words are radiated into that food.It gets energized by high vibrations.That is when we call it Prasad or langar .The mind feels so relaxed when we eat it.Right now since we need to take care of everyone’s mind Let high energy words keep playing in your kitchen throughout the day.So that the water, fruits, vegetables, and grocery in your kitchen get energized.Let them start vibrating with God’s energy.So Prasad gets prepared at home.Minds get comforted.Water at home becomes Amrit. We need to do this now.The person preparing food at home needs to take care.Of the quality of thoughts while cooking food.It should be cooked in God’s remembrance Creating pure thoughts And repeating affirmations while cooking.Next, while eating food Make this a rule at present and for always That we will not watch TV or use phone during meal time.Because vibrations of the food are affecting our mind.Before eating food Actually we were taught this since child hood To remember God, offer gratitude and then start eating.If you are already doing it, please continue.If not, we will now make this a habit.That each time before eating food or before drinking water Before drinking milk, coffee, or tea Which means before you put anything into your mouth to eat or drink Pause for 10 to 20 seconds Remember God Repeat those high energy affirmations which we have created.So that our food, water, or milk When they vibrate with high energy Let’s remember – As is the food, so will be the mind; As is the water, so will be the words.

What happens with that?Even if there were vibrations of fear and anxiety in the food or water They will get cleared, and energy of that food and water will change.So the way of cooking food And the way of partaking food.These two are very important right now.Just for a few days, pay attention that  Before you put anything into your mouth to eat or drink Just like how we don’t eat anything without washing them Similarly we should not consume anything without cleaning their vibrations.So just pause for 10 seconds 20 seconds Repeat those 4 or 5 thoughts And then it or drink anything.Specially also for every glass of water.Water very easily absorbs vibration.That’s why they ask which city’s water do you drink?This implies water has such a deep impact on people.Human body also contains a huge percentage of water.That’s why water needs to be energized.So we stated our affirmations once in the morning.Next we repeat them once after every 1 hour, like controlling the traffic of thoughts.We repeat them once at night at bedtime.And we also repeat each time before we eat food Before drinking water And before drinking milk, tea, or coffee.When we repeat the same thoughts On an average, in one day At a minimum, we repeat these thoughts 20 to 25 times.Consciously we create high energy thoughts and words.When we create them 20 to 25 times  Within a week to 10 days This becomes our normal way of thinking and speaking.And when that happens That becomes a manifestation of our desires.That becomes our destiny.Beautiful. That will be so good.We will remain peaceful throughout the day.Feeling heavenly.Heaven is also created through our thoughts, isn’t it? That’s why we say Sankalp Se Srishti .Our thoughts create our world.The world will become a heaven.Now that we have heard, hopefully we will all be able to implement them.No, let’s change this.Not use the word ‘hope’.We need to have faith that we will certainly do it.This is high energy thought. Let’s not use the word ‘hope’.We will certainly start doing it from today.This is our affirmation.Very good. 

This is important.We will create heaven at home and heaven on Earth.Very good. Because our thoughts create our world.It becomes very interesting as it becomes our vocabulary.Just like how we have all learnt up to maybe 4 languages Similarly, this is a new language.Every word and every line that we say Even as we speak we need to pause and change To go higher than this, and then even higher …We need to speak the highest vocabulary.Gradually it becomes our normal language.So those affirmations which we will repeat now What are they?I am peaceful, I am powerful, I am fearless.Second – my body is perfect and healthy.And will always be.I am protected by a white circle of God’s energy, powers, and blessings.We need to visualise that white circle around us.And then in our mind, we need to draw and visualise that circle around our family.And then we need to draw this circle of God’s powers and energy around our job and business.And then we need to do this everyday for a second.That everyone who is undergoing treatment Let’s remember them also That whoever is in a hospital around the world And people who are healing them as well.Everyone who is serving Nurses, ward boys Police personnel, administrators Everyone who is in service right now.Ambulance drivers It’s a long list of the people are serving right now.We need to visualise and cover them all with a white circle of God’s blessings and powers, several times a day.And then look at the planet Don’t say – What has happened to our planet … how long will it last .

..Will life ever be the same again We should not think or speak such words ever.Draw a white energy circle of God’s powers and blessings around the planet.And create this thought My world is protected.That thing which had come on this planet is finished. Gone forever.Why should we create this thought?Because we are hearing and reading a lot of statistics throughout the day.Statistics are certainly real.On what basis are those statistics created?They are created on the basis of the energy at present.Where to take the statistics going forward Depends on our vibration.If we repeatedly keep thinking and speaking of those statistics in our conversations For whom are those statistics important?For whoever has that role.Media, healthcare professionals, Government, administrators.It’s their role to think, listen, speak, and read about the statistics.Our role is To keep our state of mind high And change those statistics.Those statistics are based on the current energy levels.If we change the energy Statistics will also change.So our thoughts should be That the thing which had come is completely finished.Gone forever. Never to come again.This is an extremely important affirmation.And the second thing is Engaging in Seva to energize our mind.If we get any chance of serving in any way A chance to calm someone’s mind If we can co-operate and help someone physically, mentally, or financially This is a time to serve people.It is a time to selflessly serve everyone.

The more we serve The better our world’s vibration becomes.Our own energy also changes.So literally search for any opportunity now But we need to certainly serve everyone in big or small ways.And collectively we not only have to overcome this crisis But as you said Using our thought power, we need to collectively We need to transform this world and re- establish the Golden Era.First we need to create that world here through our thoughts And then our thoughts create our world accordingly.Let’s meditate for a few minutes right now.I was also looking forward to it, so that we learn and we can keep repeating it.Absolutely. We need to remember How many times should we create these powerful thoughts?First thing in the morning Once after every hour As last thoughts at night before sleeping.And when else? That was very important.It’s time before eating food or drinking water.So before eating or drinking anything.On an average, when we repeat these thoughts 20 to 25 times a day It will become our natural way of thinking.And we give gratitude in the morning with the first few thoughts.Thus, Sankalp Se Siddhi Our thoughts are bound to manifest in our life.Let’s sit back comfortably

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