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The author is of view that globalization is not a recent phenomenon started by the west 
but a cultural and intellectual exchange between mankind that has been going on for ages. 
It can be attributed to the East as well as West. The achievements of the Renaissance, the 
Enlightenment and the industrial Revolution were western. They occurred mainly in 
Europe and later in America. The another talks about Arab mathematician Mohammad 
Ibn Musa –al- Kharimmi who flourished in the first half of the ninth century. There were 
major developments in the East in which the west was not even involved. The progress 
of global science and technology was not an exclusively west-led phenomenon. The 
printing of the world’s first book was a marvelously globalised event. The technology of 
printing was of course an achievement of the Chinese. But the content of the book came 
from India. The first printed book was an Indian Sanskrit treatise. It was translated into 
Chinese by a half-Turk. Macaullay’s system of education was not favored in India in the 
beginning. Both sides however accepted the fundamental division between the two 
separate civilizations.

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